Thursday, 10 December 2015

Coal to move on the WRD

The White River Division has coal to move.
Here is my current fleet of coal hoppers. I built the Pennsylvania Westerfield hopper many years ago. It was a chore drilling and cleaning the casting...a bit on the brittle side. Building that kit kept me away from other hopper kits. A few weeks ago I picked up a couple finished B&O hopper cars. One a Tichy kit and the other I am not sure its origin. They are both good looking models that are filling a void in my fleet....George Dutka

The car on the left is a Tichy kit which has been nicely completed. It had heavy weathering applied prior to arrival on the WRD. I toned it down a bit with some black powder on the sides and rust on the interior.

I built this Westerfield  fishbelly hopper kit decades ago. I found it took a lot more effort to complete than I actually wanted to put into the project.

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