Tuesday, 6 June 2023

Rapido - B&M Double Sheathed 40' Boxcar

My B&M model after the second trip to the workbench. Some AK pencil marking and a better weathered roof was the main projects.
Yesterday I worked on weathering some of my boxcar fleet. For this Rapido model it is the third time to the workbench since I purchased it in 2020. I originally just applied flat finish some red iron oxide extra dark and raw umber shade PanPastel powders over the sides with a bit of AK dark rust also. A silver pen on the hose bag tips and handle is also applied. On the wheels a coat of AK railroad wash and AK dark rust is applied while the trucks are dusted with AK dark steel. All three AK tones come in a set which is a great deal...I use them  a lot. The couplers are coated with AK dark rust deposits and AK rust streaks.

The return visit shortly after had me painting the roof Craftsmart graphite acrylic more as a wash than a full coat. Once the roof was dry I applied PanPastel neutral gray shade mainly in the center of the roof panels. On the sides I ran AK pencil marks randomly in groups of 3-5 different lengths in the colors dirty white and rubber. On the doors I also used AK pencils in the rust tone. I ran a damp brush over the rust pencil marks to blur them a bit. On the running board grooves I ran the AK rubber pencil over the surface.

Two tones of PanPastels are applied yesterday that toned down the AK pencil marking a bit without taking the effect away.

All looks great although I think I overdid the AK pencils a bit. So I decided to go over the sides once again using two PanPastel colours, red iron oxide extra dark and paynes grey extra dark #840. The red toned down the pencil marks well although you can still see them through the powder, which I feel is a better effect. The paynes extra dark (which is more of a black) is used to highlight the upper and lower edges and the doors. I feel the car looks a lot better now and is ready once again for regular service on the White River Division.

I am never afraid to bring models back to the workbench to try something new. I feel every effort is a learning experience well worth my time. I have come up with some better effects the last few months calling back some of my older rolling stock for a facelift. I will show you some shortly...George Dutka

Here is the original weathering going on the boxcar. I actually used my finger in a couple spots to blend the colors together better.

The completed model shortly after I purchased it. Two more trips will be made before I feel it will look its best.

Monday, 5 June 2023

MEC Section House

The bottom row of clapboard is made to look worn. Other boards are pulled up and nail holes are applied once the basic weathering has been applied.
This is the second scratch built MEC style section house which I copied from my Creative Laser Design kit. I would have purchased another kit but it appears they are out of business. It was done to appear as it might in the 1970's or 80's. The MEC sign on the end is a color copy from an Accu-cals decal sheet that has been weathered...George Dutka   

Northeastern Scale slate roofing was applied to the model.

The green trim is done using craft store chalkboard green paint.

Most of the weathering is done with PanPastel raw umber shade.

Sunday, 4 June 2023

This and That - June 2023


My light house is now finished. It was not a hard model to build. It is smaller than most light house models but in a scene such as the BarMills offering it works well in the foreground when one adds a few boats. More on this will be on my narrow gauge blog.
Here are some more bits and pieces I have saved up through the last month for viewing...George Dutka 

Do you remember Hopper Line kits made in Sarnia Ontario back in the 1980's and 1990's. This is the stone shed which I built back in that era. Geoff Southwood picked one up recently and is going to build it. It had plaster ends, wood sides and a metal corrugated roof. I sold my model a couple of decades ago...wish I kept it as it is a neat little structure.

I got a good end shot of a covered hopper at the east end of Paris Jct. yard back in 2019. Note the rust pattern on the coupler and the wheels after sitting for a few days and rusting. If one has a piece of rolling stock that will not be used it could be done like this and stored at an end of a track that can show what you have done.

IC 799900 is at CN Aldershot yard in Sept. 2019. I am looking from behind the fence in the Aldershot station parking lot. The rust pattern is kind of neat.

Looking down at CN trackage in Hamilton. The insides of a gondola one can see what would be accomplished with some trash and weathering powders on a model.
This Juneco express reefer kit I built for my father in law back in the early 1980's. It has come back to me once he passed last year. I had lightly weathered the roof with grime back then but I think it could use a bit of an upgrade. New couplers, steel wheels and light weathering.

