Sunday 19 May 2024

Creamery - A few more views!

I posed my two track module in front of my creamery to add a bit of milk car operations. 

Just a few more views taken awhile back with a white backdrop of the creamery module I built last spring. More on some of my milk cars can be found in the June 2024 RMC...enjoy...George Dutka 

Saturday 18 May 2024

Snapshot - May 2024

Since it was mother's day weekend the train was full using two RDC cars as coaches along with an actual coach in the middle, May 11, 2024
Our NMRA division visited St Jacob's last weekend for a train ride on the Waterloo Central. Our AGM meeting was held in one of the cabooses in the yard. Although it was overcast the whole time at least it did not rain till after we left...George Dutka   

This train normally runs with one RDC but mothers ride free on Mother's day weekend and a big crowd was on board. 

Some of you might recognize this guy giving us the thumbs up...that's CP Woodstock modeler Bob Fallowfield who is the current general manager on the Waterloo Central Railway and who set up our train ride and visit to the shops. Thanks Bob. Bob wears many hats on the railroad, he was sweeping the platform when we arrived and also works as train crew when required, engineman or trainman.

Friday 17 May 2024

Newfane, Vt. Station - Banta Modelworks

If you are a New England Modeler this might be something for you. Banta Modelworks has a new structure out of the CV Newfane, Vt. station in HO scale. It appears to be a nice structure which uses all wood for construction. Newfane still stands today too if you want to check out the prototype...George Dutka  

Thursday 16 May 2024

Throwback Thursday - Early OSR Power

OSR 501 was resting at CP Quebec St yard in London before being delivered to its new owner.
By Peter Mumby.  

Ontario Southland Railway began its existence in 1994 as a provider of industrial switching on a contract basis.  It originally owned two General Motors yard locomotives which it operated at a Petro Canada refinery in Clarkson, Ontario.  When the company later won the contract to operate the Guelph Junction Railway, additional locomotives were required.  MLW S-13 number 501 was one such unit.  Built in January 1959 as PGE 1001, it later operated as BCOL 501 and GWWD 501 before heading east to work for OSR. 
This portrait of OSR 501 was exposed on April 29, 1995.

Monday 13 May 2024

WRD Rebuild - 2016

Under construction. The WRD got a facelift and change to point to point operations. Some locations can be seen were drop in dioramas will fit.
During my WRD rebuild I took a few photos along the way. This one shows the plaster work done on the peninsula and the WRJ yard area that was changed...George Dutka       

Sunday 12 May 2024

Worn Out or just Worn?


 The local power here in London, Ontario is not always the best looking units in the fleet but do get the job done. April 4 2024. Many of these units are ones that would make great weathered models that sure would get visitors attention...George Dutka    

Saturday 11 May 2024

West Hopkinton Station Update

The chimney was pushed into the structure so most of the brick is hidden. 
I did not like the height of the chimney when I first built this small station. The chimney is large and showing too much brick and height, it just did not look right to me for such a small structure...George Dutka  

The chimney height when first built.

Friday 10 May 2024

Pillsbury Covered Hopper


A good looking view of GACX 43322  built 3-61 leased to Pillsbury. It is in Calgary, Alberta. The photo was taken on Nov 11, 1968.  Bob Bowes collection...George Dutka   

Thursday 9 May 2024

Throwback Thursday: Promotional Survivor - Part Two

CN 283032 was photographed at Belleville, Ontario on July 25, 1993.
By Peter Mumby.

On July 03, 1971, four specially decorated freight cars were on public display at the CN yard in Belleville, Ontario.  Each of these cars had one side painted and lettered to represent the type of load it was designed to carry.  The opposite side and ends were finished in the normal fashion.  The prototype photos in today’s post were also taken at Belleville, although this time insulated boxcar CN 283032 displays its appearance following 22 years on the road.

The original “Promotional Survivor” post appeared on December 10, 2020.  I decided to do a brief update after I realized that an HO decal set for this car had been produced.  This set, Prototype Model Industries H-3, included instructions to paint one car side white, but neglected to indicate specifically which side.  That is where the photo of the”A” end of the car comes in to play, making it clear that the large apple logo was painted towards the “B” (brake wheel) end of the car.  

