Monday, 27 March 2017

Bulkhead Flat Mini-Scene

My latest train show acquisition.
I picked up a few contemporary cars for my summer fleet. I don't recall the gentleman's name but I have talked to him many times about New England as he is a New England modeler living in the St. Catherines area. I decided to get an early start at changing the layout over to summer time winter time modeling season ends in less than two weeks when the boat cover comes off.

Since this bulkhead I purchased has nice loads and are not strapped in, I decided to model them as being unloaded. I made bands a bit over scale out of electrical tape, and took some of the loads off the bulkhead. I have a few lumber loads given to me just lately by Chris Martin and a heavy piece of equipment that could be used as an un-loader that was given to me years ago by Bob Hannah. More on this mini-scene shortly...George Dutka.

The machinery that will be used in my mini scene is built by Bob Hannah. The lumber loads to the left are made by Chris Martin.

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