Saturday, 19 December 2015

Snapshot - December 2015

January 2016 Trains Magazine photo taken by Brian Solomon on January 2014 of a Amtrak Heritage unit leading the way through Warren, Mass.
My Turning Point - Slides to Digital
I was looking through the January issue of Trains when one of the photos caught my attention. It was an angled shot taken at the station in Warren, Mass. similar to one I took back in 2008. The story went the same as a visit by Don Janes and I had. We stopping first at Tucker's Hobby Shop and then heading over to the station when informed a train was due. Back then I was taking slides and prints although I did have a early version of a digital camera that I believe was a 2 mp which had a long delay while taking photos...only good for stationary images. It was an overcast day and not great for slide film so Don suggested I use one of  his two top of the line digital camera's. The photo below was taken with one of Don's camera's...not sure which one but a Canon. Since then Don has upgraded to two newer versions. After the trip Don e-mailed me the shots I took with his camera throughout the day. The photos turned out very well for such a dull day. This really got me thinking. A year later in 2009 when I retired I gave myself a gift, a Canon Rebel and retired from film...George Dutka

This is a view on a gloomy spring day of a WB from a similar spot as seen in the top photo, taken with Don Janes Canon digital camera. May 3, 2008.

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