Thursday, 17 December 2015

Farm House in Place at Northfield Farms

My New England style farm house is finally set in place after about 6 months of wobbling on the old foundation of my last stand in home.
Northfield Farms
The Mount Blue Model Co. farm house I built last spring and featured in the What's in the Box No. 17, posted May 15, 2015 has been finally set in place. It has been just sitting on the layout for some time now but the Gatorfoam base and all the details are now added. I have yet to cover the construction of this kit which should happen this winter...George Dutka

Mail is on the way while a farm girl moves some pumpkins to the shed.
The Northfield Farms rear of the home near the apple orchards.

The back door seems to be a busy spot and has a good track side view. This kit came with some nice screen doors and windows. I will fill you in about construction of this kit during the winter.

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  1. Excellent model George. Nothing fancy but the generic rural house you can find everywhere. The semi-exterior veranda and screens are a nice touch.