Sunday, 6 December 2015

Tichy Train Group - Rebuilt USRA Boxcar Kit

Off the shop track this Tichy car is in service along the WRD.
A few weeks ago I picked up a finished USRA rebuild boxcar kit by Tichy. It was finished but missing a ladder, stirrup and peeled off decals in spots. It is well built and weathered.  For 6 bucks I can't complain. I added a ladder from my parts box, and fixed the decals with leftover pieces from a F&C, NYC 36' sheet. I touched up the ladder with a brush and oversprayed the whole car with Floquil boxcar red. I then brushed on coat of Bragdon dark rust...and into service it goes...George Dutka

A ladder is added. You can see the herald needs some work and the weathering will be cleaned up a bit. I actually have this Tichy car to build in my stocks from a number of years ago...kind of a good way to get one into service.

An overhead view once the Bragdon  dark rust powder is applied.

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