Saturday, 11 March 2017

Carman's Shed for Bellows Falls

My new carman's shed is ready for the boys in Bellows Falls, Vermont.
I picked up a B&M baggage car shell from Clare Gilbert of Sylvan Scale Models. Don't know the whole story but Clare made the shells for Rutland Car Shops years ago. The kits are now offered by Bethlehem Car Works. There was a problem with the first few and these are the ones that he still has I think.

I was not going to build it as a baggage car but I thought this would make a good shed in my Bellows Falls yard. It will be the carman's shed. If it was going to be correct I would have to use an old Rutland Ry. boxcar.

This project took me two afternoons to complete since most of what one would add to a car that runs is left off and only one side is lettered and detailed...George Dutka

This is what I started with.

Ready for paint.

Now that it is painted and detailed all that is left to do is drop it into the scene.

Floquil grimy black on the roof and Tuscan red on the sides. Micro Scale B&M passenger car set decals are used. I did not do anything to the other side as it will not be seen.

I like leaving doors open. It just adds more interest to the car. I had to add a floor and the door is split in two and attached. Bragdon soot is applied to the roof and dark rust to the sides. A stove is needed in the office inside so a stack is applied to the roof.