Monday 30 November 2020

The Rutland Ry in Bellows Falls

This print was in a group of six taken of the Rutland Ry. I purchased 25 or more years ago at the Springfield show. A Rutland Ry. freight is about to leave Bellows Falls, Vermont on Nov. 9, 1954, 66 years ago. Note the Brookside milk cars in the background.

I am researching an article that got me digging into a pile of photos I have not looked at in years. Back in the early or mid 1990's I attended the Springfield train show for the first time. Back then it was in one building that was pretty full of model and railroad memorabilia. I was actually surprised how much there was. I came home with a nice bundle of  photos without spending a lot. Not like today were an 8 by 10 print costs around $10. I was purchasing 1950's prints three for a dollar for small prints and a dollar for large ones. This is one of them...George Dutka. 

Sunday 29 November 2020

GMD Recollections - SD70MAC

Burlington Northern SD70MAC number 9421 was on delivery at CN London East on March 22, 1994.

By Peter Mumby.

The SD70MAC effectively started the ball rolling as far as AC traction locomotives in North America were concerned.  Burlington Northern's initial order for 350 of these units ensured that EMD would get a worthwhile return on its research and development investment.  BN selected the distinctive "executive scheme" to make these locomotives stand out from the rest of the pack.  As far as a time line for this BN paint scheme is concerned, I noted that the first photo in my collection of such a unit featured number 9401 on delivery to the CP yard in London, Ontario on November 11, 1993.  Number 9421, featured in today's photo, was documented at CN London East on March 22, 1994.    It was interesting to see that number 9716, the final BN-lettered unit in this scheme, was selected by GMD to be the subject of a builder's photo taken by Grimes Photography.  I have a photo of the next unit, 9717, still in this paint scheme but now lettered  BNSF, which was taken on its February 06/96 delivery day at the CN London East yard. 

Saturday 28 November 2020

This and That - November

This is my Bellows Falls diamond scene a few years back. The casting I was using are a mix of those supplied to me by Don Janes. I will or should do a post on how this all came together.

 Here we have a mix of photos that I think you might like to see. The move of CN 6167 at Guelph a couple of weeks ago are documented in the link below...enjoy...George Dutka  

Cambridge Slideshows: Moving CNR Northern 6167

This is a Jim Shaughassey photo of Troy, NY c 1960. found on John Nerich's Facebook site. What I found interesting is how many building are abandoned in this scene. I sometimes wonder if I am overdoing my structures but by the looks of this scene I have a long way to go for that. 

It appears Evergreen makes canopy glue which I picked up a few weeks back at Otter Valley Hobbies here in Ontario. At $4.95 it is a better deal than most places.

A rust bucket that I photographed during the spring of 2016.

Bruce Douglas sent me this view of his favourite book.

Behind my work bench is my extra chair which I don't think anyone has sat in for a long time. It is loaded with stuff...some to be built and a couple to be sold once train shows become a thing.

I put a new vinyl plank floor in my train room a few weeks ago. The old tiles have been there for 39 years so I thought it needed a new look.  The tiles were in great shape (not lifting) so I layer it right over them. I think the rooms looks much better now....Don Janes

Don Janes photos

More abandoned crossings...on Geoff Southwood's layout. Abandoned crossings can provide some interest and amusement.  On the approach to Crawford Notch on my railroad, the right of way was changed years ago to avoid a steep grade through a tunnel.  The ball crossing now sits permanently in alignment with the track towards Gateway and the Frankenstein Trestle.  It seems that some hobos decided to make their encampment inside the abandoned tunnel !!

Another view of Geoff's abandoned crossing.

One of my new builds. It will be going into my Bellows Falls scene. It is a FOS kit-of-the-month offering of a storage facilities. I used the signs included but will be changing them to reflect Vermont and Bellows Falls shortly.

Friday 27 November 2020

Aproaching a Rutland Ry Water Stop

Steam is on the lead today for the Rutland Ry. Bellows Falls job. Here is a scene from a couple of years ago. My updated Atlas water tank is about to be put to use as the Rutland Ry. power approaches....George Dutka          

Thursday 26 November 2020

Throwback Thursday - ETR Diesels by the Numbers

ETR 102 was sitting on the shop track at Lincoln St in Windsor on Sept. 05/02.

By Peter Mumby.

Essex Terminal Railway is a switching line based in Windsor, Ontario.  Its diesels have been numbered in the 101 - 108 series.  Each of the locomotives featured in today's photos is the second unit to wear its particular number.

ETR 104 was built in June of 1950 as Illinois Central SW 7 number 9404.  It was later rebuilt as an SW 14 wearing number 1475.  The original ETR 104 was an SW8 assembled by GMD in 1954.  It was sold to Cargill in 1999.

