Friday, 18 December 2015

What's in the Box - No. 19

This is a very basic kit which does not actually need instructions as all is straight forward. The prototype is of the section house at McIndoes, Vermont.
Creative Laser Design offers a nice small New England section house which is quite simple to build. Don Janes an I both purchased one over the last couple of years. While visiting Don last week his finished model inspired me to build mine. I had the whole thing together in short order (one day). Now to find time to get it painted and detailed. The two photos of Don's model I took with my pocket camera with available is a great looking model...George Dutka

Don Janes version of this kit is seen above and below. He changed out the roofing for slate by Northeastern and added a chimney. He also placed a lot of details on all sides...a great looking model.

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  1. Such a great looking model - and a good reminder that you don't need *so* much time to make a really nice scene. I need to remember that more often . . . Looking forward to seeing your build!