Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Snapshot - March 2017

Paris West on CN this past Saturday afternoon on the way home. A U turn and a quick trip down a side road.
On my way home on Saturday from the Copetown RPM show I stopped by the hobby shop in Paris, Ont. I normally follow the tracks from Paris Junction to Woodstock. As I passed the side road at Paris West the crossing lights went on. I also noticed a large amount of deer in the field by the tracks. A quick U turn and I was off down the side road. The train had already crossed the roadway so I decided to stop in the middle of the road part way down and see what I could get as a shot. I only had my 55mm lens on for this view above that I cropped. Once I had a few views I got out my telephoto lens and took a few more of the deer herd seen below with the eastbound CN train in the background. Nothing great but a fun last second stop...George Dutka

Once the engines passed I had time to change lens...a telephoto view.


  1. The epitome of serendipity:) Thanks for sharing the moment!

  2. George, was nice talking with you at the show, what's that behind those deer ...bulkhead flats. Check out the CV caboose article in the Ambassador Vol 2 number 2, has a Springfield Terminal electric on the cover. JOHN

    1. Hi John...was good to spend sometime with you at Copetown Sunday...looking forward to building the bulkhead flat...let me know how yours turns out...will check out the Ambassador issue...George