Saturday, 12 December 2015

Athearn Blue Box Geep's

My old GT New England GR-17 heads a freight with a freshly painted CN Geep trailing.
One of the conductors, Tom Sanders I worked with regularly on locals and in the yard (we both are retired now) asked me if I could add the handrails to his Athearn blue box CN Geep. He had it for a number of years and wants it for on his desk. He is not a modeler but a railfan who spent his younger years railfanning in the Montreal and New York City areas. Anyhow the engine is painted CN and adding the handrails is an easy addition. I did have some extra details on hand that I thought would give it a better finished appearance for Tom. It turned out to be a nice little project since it has been decades since I built my own New England versions.

Parts Added to CN 4563
Most of the parts are by Juneco. C-10 high hood bell, C-4 spark arrestors, C-32 antenna, C-83 horn. I also cut off the brake stem and added a Precision Scale Co. #3247 brake wheel. I had two extra Details West SL-172 step lights which are added. Lastly I added class light jewels, B-11 or B-6 by Juneco. There are more I could add if available. Some additional decal work would also improve the looks, such as number board numbers...unfortunately I could not find my stash before finishing the project...George Dutka

The GP-9 engine out of the box with a few of the detail parts I had on hand.

Parts added and ready for some touch up painting.

Ready to go.

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