Saturday, 18 March 2017

Traffic Movement and Interchanging - B&M Railroad

Part of starting this blog other than modeling was to share as much prototype material and photos I can with you. This winter I began cleaning out some of my files drawer keeping what I still need and getting ready to unload stuff that needs a new home. I have a good box full to take to the Palmer, Ma. Library the next time I head out that way...they have a really nice railroad room. Other photos and material are set to go to historical societies and Sig groups. The following information I had copied down many years ago and don't have the name of the person I noted it from or the date. Not sure why but it was a B&M dispatcher...George Dutka

Interchange from other railroads to the B&M is as follows:

"Mentioned before during the 1940's, any day that 1,000 loads eastbound did not move through the Hoosic Tunnel  was a dark day. During the time I dispatched trains in Greenfield from the mid to late 1960's 600 cars eastbound was considered a good day with the average being 500 cars. The cars in my era are a lot bigger and heavier than then. Currently (2004) Guilford interchanged with CSX just under 80 loads at Rotterdam Jct. and 32 at Worcester. Of these 27 are auto racks. D&H (CP) delivered just under 50 cars. Nowhere else on Guilford did railroads interchanged reach double digits. If one takes in the eastbound coal traffic passing through the tunnel, another 200 cars a day are handled. The coal traffic is now four times it was a dozen years ago."

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