Sunday, 5 February 2017

Neil Schofield's CP Rail's Lyndonville & Newport Subdivisions in Vermont, Part Don Janes

A B&M local has taken the siding at Bradford.  Hopefully a through freight will show up.

Chasing a B&M Freight on the Lyndonville and Newport Subs

     After we had chased the two CP trains we stopped in Bradford for lunch.  I knew Marty McGuirk and company would soon be arriving and hoped we could catch another train before we had to leave.  Marty had explained that they had a private viewing with Neil and that we would not be allowed to interfere. As luck would have it a B&M local pulled into the siding at Bradford and stopped.  This was a pretty good indication there might be something else coming.  Not long after we heard the sound of an air horn not to far away.  Looking over my shoulder hoping Marty wouldn't show up, I held my breath hoping to get a few final shots.  Luck was with us and out from under the overpass came a B&M freight led by a trio of blue B&M geeps, two GP-9's and a GP-7.  What a pretty sight watching the blue geeps pass the weather worn maroon GP-7.  Having gotten the shots we wanted we piled into the car and hightailed it to Orleans, always on the lookout for Marty behind us. 
    We beat the train to Orleans, got some shots there and then headed onto the highway along Chrystal Lake for some final shots.  The railfan gods must have been with us because just as I was packing up the camera and tripod who arrived but Marty, Stic and Bernie.  Fortunately for us they had overstayed their welcome at Jason Fontaine's and were late arriving at Neil's place. We exchanged pleasantries then Bill and I headed for home.  We had a great Springfield weekend highlighted by two awesome model railroads.
   One other thing I wanted to mention about Neil's layout.  Neil has a real gift for creating extremely realistic scenes with just the right amount of detail.  He adds the necessary elements but knows when he has enough and doesn't overdo it.  Less is more so to speak.  So many times we want to just keep adding more details and clutter to a scene that really wouldn't be there in real life.  We can all learn many lessons when observing Neil's layout.  Thanks for welcoming us to your miniature Vermont Empire.
Here is another view of the Agway mill at Bradford.
The three blue B&M Geeps made an impressive showing as they passed the local .
We're back at the farm crossing at the steel bridge and were able to get a nice shot of the B&M freight. Again, try to find where the scenery ends and backdrop photo begins.
A view looking up the street as the train passes the Ethan Allen factory.
This closeup shows the detail Neil put into making the raised lettering on the side of the factory which matches the prototype.
One final shot in Orleans looking back down the hill into town.  We had to grab the shot and run if we hoped to get any photos at Chrystal Lake.
This is an overall shot at Orleans to show how Neil has captured the town and various industries, tracks and sidings.
This clearing along the highway provided a nice setting for a shot of the train beside the lake
One final shot along Chrystal Lake.  Neil accurately modeled this scene with the house from photos taken at this spot.
The gang visiting Neil's layout. From left to right Bernie Kempinski, Neil Schofield (tall) Don Janes (short) Stic Harris (former NHL draftee) Marty McGuirk and Bill Moore.



  1. What a great layout. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  2. Don, thanks for posting more of your great photos of Neil's superb layout. It is neat to see B&M 1560 on the local. The 1560 regularly operates as pool power along with very ratty B&M F units on CPR Montreal to Wells River Train 904 and its turn 915 on my 1968 CPR Montreal Terminals. Seeing Neil's layout prompted me to get out my old Kodachromes and black and whites of the CPR and B&M in the Conn River Valley in the late 1960's. Neil really has nailed it. My annual drive to Springfield always involves following the Conn River line, which now is a shadow of it former self. Neil's layout is a great time machine.

  3. Hi Ian, yes it is a truly inspirational layout and Neil is really a good guy. No matter what era one models this layout will provide inspiration.....Don

  4. If we hadn't shown up you'd probably still be in Neil's basement....
    Seriously, great seeing you again! - Marty