Monday, 20 March 2017

Tichy Hand Cars

This is a great deal for some additional details around a layout. They are very simple to build. Peter and I each built two in in about a hour at the end of one of our work day Monday's.
A few years back at Springfield I purchased a boxed group of Tichy hand cars. I built one of each when I got home. This past winter I decided to build the rest. On one of the work day Monday's (that Peter and I have over the winter) was to build an additional set of hand cars. Later in the same week I thought I best finish off the rest before moving on to other projects. These are a really easy build and I think look pretty good...George Dutka

When done I added some details to these trailers. They are now scattered around the WRD.

This is the first one I built. I painted it flat black then weathered it with powders.

These are painted Floquil CN yellow.

The last group of hand cars I painted Floquil CN orange.

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