Brian Smith sent me this view of a shipping container being used as an ice cream shop. I think a contemporary modeler could come up with their own version of a commercial use for such a structure.

On CSXT NB grain train at Romulus, Mi. May 30 2023 Kenneth Borg photo

This Geep is all the power needed in Tillsonburg, Ontario for a short line which runs from there to St. Thomas. I believe the engine is ex-CP. Don Janes and I stopped by to get a shot of it on Tuesday May 30 2023.

Saturday, 3 June 2023

B&M 1705 - Deerfield, Ma.

September 1983 we see a B&M freight near Deerfield, Ma. George Melvin photo or his collection

Another neat view from a group of slides I purchased...George Dutka    

Friday, 2 June 2023

Maybe a Creamery?

Two structures from my structure bin that might come together into a creamery complex.
After visiting Bill Moore and thinking about our discussion regarding creameries. I pulled out a mess of a Walthers ice house I purchased for a couple of bucks a few years back and a Walthers structure that someone made into a feed structure. I think it was advertised as part of Walthers creamery complex a few years back.

Anyhow I may chop up the ice house by at least a third and assemble it as an creamery ice house. I would then see what I might do with the feed mill...maybe add on some extra extensions such as a boiler house. The one end of the feed building looks kind of like a smaller version of the creamery on the Rutland Ry. in Vergennes, Vermont. 

Anyhow Bill was interested in a creamery if I was interested in building him one...so this might be it if I don't put too much work into it and keep it for myself...George Dutka

The ice house is in sad shape with many missing pieces and broken plastic. The good thing is it was not glued together well as it is all falling apart. The feed structure is missing windows and details too. The roof is not glued on making it easier to work on. I actually like these kind of structures that nothing is attached well...it makes changing things around easier.

Thursday, 1 June 2023

A Moody CV Photo

Marty McGuirk's CV Richford Branch scene has come alive with a bit of photoshop additions done by Bernard Kampinski. Bernard's photo.
Bernard Kempinski on his blog (May 25th) covered an interesting topic "Two approaches to Branch line Model Railroading" that one should consider when planning a layout. Don Janes and I talked about this topic on our outing on Tuesday and it really makes sense. How much time does one actually have going forward to complete a layout and how big does a layout really need to be. Bernie's suggestion to follow modelers that are building a branch line might be a good alternate. More on this topic can be found at his link USMRR Aquia Line and other Model Railroad Adventures It can also be found on my sidebar anytime.

What I really wanted to show you from Bernie's post was this great view on Marty McGuirk's CV Richford Branch layout. Marty changed course a few years back switching from modeling the CV main line to a Northern Vermont branch line which takes up less space in his basement, meaning less work to complete a layout and at a lower cost. One can follow along  on Central Vermont Railway Marty's blog link is also found on my sidebar.

I had seen photos taken on Marty's trestle over the years but this photo with the train positioned well, taken by Bernie is very impressive. By adding a dramatic sky, a bit of a backdrop and some Alco smoke, the scene seems real. Very good work by both Marty building such a realistic scene and Bernie for his artistic touch capturing the flavor of a branch line scene.

It now has me thinking can I come up with such a view of the WRD or do I have to call Bernie over...George Dutka

Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Burlington Junction Museum

ex-CNR station moved and used as a museum. I visited it during the fall of 2019.

I had stopped by the old CN Burlington West station which is now a museum back in the fall of 2019. I noted it has an open house once a month through the good weather. I think I my stop by there once again and see what has changed...it was an enjoyable visit the first time around...George Dutka  

They have a nice collection of railway memorabilia there.

Monday, 29 May 2023

New England Boxcars

These two New England boxcars I picked up a few years back that have been nicely detailed and weathered. They are my learning tool as I want to see if I can accomplish some of the effects...enjoy...George Dutka    

On each car one side has graffiti while the other side is just rusty.

