Thursday, 23 March 2017

LVRC - Modeling

John's nice looking Atlas model at his engine house.
Following my post last week of Gord Taylor photos from the LVRC John Hajnosz sent me the following photos and note...he is also happy to share them with you...enjoy...George Dutka

" Hello George, After seeing your latest post, I dug out one of my early Atlas RS jobs, here are some photos, one at the engine shed, another switching the Swanton mill and the last in front of Brigham Gelatin  scratch built from your photos that you and Marty posted, which were of great help...John"

Switching the Swanton, Vermont mill.

Brigham Gelatin along the CV.
An up close look.


  1. my grandfather Archie Fournier used to work for LVRC. im wanting to find him a locomotive exaclty like this i can give him for christmas. any ideas?

  2. Atlas makes a nice RS-3 that is a good start for a conversion. John did a lot of work to this engine to get it looking like that. New England area train shows might be a good place to start looking...George