Monday, 24 February 2014

Highball Products - Ballast

This past weekend I helped Peter Mumby with his booth at the Essex, Ont. train show. While there I had a chance to check out and purchase some Highball Products ballast from Action Hobbies (from Kingsville, Ont). They carry various colours and scales of Highball. I was hoping for more, but I did purchased the only two bags of cinder ballast they had. One is N scale while the other is Z scale. I also purchased one bag of N scale black ballast.  I noted they did not carry any HO scale cinder Highball ballast...and I knew the reason why which he also confirmed.

Once home I opened the bags and compared what it looked like to my HO scale Highball cinders. The N scale ballast was what I thought was right for HO scale and the Z would work of N scale. I mixed the two together with half the bag of black N scale ballast. I now have enough ballast to finish my projects this winter without doing any more ballast crushing. Not sure why the scale sizes have changed. If you are ordering Highball Products ballast order one scale size smaller than needed....George Dutka

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