The original 102 was also a GMD SW8, built in 1951.  It was sold back to GMD in 1977.  The second use of the number 102 was on ex- Algoma Central GP9 172, acquired in 1986.  ETR lowered and customized the front hood before putting it into service.  It stayed on the railway's roster until it was sold to the Ontario Southland Railway in 2016.  This locomotive was featured earlier in a post entitled "The Final GP9" on April 13, 2017.

If you look closely, you might notice that each unit is wearing a special panel on its cab side.  It features stylized steam and diesel locomotives flanking the number 100.  This was in honour of Essex Terminal's 100th anniversary which occurred in 2002. 

Essex Terminal Railway 104 was photographed on September 05/02.  It was parked next to the St Thomas Central Railway equipment being used to offer a tour of the line to members of the public on the occasion of the company's 100th anniversary


Tuesday 24 November 2020

Spray Painting Models

My compressor is now back stored under the layout till required.

Recently Jim Dufour sent out an e-mail regarding his spray booth and craftsman kits. It got me thinking about how I currently paint my models. I don't have a spray booth or anywhere to put one. During the warmer months I keep my compressor and paint appliances on my workbench in the garage. After reading Jim's e-mail I realized I better bring it in for the winter. Most of my spraying during the colder months are still done in the garage. If I can I use spray bombs but other times if we get a warm spell the compressor is carried out....George Dutka   

My airbrush is clean and ready to be assembled when required.

Out in the garage I sprayed my projects on a sheet of cardboard on my table saw...nothing fancy.

Monday 23 November 2020

Southboro, Ma.


B&A station boarded up at Southboro, Ma. 4-19-1964. This is from the George Melvin collection of slides I purchased last year...George Dutka    

Sunday 22 November 2020

A Modelers Workbench

My workbench last winter. I have a lot of drawer storage and two pull out extensions on my desk that can hold my laptop and other model related supplies. On many occasions the laptop is just running a video that I would not normally have time to watch upstairs...kind of like listing to the radio.

I am always interested in how others do their modeling. Here is a look at my work area and storage facility for related model and prototype material. I will do another post with some areas that I use as work areas or storage...George Dutka 

There are two file cabinets near my work area. One four drawer and a two drawer. Mostly these hold files full of related material for articles and reference. My timetable collection is found in there and larger 8 by 10 photos. The top holds more models and displays. There are three boxes of prints which are mainly CN and CP engines and rolling stock. The walls are loaded with displays of memorabilia I have collected from work and through my father in law. Train order hoops, CN clocks and caboose lanterns are seen here.

On my smaller file cabinet is my current model projects book which has too many part completed projects. The current one being worked on is under my pen next to the book. Under the book is all my reference material for these projects. I like to be able to refer back to what I did. My memory is getting very bad. I also use these references for articles and blog posts.

My reference library is not too far away while working on projects. There are five boxes of prints also stuffed in there.

The top of my bookcase is beginning to become my finished kit display shelf. Some of my favorite photos that I took on trips to New England are also on display which change with each season.

The top of my model display case is loaded with books and memorabilia.

Saturday 21 November 2020

WRD Milk Train on the move

A WRD milk run approaching the Inwood station.

A mix of my collection of milk cars trail a Bachmann B&M RS-3....George Dutka  

Friday 20 November 2020

Another Abandoned Diamond

Kevin Smith's abandoned diamond.

I received an e-mail with two photos from Kevin Smith who models the WRJ area. Here is his photos and comments...George Dutka

I enjoyed Luc's post and comments. Along his thinking, attached pics of the abandoned Northern RR diamond behind my WRJ depot area. It's a Peco code 83, 90 degree crossing with Details West joint bars. A few of the rail ends were shortened...Kevin 


Thursday 19 November 2020

Throwback Thursday - SD40 B

Soo 6450 is the trailing unit on a westbound CP freight leaving London, Ontario on March 19, 1994.

By Peter Mumby.
The locomotive featured in today's photo was originally assembled as BN SD40 number 6302 by EMD in October of 1971.  This was during the second year of Burlington Northern's existence.  Following wreck damage, it was rebuilt as a B unit, and renumbered to 7600.  The locomotive continued working for its original owner until it was retired in April of 1987. 

This retirement was short-lived, however, and by June 1987 it belonged to Soo Line and had been decked out in a fresh coat of red and white paint.  The number 6450 was assigned to this unique diesel.  By the time of this photograph, the unit was also carrying the small black "Proud to be part of CP Rail System" lettering under the side road number.  CP continued to operate the 6450 until its second retirement occurred in 2002.  In 2004 it was sold for scrap to Mandak Metals of Selkirk, Manitoba.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Adding a C&O Boxcar To The Green Mountain Fleet

The C&O boxcar is being spotted for loading by the Rutland wayfreight.

