Friday, 24 March 2017

B&M #114 - A Real Weathered Job

B&M 44 tonner #114 is about to switch the creamery on the WRD.

Last month I got around to weathering up my Bachmann 44 tonner. The B&M had a 44 tonner stationed at Bellows Falls for a number of years and that is the location mine will reside. A sneak peak of this engine at Westboro was on this weeks Wordless Wednesday.

I did not do much as far as changes, but did change out the couplers with Kadee true scale #158's. I wanted this engine to look well used so the Bragdon and PanPastel powders went on heavy. I also used gloss coat along the walkways by the engine compartment doors to simulate some leaking oil. When done it looked like I dropped it into a dirty vacuum cleaner bag. Not to worry this is when the engine weathering gets toned down with a light overspray of Floquil grimy black...I think it turned out well. For a more detailed explanation of what I did to my unit watch for an upcoming B&MRRHS Modelers Notes...George Dutka

How the Bachmann locomotive looked like right out of the box. Shiny with the engineman not standing out well.

Builders photos 1941. B&MRRHS

The colours used to weather this engine are two PanPastels and Bragdon Soot and Dark Rust.

This is how it looked before air brushing with Floquil grimy black. Looks like I dropped it in the vacuum dust bag. The key to getting this engine to look dirty but not overly gross is a light coat of black paint. Check the difference in the photos below. I added some gloss coat along the running boards and stacks as oil leaks prior to overspraying.

A canvas grill cover is made out of paper a simple addition. Wiper tips are painted silver.

Repainting the engineman makes him stand out more. The handrails are painted Floquil DRG&W yellow before weathering and painting.


  1. George,

    Always like your posts about Bellows Falls as I have great memories and pictures beginning with my first visit in 1966. I would like to send you some old photos but cannot figure out how to do it on this blog.

    Ian Stronach
    Montreal, QC

    1. Hi Ian:
      You can contact me at