Friday 30 November 2018

My Project at Trainfest

My finished shed on my workspace at Trainfest.
One of the few projects I worked on at Trainfest was this brick office structure. I had a second one in rough shape to view a before and after once completed. I had painted the wall primer red and the roof Home Hardware camo olive. The building was glued together with canopy glue and mortar added. Some acrylic gray is painted on the concrete areas then it was time to use my PanPastels and powders...George Dutka

All spray bombed and ready for glue.
The brick office is now assembled, trim painted and basic weathering completed.
The roof being metal got some rust applied using acrylic tube paints. Signs, box's, barrels and newspapers scattered around add to the scene. I also rusted up the door as it would have been metal.
Now to make the before version look like this also.

Thursday 29 November 2018

Views of the WRD this Fall

The Westboro shop track on the WRD is full of switchers that need to get working.
Here we have two views of consists and engines operating along the WRD now that the era has changed. Currently in Florida...posts might be missing for a few day...George Dutka

A local B&M switcher arrives in town while a CV milk train is seen departing.

Tuesday 27 November 2018

St J's Brake Dust

Approaching St. Johnsbury, Vt. Dec 2, 1965
Geoff Southwood shares this view of a string of 70 tonners downgrade into St. Johnsbury, Vt. back in 1965. Think the wheels are really heating up as they try to hold back the loads...lots of brake dust. Oh by the way Geoff that shot was taken on my 11th birthday...George Dutka

Monday 26 November 2018

Railroad Laser Signs

At Trainfest there was a display where one could pick-up a nice looking sign laser cut into an authentic piece of station board...George Dutka

Ordering information is at

Sunday 25 November 2018

Railfanning the Albany - Rensselaer Station

This is train #238 which begins it's run to NYC from the Albany-Rensselaer station.
Don and I on Saturday, Nov. 3, 2018, the weekend of the Albany Expo headed over to the Amtrak station across the river from downtown Albany. The Albany - Rensselaer station as it turned out was a railfan friendly location with a good amount of open area to get some interesting views from above and alongside. A bonus is the Amtrak service facility just north of the sation and within walking distance. Another plus is the parking at the station is free and plentiful. Our only drawback was the rain in the morning and overcast through the afternoon. Arriving shortly before noon we hung around for just over 2 hours and caught 5 trains and of course all the equipment at the service facility. Dunkin's is really close by for us to have a coffee while waiting on the overhead bridge for the arrival of two trains that meet at the station just before 1pm. We also found a great place to pick up some spirits to take home across from the engine service facilities while checking out that area. A real win...George Dutka

The parking lot side of the Amtrak station. Short term parking is free which worked out great for us.
A look inside the station.
As one can see there are a lot of trains scheduled.

Train #281 arrives from NYC on time leaving 15 minutes later after fueling.

At the same time as the arrival of #281  train #284 arrives also on time. We actually caught these two trains meeting under the bridge we stood on at the station giving us many photo options.
All the trains we viewed had a short layover for fueling. At this time there are two trains at the station at the same time and both needing fuel. This gave us a lot of time to take a better look at the equipment. This is WB # 281's power.
The entrance to the Amtrak maintenance facility from the west side.
One can also get a good view from along the road on the east side of facility.
Near the platform on the north side of the station is another entrance to the engineering facility.
Empire Service Crest.
Looking north to the station the sun did peak out for a moment. There is one lone engine to the far right on standby as train #233 arrives. We had just missed it but were in position for the Ethan Allen a few minutes later. Amtrak #233 ends its run at this station.
The last train we saw was the Ethan Allen # 292 departing the Amtrak station for NYC

Saturday 24 November 2018

Sylvan 1937 2-ton Truck Completed

Sylvan 1937 Maple Leaf  2 ton flatbed
The truck I was working on last Saturday at the WOD hands-on meet is now finished. The model went together really well although I left out the steering wheel and figure as they would not show. I painted mine with Home Hardware camo olive green. The flat bed is painted wood colour then india ink alcohol mix is washed over it. Acrylic silver is added to handles, grill, hubs and hood ornament. The tire area that would touch the road got a coat of acrylic chalkboard black...kind of an off black with a look of dark gray. I used PanPastel gray on the flatbed and a dusting of PanPastel green on the body and rims.

License plate is added along with a full load of odds and end which was in easy reach finishes it off. A really neat looking truck that was not hard at all to work on...George Dutka

What was in the box that needed cleaning.
A FOS license plate is added.
Added interest to this model is the use of details. Some wood F&C blocks, wire, signs and a Tichy sledge hammer.
Some rust might be added at a later date around the fenders and bumper. The front bumper was painted chalk board black then dry-brushed with acrylic silver as a highlight. The taillights are painted red but don't really show unless you get down low.

