Friday, 17 February 2017

Upgrading a Brick Boiler House

The finished model.
I picked up this model along with a few others in a box last fall. I have been working away on different models that might fit into my Bellows Falls scene. This one showed some prospect as a background structure. After finishing a few I decided this one just could not find a home on the layout and has been sold...George Dutka

This is how it looked when I pulled it out of the box. Seems the modeler was using orange stickers as wall signs. Before beginning I needed to better secure it all with Walthers Goo.

The roof and cupola was painted Floquil concrete. It then got a dusting of PanPastels. The corner posts columns are also painted concrete. The walls are the original plastic colour but covered first with PanPastel Burnt Sienna Shade followed by Raw Umber Shade. Some Bragdon soot is also applied.
The door and windows are coloured with PanPastel Natural Gray Shade. The windows got dulcoted plastic windows with blinds. Some weeds are also applied near the doors.

There was a hole on this sidewall. I added some wire as conduit and added a power meter out of styrene. Some signs and trash is added around the base for added interest. I also dabbed some PanPastel white to the walls to finish off.

The stacks are straws painted black with wire supports. More trash and details are added at the rear. A pigeon from BEST is added to the roof.

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