Friday, 4 December 2015

Fall Maple Leaves

If you model New England or places in eastern Canada maple leafs are a good idea. Check these out offered by Scenic Express.
I got an e-mail a week or so ago (don't recall who it came from, but thanks) that had these great photos of Scenic Express leaves. Although for some reason I did not save the e-mail I sure did save the photos. I am amazed how realistic they look...another thing on my shopping list for 2016...George Dutka

Appears they come in three colours.


  1. George, would you recommend this product for N scale users? Or is it too big?

  2. Hi Geof...not sure without see the product first hand...visited with Don Janes on Monday and we discussed it. We might order some and check it out. It looks to be a bit over scale in the photo even for HO scale, but to make it look like a maple leave that probably is the case...George