Friday 23 November 2018

Rutland Milk Car

Rutland milk car 397 is at the Rutland Ry. freight shed at Bellows Falls, Vt.
A few decades ago Rutland Car Shops offered a MDT refrigerator car which also was a Rutland Ry. reefer car originally in the 1875-1899 series. 14 cars were converted into milk car in late 40's or early 50's, series numbering was 383-399. This model was built by Bob Bowes which I purchased and weathered for the WRD.

After a coat of flat finish I adding some Floquil rust on the wheels, trucks and couplers. I used extra dark grey on the roof and Pan Pastel Green on the car sides to fade it a bit...George Dutka

Some green and dark gray PanPastels are used to give my new acquisition a weathered appearance.
Prototype photos included in the extensive instructions.
Milk on the roll along the WRD.

Thursday 22 November 2018

Throwback Thursday - Back to Basics.

GEXR 177 prepares to lead the charge up the hill towards the ex-CN Goderich yard.  The combination of a steep grade and a heavy cut of loaded cars from the Sifto salt mine makes this one of the toughest railway climbs in all of Canada.  This action was captured on July 30, 1999
By Peter Mumby.

Beginning operations on April 03, 1992, the Goderich Exeter Railway (GEXR) was the first Canadian shortline to be spun off from a major railway (CN, in this case).  The Goderich Subdivision, running between Stratford and Goderich, was its principal route.  The Exeter Subdivision extended from Clinton Junction to Centralia.  At start-up, motive power consisted of four GP9 locomotives, all built in 1960 by GMD for the Quebec Cartier Railway.  These units were numbered 177-180.  With headquarters in Stratford, the home of the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, owner Railtex also chose appropriate names for these diesels, specifically Titania, Paulina, Portia, and Falstaff. 

Originally, all interchange with CN occurred at the Stratford yard.  Starting on Nov. 15, 1998, GEXR leased the entire Guelph Subdivision (London to Georgetown) with trackage rights into Toronto Yard.  Ownership changes took place in 2000 (Rail America) and 2012 (Genesee & Wyoming Inc).  The final day of GEXR operation on the Guelph Subdivision was November 16, 2018.  With CN declining to renew the lease, GEXR has shrunk back to its Goderich and Exeter roots.

In this photo, one of the original units, GP9 177, is in the lead.  Next up is GEXR 4161, a GP7 road slug mated to GP35m mother 3834 (previously appearing as 66).  The trailing unit is sister Railtex locomotive 2127, a GP7u.

Monday 19 November 2018

Snapshot - November 2018

Bruce Nelson photo August 23, 1973
Meredith, NH
BM 1742 GP-9 on C-13 seen here going into siding to pick up empty flat from lumber company. I believe this is as far north as they went this day. Lincoln Mill was shut down and business on branch was down to one or two cars per day. Doug Adams (throwing switch) was conductor and Carlton Boyce engineer, regulars for years on the Lincoln job. Don't know who the trainman is. I have now notice that train/crew symbol, C-13 is same as caboose number. Humm... Those reconditioned 2000 series B&M 40' boxes were used for bagged grain from Merrimack Farmers Mill in Bow...Bruce Nelson comments...George Dutka

Sunday 18 November 2018

Detailing Vehicles

Some really nice details added inside this D&H road truck.
After this years Expo Don and I visited Kip Grant and his well detailed layout. Keeping his layout small gives him the advantage to detail everything including the cars and trucks. Check out what Kip has done to these four vehicles...George Dutka

A Mini Metal truck with loads of details.

Even this small mini scene at the local garage if full of details.
This garbage truck is a mix of a truck and a found box. Grabs are added to the back bumper, broom and shovel. Kip added a metal rear wheel well similar to one he had seen.

Saturday 17 November 2018

WOD Meet Nov. 2018 - Sylvan Scale Models

Clare explains how he assembles his models and the products used. Many are seen on the table. A very informative evening.
On Saturday evening the WOD - NFR - NMRA held a meet in London focused on vehicles and in particular Clare Gilbert and Sylvan Scale Models. Clare presented a nice clinic on his business and how to assemble one of his vehicles. He also covered tools, glues and paints that work well with his models. Everyone had a Sylvan kit that they worked on. Clare worked the room for guidance if required.

There was a good number of displays on had for one to view. Peter and I brought along Sylvan kits we had build or acquired over the years for our displays.

Clare also touched on his freight car models. It looks like he will be re-releasing his CNR caboose kits once again. As these kits include brass etched steps he plans to have extras made which will be available once again separate from the kit. This is great news for CV modelers as we use these steps on CV cabooses also...George Dutka

Some of Clare's examples of projects in the works or already finished that he passed along for viewing.
A group of about 20 take in Clare's clinic followed by a hands on session.
Everyone is hard at work.
I worked on a 1937 flat bed truck. I did not get too far along with this model but all the flashing was cleaned up with a couple parts glued together. Peter and I will continue with this project on our workday Monday's.
My tray of parts still needing cleaning.
The display table. which included my N scale cars, baggage car and trailers all Sylvan products.
Peters collection of Sylvan models.