Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weathering Boxcars

Two of my boxcars are finished being weathered. The GT boxcar was the last to be done.
A few weeks ago I helped Peter Mumby out at his booth at an area train show. His regular helper could not make it. I do help Peter out from time to time. He mentioned to bring along some stuff to sell. I had a few boxcars I built during the 1980's, early 1990's that just don't fit my era. They have been in storage. I had tried to sell them before for $5 but there was no interest. I decided to get out my Bragdon powders and practice on these cars...if they looked good I would take them along. They are blue, yellow and green boxcars or colours I have not worked on much before. Well they turned out really good, a lot better than I thought they would. The three I liked the best did sell and  for $10 each. I really liked the looks of the GT car...think I will add or change a few details and hang on to it for now...George Dutka

The Seaboard boxcar was the first to get the treatment. It had the most details parts added years ago in this fleet. It was one of the three sold and one of the best looking of the bunch. I added placards to all six cars once the weathering was done.
I decided to  take a few photos of the cars for reference before leaving for the show. They turned out so well I think I might purchase a few more built cars if I find them for a great deal...and practise some more.
The railbox was my favourite out of the bunch. It turned out really good. The car is a wood kit from years ago. The two yellow cars I did near the end of my weathering project. What I found worked best on the sides was the powders that had fallen off into my tray was just applied...all mixed together. I did add more rust to the black door though. This car also sold.
The Southern Pacific auto box was an early decal and paint job I did. I did not have an air brush at that time so it was just brush painted. The weathering job turned out really good on this car also. It also sold.

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