Saturday, 4 March 2017

CNR Baggage Car - Work Service

A neat car to model. Note the boxcar style end ladders, boxcar coloured roof and bright yellow steps below the doors. A simple but interesting piece of equipment for a work train.
I had run across this baggage car many times during the 1980's while at work. This era was heavy in work programs and this car was normally in the middle of it. It is kind of a neat looking piece of rolling stock that I think would make a great modeling project. I don't recall were I was going in April 1989 when I took this photo of the baggage car in Brampton, Ont. I do recall there was a big track program going on between Halwest and Peel on the Halton Sub back then. I also remember seeing this car sitting on a siding on my trips to Mac Yard (Toronto area). Guess I was in the Brampton area with my camera for some occasion...George Dutka


  1. That is a VERY cool car and it would definitely make a great project.

    1. Hi Steve:
      I thought so too...will have to see if I can dig up a baggage car somewhere...George

  2. I agree with steve very nice boxcar