Friday, 11 December 2015

B&M Micro-Trains Boxcars - N Scale

Two Micro-Trains boxcars I purchased last spring finally get some weathering applied.
Last spring I picked up a two pack of B&M boxcars at Palmer Hobbies. Once again the price was right and they would fit in nicely into the small fleet I am building. All they needed was some powder weathering which is done with Bragdon powders. I also used some Titanium white Pan Pastels on the lettering for a wash down effect. One car is modeled with the door open with some newspaper, boards and a sign added for interest to the interior...George Dutka

Some interior details are added to this car. A placard is also glued to the door. The trucks and couplers are not done yet as I need to replace the wheels first since I will be using code 55 flex track.

My two finished cars.

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