This photo illustrates the “A” end of the insulated boxcar.

Yes, there was a decal set produced for this car!

Monday 6 May 2024

Sheffield Farms Milk Car


Milk car SFCX 1049 seen here in the 1930's. From the Bob Bowes Collection. At one time F&C offered this car as a resin kit. I had built one years ago. If you search the blog you will find photos of it...George Dutka  

Sunday 5 May 2024

Weathered Walls


The walls are first coated with MIG rail center white followed with dry brushing of dollar store acylic white which highlighted the edges of the clapboard siding.
Here is a close-up look at how the walls turned out on Big Lou's...George Dutka  

The highlighted white paint plus the AK wash for wood applied to the lower areas. Note the worn boards down low.

Saturday 4 May 2024

Diner and Dives...Maybe?


Are you getting hungry this is my version of Diner and Dives that I built last summer...all offered by FOS one as free kit, a kit-of-the-month and one from their regular stock. Thought I would group a few for a fun view...George Dutka  

Tuesday 30 April 2024

New Posts

Some of you may already know but my wife passed on Saturday after a two year battle with cancer. I need some time at the I will not be posting anything till maybe the weekend or early next week. We were married for 48 years. Life will get back to a new normal I hope at some point....George  

Saturday 27 April 2024

Red's - Wiscasset, Maine

The era has been moved ahead and the train crew has stopped at Red's pulling the caboose clear of the crossing.
Two views of my small drop-in diorama of Red's found in Wiscasset Maine. A favorite of many that venture up that way...George Dutka 

On the WRD it is standard practice for train crews to stop at Red's for a bite to eat. During my time on the CN we had our regular stops too.

Friday 26 April 2024

April - Update


Don’s article in RMC is excellent and it prompted me to look back for some old pictures of the RS-2.  Here’s a shot of #8404 from the late sixties heading north through Newport VT,...Geoff Southwood
Here is a bit of this and that I hope you enjoy...George Dutka  

Brian Smith dropped off these two nicely modeled open top hoppers this week that just does not fit into his era. Brian was a local modeler, but in the last year moved to New Brunswick to live. I now have a reason to travel to the east coast. Brian is in the area for a visit with friends and doctor appointments.

My new addition awhile back having a test run on the WRD. This chop nose Rapido model is a nice replica of the CP prototype. It will be used when the era is moved forward. 
An overall view of my Hoods creamery diorama that I built almost a year ago.

Awhile back Peter Mumby had a friend scan many of his negatives. When Peter and I ran through his scans we selected a few for Throwback Thursdays and other posts. Here is one I found interesting of a work car that has a roll-up silver door that one might want to model.

Thursday 25 April 2024

Throwback Thursday - Sarnia Diesel Shop

CN 9491 is relaxing near the Sarnia Diesel Shop on September 04, 1993.

By Peter Mumby. 

Now, that’s a neat sign!  Certainly not a standard company issue - it must have been locally produced by a painter with a good eye for design.  Today CN doesn’t have many of these smaller diesel shops left.  This one in Sarnia is currently operated by Lambton Diesel Specialists, so there are usually several rebuilt GM locomotives nearby.

Monday 22 April 2024

Patch, Rust and Weathered Hoppers

Lots of rust on this piece of rolling stock with a bit of a repaint, Sept 6 2019

Here are a few of covered hoppers I photographed a few years back while in the Burlington, Ontario area (behind the IKEA store)...George Dutka  

All photo are taken at Aldershot East from behind the IKEA parking lot. There is a bit of a grassy hill that one can park in front of and stand up high enough to shoot over the fence while the wife shops inside. The rust is just beginning on the upper side of the covered hopper. Sept 8, 2019

This covered hopper has a good amount of rust happening on the upper half of the car which also has some gray patching lower down. Sept 8 2019.

Sunday 21 April 2024

GT New England Plow

GT 55481 is seen in Coaitook, Que. March 26, 1983. Lee Labrecque Gord Taylor collection.
This is one of the slides I scanned a number of years ago from the Gord Taylor collection. Peter Mumby is the current owner of most of Gord's photo work...George Dutka