Sunday, 16 February 2014

HO Scale Packing Boxes

Two boxes of Stelco nails are seen on the B&M freight house platform along with a box of paint.
I have just finished a few of my Aberdeen Car Shops, HO scale shipping boxes. The larger boxes went together well or at least as good as the smaller O scale boxes that Peter Mumby and I built. The problem was the two smallest size boxes, those of the nail and paint supplies are beyond my folding ability. I can barely see the lines to cut them out. Peter and I discussed using small wooden or plastic blocks to cut and glue the box sides to. I gave it a try and they turned out not that be the judge....George Dutka

One of the Stelco nail boxes is completed. The second has the two sides glued on. The top and bottoms will be folded over and glued. The other two sides will be cut square and glued on. Two of the small wooden blocks for the other boxes are seen here. One can see how small these are when compared to the hobby knife blade.
The larger crates are being loaded for local delivery. The box near the cab is a load of CCM bikes followed by two new Gurney furnaces and a pair of Simpson's department store boxes. The dock hand is still working on getting the Gurney water heater ready for delivery. All these boxes are vintage Canadian 1950's products. What the photo does not show is the CPR outside braced boxcar they arrived in.

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  1. Just found your site. Great details and ideas. Thank you.