Sunday, 26 March 2017

London & Port Stanley Ry.

L&PS spray car #204 at London, Ontario. April 23, 1955, photographer unknown.
One of the railroads from the past that operated out of London, Ontario was the L&PS. Here we have a few rolling stock photos from my collection that I hope some of you might enjoy...George Dutka

L&PS# B1 London, Ontario. August 24, 1947.

L&PS B2 South Pinafore, St. Thomas, Ontario. November 1, 1953.


  1. Hi George, Would that spray car be a weed sprayer car or something different?

    Looks like a simple build to add to a work train or to have sitting around a service facility

  2. Hi Adrian, I am pretty sure that was a weed sprayer...George