Sunday, 2 February 2014

Charlies Garage-Carms Restaurant - Chester, Mass

This service station caught Don and my eye as we left Chester, Mass.
As Don and I left Chester, Mass. we came across this neat looking service station-lunch bar. We went in for a coffee once we finished taking our photos. Boy the interior was vintage or should I say rustic. I think the whole working kitchen is vintage 1950's...guess that is why breakfast on the sign was dirt cheap and looked good on customers plates...too bad we had already had ours. We did have a coffee which was nice on a cold day. The service portion of the station is now closed (the only one in town) residents have to make sure they keep enough in their tanks to make it to the next filling location...George Dutka

A great looking structure that would make a nice model.
Vintage sign
Currently you can not get gas in Chester, Mass., but you can sure get a really good, cheap breakfast. You will need it if you have to push your car to the next filling location.


  1. I have been to carms many times. My Grandfather was born in Chester Mass. He and his wife owned a cottage called Grey Boulders. Lot of memories

    1. Kind of a neat place...when we stopped by we already had breakfast but decided on a coffee to go...George