 A Speedwitch Media Resin Don Janes

This photo describes the kit.  I chose the C&O version.

     Several years ago I purchased a Speedwitch Media resin Pere Marquette/C&O 88000-series boxcar kit.  Having built a few other Speedwitch kits I knew they were well done kits that were of high quality.  This kit was no different. I followed the instructions when building the kit and found it went together very well. The one piece body and floor castings are very crisp resin castings with very little flash and no warping.  The kit included a couple of sheets of resin detail parts, Tichy brake components, plastic ladders, etched breass parts. various sizes of brass wire and styrene strips.  The decals are high quality and go on nicely.  I added some 40 links per inch chain to the brake wheel and brake cylinder and Yarmouth M Model Works brake levers to the underbody brake system.
     I chose to build the C&O version that were assigned to the Canadian Division. The body was painted with a 50/50 mixture of Floquil Boxcar Red and Oxide Red which was overcoated with Floquil Crystal Coat to give a glossy finish of the decals.  After the decals were applied I gave the car a coat of model Master clear flat lacquer and weathered it with various weathering powders.  The trucks were painted with Floquil Weathered Black and weathered with the same weathering powders.
      The kit does not include trucks or couplers so I used the Tahoe Model Works 2-Level trucks (TMW 101) as suggested in the instructions and scale head Kadee # 178 couplers. 
       This was a very enjoyable kit to build and makes a nice addition to my Green Mountain Division car roster.

Above are various phots of the finished car.  This photo was done using Helicon Focus giving great depth of field to the photo.

Wordless Wednesday No. 400


Bruce Douglas 

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Moving Steam at Guelph, Ontario

On Saturday Nov. 14, 2020 was moving day for CN 6167 to John Galt Park a short distance away. The engine will be easier to view than at the past location. 6167 has been near the Guelph, Ontario station since a move in 2014. The total cost of the prep and move was budgeted for at $650.000 and the work was done by Puslinch-based Mammoet. The engine was gifted to the city of Guelph by CN in 1967 in honor of Canada’s centennial. This will be the third location the engine has been on display in the city. Mammoet had spent the last week getting the engine and tender loaded and secured for the November 14, 2020 move. 

I spent part of the morning watching the engine move over the CN main line and onto the roadway leading to its new home. There had to be at least 100 spectators in the VIA lot and on the street. More were on rooftops and across the main line. Speaking to my father-in-law about the engine's move he noted that he was part of the engine crew that handled 6167 over to Guelph in 1967...George Dutka
The engine is ready to cross the CN main line using a ramp that is set in place.

The tender was first to be moved.

There was a good size crowd watching the engine move. With an upswing in Covid especially in this area I felt a bit uncomfortable being there. I stayed well out of the way getting my views and not hanging around all that long.

This is the ramp that bridged the main line.

About to depart from the station area to its new home.


Monday 16 November 2020

Modeling an Abandoned Diamond

The CP -CSXT diamond is removed with the CP line running through at Chatham, Ont. This is a great way to model a diamond area with a abandoned line. Luc Sabourin photo.

Following last Mondays mini-RPM Luc Sabourin contacted us with a bit of a follow up regarding the layout he has planned and the diamond area. Luc had a great idea how to model it. Here is Luc's comments...George Dutka

"Originally, my intent was to model a diamond, with an interchange with the Pan Am/Guilford, on my layout but as I discussed with you earlier this week at our mini-RPM meet, I decided not to actually physically place one due to a number of reasons.  

In it's place will be something similar to what has happened to the CP-CSXT diamond in Chatham, Ontario.  The attached photo was taken this past October where CP has taken the old diamond out.  My plan is to do something very similar but to have the Pan Am line be abandon (with tall weeds covering the old tracks taking over the right of way) past the interchange tracks and have the approach signals to the diamond on the BRAR still standing but inoperable and the target heads be turned 90 degrees away.  I thought it would be an interesting look to have the old Guilford one, facing the interchange track, still operating as a constant red as you would be able to see that signal standing on the other side of the layout.

Also, a lots has changed in Chatham the past few years where CP has taken out almost all the yard tracks except for 2 yard tracks widely spaced.  And the local is now out of London where there use to be a set of switchers based here."

Luc's track plan for his new contemporary layout.

The CP yard Chatham with much of the trackage removed. Modeling a contemporary era this is one of the realities. Luc Sabourin photo.