Thursday, 2 February 2017

Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery - Structure

Looking at the main structure which is still stand today. It appears there was a sign on this wall. I have seen the billboard Brookside Creamery signs used on the structure in early era photos but on the other (truck) side. May 17, 1992 Warren Dodgson photo

In my Bellows Falls scene I am working on building the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery as a background scene. It actually will be a building flat. I have taken many photos of the structure over the years. Today what remains is a shell of what once was. Some sections have burned while others have been taken down. I really have not actually seen a really good photo of what stood during the 1950's. Anyhow my version will be a kit-bash/scratch-build of what I feel will fit my selected area using kits and pieces I have on had....and without a lot of extra work. If I ever get a good photo from the 1950's there might be a rebuild...George Dutka

I have seen an old photo of this section which is one of the original portions. The upper portion above the wooden beam looked totally different. Will explain later. There once was a Co-Operative Creamery sign above the beam. May 17, 1992 Warren Dodgson photo.

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