Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bar Mills Shack Pack - Last One

I added a lot of details to this tiny shed. I glued the details using Canopy cement to the walls making it easier to just drop into the background.
This is the third of the shacks offered by Bar Mills in their Shack-Pack kit. Two out of the three are in the background scene at Bellows Falls while the first one I built is the small barn-shed in my farm scene...I covered that one about a year ago...George Dutka

The walls got a coat of Hunterline weathering mix followed by a coating of Floquil grime. Some Bragdon powders finish it off.
On the roof tarpaper is added with one torn corner. A coat of Floquil grime is applied to the bare wood prior to adding the paper. Gloss coat is applied for tar seams. A patch is also used. Some wood, a tire and sign (it is actually a reduced copy of the Glory Days poster from WRJ a few years back) is added for additional interest.
A couple of posters are added to a plain wall.

The coal box got some Grime and powders and is really a nice addition to this kit. The light and stack are also included. I added a couple of BEST blocks, newspapers and a few signs. The windows got dulcote to give it a dirty look. I normally model the doors open but this kit's design made it easier to model it closed.


  1. Looks great, George! I have been eyeing Bar Mills kits for a while now, and need to give them a try. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Tom: Bar Mills makes some nice kits that are really fun to build. They include a good amount of details signs...This shack pack is a great place to start...George