Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery - Model

My Bellows Falls Co-Operative creamery is set in place. The shipping section is done but the main portion of the structure is well underway.
My version of the Bellows Falls Co-Operative creamery is a building flat using a loading structure I purchase back in the fall and reworked plus two additional buildings. One is half of a  built kit I cut in half and the other is scratch-built. A second look at the scene will be coming shortly once the scenery is in place. Photos captions tell the rest of this story....George Dutka

The project began when I picked up this building flat at a local show. The block work was similar to what was found on the lower section of the creamery.

I began by pulling out the windows although some were falling out. The walls are painted car gray primer followed by a wash if india ink. The windows are left green. I changed one window to a loading door. I modeled both doors open with a bumper post below. A ladder is added to one opening. Flat finish is painted on window glazing and the back wall is sealed to keep out light. A Brookside sign is added to the structure. Roof details will be shortly applied. A new siding is also being added.

The tall section is cut down from a part finished kit my friend Bob gave me some years ago. Some of the windows are blocked in with styrene. Some of the trim is reinforced also. I believe it is a Walthers offering. I found I had some windows that fit in my parts drawers. The smaller section is scratch-built from wood and styrene.

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