Sunday, 28 May 2023

Hobby Lobby

The paint colors I picked up and the brushes I though would work the best. I think the bill was just over 8 dollars for all.
While in Port Huron Michigan I stopped in at Hobby Lobby to look for some new weathering brushes. These was lots to choose from and at a good price. I noted they carry styrene, canopy cement some AK weathering products, glues and decal setting solutions. So well worth a stop.     

I have been getting away from craft paint but there was a few colors I was told to try out so these I picked up plus a few more. Anita's paint I think was 65 cents while the others were under a dollar...so well priced if the tones don't work out...George Dutka

Saturday, 27 May 2023

Visiting Bill Moore

Bill built a diner out of  an unused B&M coach. I really like how it turned out.
On Wednesday I drove to Imlay City Michigan to visit one of my New England modeling friends Bill Moore. It has been years since we last saw each other. It actually was a two day trip as I wanted to spend sometime looking around Pt Huron...the last time I was by the GTW yard was on my last run before retirement in 2009. 

Bill models the CV, B&M and Rutland in New England. One of his key scenes is WRJ which he mentioned needing to build the station and out building. This became a breezed when Bill acquired Marty McGuirk's WRJ station, ball signal and Twin State Fruit structure. Marty had just switched modeling locations. I had mentioned this to Bill, I said who knows Marty may not need the structure's which was the case. Bill's daughter lives near Marty so they arranged a pick-up. The trackwork is still in progress at WRJ but the structure locations are now set.

Bill has operating sessions a few times a year which Don Janes has actually attended before covid. I believe he posted about it a few years back...use the search drive to find the post.

More on Bill's modeling and my visit later...George Dutka

Marty's WRJ station

An overhead view of the WRJ CV side of the station. One will be able to view both sides of the station as operator's need to work the two different zones.

The ball signal in a location Bill was thinking of.
Bill and I had a good discussion regarding his card system that has worked well for years.

Friday, 26 May 2023

BarMills - Lighthouse

BarMills display at Springfield. This light house is also offered in their Christmas kit.
I just began working on the light house I purchased in Springfield for my waterfront scene. A gray spray can coating was applied to all the resin castings. From there it is MIG paints and AK and Vallejo stains...George Dutka  

Working on the base at the moment. The lighthouse got MIG Rail Center white with a wash of india ink and alcohol. I will dry brush more white on shortly. Most of the products seen behind the rock base is being used on the rocks.
The rock outcrop is getting close to finished. I glued a bit of Scenic Express blends in some of the rock grooves as mossy texture. Now to finish the tower.

Thursday, 25 May 2023

SS Keewatin On The Move

The SS Keewatin is heading south in the St. Clair River past Sarnia, ON

An Old Canadian Pacific Ship Finds A New Home....by Don Janes

     On April 26, 2023 the retired steamship SS Keewatin was towed past Sarnia, ON on her way to to her new home at the Marine Museum Of The Great Lakes in Kingston, ON.  My good friend Andy Greenlees informed me that she would be passing by Sarnia around noon so I arranged to meet Andy and Clare Gilbert at the Bluewater bridge to witness this historic old ship passing Sarnia for what is likely the last time.  She had been docked at Port McNicoll on Georgian Bay, her old port of call,  since June 23, 2012. That was the 100th anniversary of the date that the ship started working out of that port.  She had sailed  between Port McNicoll and Port Arthur/Fort William, ON on Lake Superior carrying passengers until 1965 then freight only until 1967 when she was finally retired.  Here is a link to an  excellent article about the ship's history and future.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Keewatin

The above photos were taken at Port McNicoll in June 2017 when she was on display and open as a museum
The Keewatin is on the far left waiting for ship traffic to clear in Lake Huron so she can enter the
 St. Clair River

Here we can see the Keewatin making the turn from Lake Huron to the St. Clair River.  The rear tug was just added for the trip down the river for stabilization.

The ship and tugs are just entering the St. Clair River. The lighthouse in Port Huron, Mich. can be seen in the background

The above photos show the entire ship and a closeup of the bow and stern sections. Note the classic CPR smoke stack colours.

The Keewatin passes under the Blue Water bridge for what is likely the last time.  The first time she would have passed Sarnia in about 1908, before the fist Bluewater Bridge (foreground) was built