Monday, 14 December 2015

December Update

The Gatorfoam bases for my replaceable structures are in place. Cardboard is being laid out to form contours. Since taking this photo the plaster cloth has been applied.
Now that my modeling season is in full swing and next to the rolling stock and engines I have showed you I have been back working on the layout. The farmhouse scene is being upgraded with a new home, the Westboro engine house scene is coming along and yes I finally started building the Bellows Falls yard. The bench work went up a couple of weeks ago. I had problems tracking down a code 83 diamond but Don came through with a few in code 70 which I will use. The yard will be a mix of code 70 and code 83 track using some transitional joiner or pieces...will see were this goes. The 12' long yard is set in place on two braces from Home Depot that Don mentioned and wooden wall  supports screwed to the wall. I made the yard so it can be lifted off and moved if need be. It is not attached to the wall or brackets. A real good idea Don passed along. I will be involved in the London April 2016 layout tour, I best get the layout into back to work...George Dutka

A piece of Gatorfoam is cut into the farm scene and edges plastered to level out the scenery. The apple trees are also removed to make it easier to lay down new static grass. A good face lift.

The 12 foot long yard's bench work is now in place.

The two center brackets are seen in place holding up the benchwork. My work area that Peter and I use on our Monday work session's rolls under the layout. I will be coving the corners shortly.

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