Thursday, 13 February 2014

Homes near WRJ CV yard

This home is very similar to the old CV yard office and can be found at the north end of the WRJ CV yard. Note the distinctive canopy bracket. Spring 2012.
At the north end of the CV now NECR yard there are a group of homes built about the same time as the one once used by the CV as their yard office. They are all similar in appearance but have small differences. One being the canopy over the front door. The two that I photographed are both different but similar. Both structures did have the front door off to the side and the chimney on the left side such as on the yard office. They all have the same roof line but window placement does vary.

The canopy bracket on this WRJ home has the exact ornamental brackets found on the old CV yard office. The home is across the road from the yard near the north end. Spring 2012.
I noted Mount Blue Model Co. has canopy brackets in HO scale similar to the WRJ homes and yard office. This would add greatly to a model. They list at $3.95 and are seen below...George Dutka

Mount Blue Model Co.

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