Sunday, 12 March 2017

What I have been doing this past week.

One of my projects finished this week is a ball signal for Bellows Falls. I decided to build the wood post version which was in use till the end of the 1940's. I always liked the look of this one so now I have two. One at Bellows Crossing and one here. The metal post signal is in the future though.
I play old timer's basketball twice a week and this past week I rolled my ankle for the first time in about 20 years. Well I have been laid up not being able to walk or drive anywhere. A blessing in disguise for me but not my wife. She does not drive. I was able to hobble down to the basement (I now know why one needs chair lifts as one ages) and as long as I stayed put at my workbench with my leg raised I was fine. After three pretty long days downstairs working on anything but the layout, I really cleaned up a lot of projects. Now that my foot is starting to feel better it is catch up time my wife is saying on home projects and running around trips she needs done...might not see the basement again for awhile unless I can get out to basketball for another game...George Dutka

The ball signal under construction.

Peter and I have spent the last two work day Monday's working our our Tichy boxcars. Mine is ready for paint now after about an hour or two of extra effort. Thinking I better take another car over to Peter's on Monday to work on.
I also began my passenger shelter for Bellows Falls. 
I could not find any styrene long enough so it is being pieced together. The ends are cut wrong and will have another one applied shortly. I don't have any finished photos at the moment but this model is also done now. 

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