Tuesday, 19 May 2020

An Ice House for the Back Alley

My finished back alley ice house.
This ice house is made up of leftovers that I have. The block building is a small bit that came in a box of structures at a RR show a few years back. The compressor box at the rear is built using leftover Pike Stuff loading ramp material and the rest is out of my detail boxes...George Dutka

This is the little block bit that I pulled out of a box and placed it on my workbench . It sat off to the side on the bench for a few months before I figured out what to do with it. It almost ended up back in the junk box.
Not sure what it was used with originally.
The roof is brush painted black and the walls are spray bombed primer gray. PanPastels are used to weather it up.
Some of the piping and valves are from Williams Bros...they make car kits also. The Palmer Ice sign is a copy from a FOS kit. The compressor box is being built at this point.
A rear view with the Pike Stuff loading dock bits and pieces as a compressor.
The door got some AK rust and PanPastel rust. The electrical box on the side wall is a leftover FOS detail.
The grills on the compressor and side of the building are actually leftover diesel engine details. On the roof that is a signal  relay box that actually looked OK up there. Most of the rust is AK products.

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