Thursday, 21 May 2020

Throwback Thursday - CN London Reclamation Yard, Part Five

CN 720063 was available for viewing in the plant on April 22, 1990.
By Peter Mumby.
Today we will take a second look at some of the interesting rolling stock that showed up in and around the Reclamation Plant.  Prior to being shoved into the pit, many of these cars would be staged on the south tracks of London Yard.  Pine St. paralleled the yard at this point, and nice open views were available for the interested photographer from this thoroughfare.

This will be the final installment of this current series on the Reclamation Yard.  More photos may follow in the future - if I can coerce George into doing some more scanning!

Yellow ore car CN 345063 was photographed on November 18, 1989.
CN 72928 was on view along Pine St. on August 30, 1989.  The capital "D" marked on the car side indicated it was in for demolition. The "453" notation referred to the official form that had to be submitted along with the demolition notification.
CN 198824 was awaiting its turn to be pushed into the pit on October 29, 1998.
You can see that form 453 has been submitted for car-go-rail car #9504 which was parked beside Pine St. on October 29, 1989.  I think by this date if the number 9504 was entered in a CN computer a very different unit would have been referenced.


  1. Hi George.

    I never seen a car such as number 198824 before. What they used it for?

  2. Peter, George .... Really enjoyed these photos sets from the reclaim yard. Thank you posting


    1. Your welcome Mike...these posts were a long time coming...George