Saturday, 25 March 2017

A Walthers Coal Yard Office

Once the weathering was done I added a few weeds along the edges.
I purchased this structure earlier this winter. The structure is part of the Walthers coal yard scene and when I got it, it had been assembled and painted. What I did was add a few more details and weathered it with powders and PanPastels...George Dutka

I added some details to the interior and signs on the walls.

Some signs and newspapers are found inside the throughway.
The roof had a green look to it when I got it but I changed the colouring a bit with a wash of Floquil PC green. There was no chimney on the structure. I added a BEST casting painted Floquil boxcar red and weathered.


  1. Nice looking structure. very good finishing on a plastic kit

  2. Thanks Adrian...I thought it turned out well also...George