Monday, 10 February 2014

Packing Boxes

Things are looking up on the W&Q Ry. with a truck load of boxed paint, nails and bikes in one of Peter Mumby's O scale trucks. Clearly this is a full load ready for delivery... a Peter Mumby photo.
Today I posted on my Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge a short feature prepared by Peter Mumby regarding a small project we have been working on. It might be of interested to you if you need some detailed packing boxes for your layout in HO, O or S scale. The boxes are offered by Aberdeen Car Shops...check it out...George Dutka
Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge
Aberdeen Car Shops

Here is a selection of packed boxes Peter Mumby built on one of our work sessions. They are all O scale. We have yet to attempt the HO scale versions. Photo by Peter Mumby.

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