Sunday, 5 March 2017

RPM Meet Copetown - Saturday March 4th

A fleet of Accurail 36' boxcar. Yes you are correct they just came out and Roger Chrysler has already rebuilt four of these. Roger has been anticipating these cars for some time now and has done these all in just two weeks. Great begin retired  we discussed.
Yesterday I attended the first annual RPM Meet Copetown. Although the group was small the meet was a great success. Steve Tuff anticipated about 30 to turn out and the total was well over that. There was a lot of table space for models although a little less than half was used. I took along a couple of models not knowing how much space was available. Next year I will be taking more, and yes I will attend again as it was great. I sat in on all four clinics not knowing what to expect. They were all excellent. If you are interested in Canadian prototype and live in Southwestern Ontario you missed the boat as I learned a lot. The entrance fee was only $10 which got one a ticket for a door prize plus a free pass to Sunday's Copetown train show which would cost one $6 if one did not attend Saturday's RPM meet...what a deal.
There was complimentary coffee available all day, but if you needed to eat one needed to bring a lunch or drive a good distance. I had packed a lunch while some others grouped in on pizza orders.

I am not lucky when it comes to draws, but there was a ton of door prizes and with a smaller group with many leaving before the end we all went away with a door prize. I think I was 5th or 6th from last, one prize ahead of Roger Chrysler and there was not any Accurail 36' boxcars. To my surprised a Scale Trains -Rivet Counter crude oil tank car was still available which I scooped up quickly. The photos tell the rest of the story with more to come later in the week....George Dutka

Dick Walker (left) talks CP Woodstock with Bob Fallowfield (middle) as they both model Woodstock but in different era's. Dick is set in the 1950's while Bob models 1980. By the way this is Dick's layout's 50th anniversary. Bob did a wonderful presentation about his layout. That is Steve Tuff on the right. Steve is the force behind this RPM Meet.
One of the better weathered limestone service covered hoppers done by Bob Fallowfield. Bob models Woodstock in the fall of 1980. He also is Matt Herman's sidekick at the Lok Sound display table.
Ryan Mendell who displayed his modeling next to mine has a New England influence also. We spoke for sometime which brought us to the topic of Sylvan Scale Models brass etched caboose steps. As it turned out he got a deal on a set and pointed me over to the location I could get the last pair. Ryan is working on getting a sheet laser cut for his fleet.

Ryan also casts his own doors.

Ryan Mendell's great looking MEC boxcar.

Ryan has done a wonderful job on his roof...just had to get an up close view.
The last three views are of Roger Chrysler's great looking models of Accurail offerings.

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