Friday, 7 February 2014

WRD - CV Yard Office White River Jct.

My Fisher Fuel office has been converted into the CV yard office at WRJ.
I split up my Fisher Fuels models. The oil tank and garage is being used in Westboro and the main office is now the CV White River Jct. yard office. I have only seen one photo of the original CV yard office. The Fisher Fuels office has a similar appearance. They are both two floor structures with two windows on the second floor. The roof line is the same. On the main floor the front view is a bit different. The door is off to the left side with a small overhang. A small bay window is to the right of it. The yard office sign is above the door. I have no idea what colour the building was. It originally was a home re-purposed by the railroad when they built the roundhouse.

A copy of the real CV yard office sign has been added to the structure.
To my finished model I added a reduced photocopy of my White River Jct yard office print. I also added a bill box to the side wall. Many of the prototype yard offices had a bill box. The conductor or yard crews could drop off or pick up bills or lists without going inside. All the yard offices I have ever been in has a pop cooler somewhere around. I added a BEST Coke cooler out against the side wall. I made a path for the CV employees to follow. The usual clutter is also added at the front door. I did not have room to add the small prototype overhang that was kind of ornate on the front door...all in all it has the feel the prototype structure had...George Dutka

A copy of a CV metal herald has been added to one of the side walls.
This wall has a factory cut groove in for the garage roofing to fit into. I needed to cover this up somehow. I found this neat tourist camp sign that I copied and enlarged. Since this wall faces the main track and station it could be a good guide or aid for travelers.
Rear wall.
An overhead view of the CV yard office.  On the prototype it sat right next to the coal tower and set back a bit as mine does. The front door should actually face the tracks. I wanted the front of the structure to be seen so mine faces the roadway.

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