Tuesday 31 January 2023

Roberts Brick Mortar Fix!


The other day I went to use my Roberts Brick Mortar Formula and found the liquid had dried out leaving the product kind of like jelly. I added some distilled water just covering the jelled product. After a few minutes I started mixing it together. It did kind of mix enough to use as seen in the photo. What I found the next day when I looked in the jar was it had dissolved and was just like new. They sell a smaller size container which I suggest one use and don't throw it out if it jelled...just add water...George Dutka

Monday 30 January 2023

Back Home!

Otto took a few views of me signing books. Oh he gave me this nice sign to take home...maybe my best find at the show.

My trip to Springfield was as good if not better than most. Hard to believe it was warm enough I did not wear a coat the whole time away. RMC-White River launched my new book and I spent a couple of hours signing books and talking to friends that stopped by. I did not purchase as much as I normally do but I have a couple of neat things that I will show you once I take a photo of them. 

I spent Friday railfanning at Palmer, Springfield Amtrak station and took a look around the old station site in Enfield, Ct. the town I was staying in. I had visited this location a few years back but things are changing. I had done some research into the area and found there was an active gun powder buisness here back in the day and also a huge carpet mill along with many of the regular industries in this type of city. It was an industrial area for sure. I got lucky and caught a short SB freight just as I arrived...George Dutka

SB coming around the curve into Enfield, Ct. mid afternoon on Jan. 27, 2023 between the times of the two Vermonter's. You can see men working on the left. They are Amtrak employees. The road along the side of the track which I was on is barely wide enough for two cars. Well I bailed out of my car leaving it in the middle of the road with the door open to get my shot. I blocked a Amtrak pickup truck trying to come through departing the work site. Oh well, he could not chase me out as it is a public road, there are homes facing the tracks and the delay was minimal.

On my way home yesterday I stopped by Rotterdam Jct. to see if anything was around. It was maybe 8am and pretty overcast. To my surprise a PanAm local was tied down in the yard with engine 3404. I noted the location sign on the building still reads PanAm. January 29, 2023

Saturday 28 January 2023

Live Steam at Springfield!

Hard to get a clean photo of the engine with a large gang around it most of the day. The sun came out as the morning went on and it got up to high 40F...it was reading 48F when I left so no coat required today.
A nice treat the smell of a steam engine as one enters the train show. More on the show once I get home...George

CV Larson Green

One can see depending on the engine one is modeling there is a range of options for CV Larson Green. The green on 4929 is a lot darker than what I saw while visiting St. Albans. Feb. 26, 1984 New London, Ct. Bruce MacDonald photo.

I was recently asked about who makes CV Larson Green. Unfortunately I could not find anyone that does. I looked up some old articles of CV equipment and engines in that color and the authors did not note the mix they used. I actually asked around to see what other have been using which is a variety of shades. 

The photo above shows a freshly painted engine and a well weathered green Geep. I would think that one does not need to worry about the actual tone if weathering is applied. These engines, the green would fade as time passes also. So I would think that any Vermont green tone could do...George Dutka

Friday 27 January 2023

Tiny Railroads - New Location!

At the Woodstock show I learned that Tiny Railroads is moving from the Delhi location to Hamilton in February. The flyer gives one the new address...George Dutka

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Off to Springfield!

An Accurail boxcar is one of the cars found in the weathering chapter in a new RMC book out now.
In the morning I am off to Springfield for this years train show. It has been three years since I last did this trek. I probably will be short of posts while traveling. This years trip will be a bit different as I have a book being released by White River Productions and they asked me to be at their booth for a bit. So if you are at the show and want to visit with me I will be at the White River Productions - RMC booth from 2-4pm on Saturday. See you there...George Dutka  

Wordless Wednesday No. 511



Tuesday 24 January 2023

C&O Boxcar - More Views

A few more views of the weathered boxcar. The sides were done lightly with the roof being the focus of the project...George Dutka  

Monday 23 January 2023

St Albans Roundhouse - Interior


Inside the St. Albans Roundhouse Oct. 2 2010.

Last weekend I was working a table at the Woodstock train show when my friend John Hajnosz from the Buffalo, NY area passed by. It has been a long time since we last saw each other. We had a good chat which usually covers New England modeling. John is in the process of building the St. Albans roundhouse. He was interested knowing if there were many pits in the stalls. I told him I had a tour of the roundhouse during a CVRHS convention. I though there were pits in most stall but was not sure without looking at the photos I took. As usual I did not take as many photos as I should have, it was pretty dark in there....George Dutka  

The interior of the two stall machine shop also has pits.

As one can see there are pits in the stalls.

Sunday 22 January 2023

C&O Boxcar - Yankee Clipper Models

This nicely assembled C&O boxcar came across my workbench for some weathering recently. I gave the roof a bit extra.

I finished weathering this double door auto boxcar recently and through I would share with you what I did...George Dutka   

After a coat of flat finish the roof received a light application of AK rainmarks a Nato tank coloring. I have been using gray acrylics to emulate the bare metal showing through but I thought I would try some AK grays I have on hand. They work well although I feel the acrylics cover better.

One side of the roof has a coat of PanPastel raw umber shade. I am using a fine brush to apply some PanPastel neutral gray shade on the running boards as worn wood. The roof panels will receive a coat of PanPastel red oxide extra dark which blends the gray oxide metal with the original boxcar red.

The tack board is done with PanPastel gray while the lower areas are touched up with PanPastel paynes gray extra dark and raw umber shade. The sides of the car got a dusting of the red oxide extra dark. Basicly 4 tones of PanPastels are used on this model. I did add a piece of white paper as notice cards that I sanded thin before cutting small and adding to the tack boards. Some are just scraps of a card that once was attached. I did not add any writing to the cards. 

Saturday 21 January 2023

C&O Double Door Auto Car

Ready for service along the WRD.

If you like how this car looks check back tomorrow...I am putting together a post of how it was weathered...George Dutka   

Friday 20 January 2023

CP Train Order Signals

I was recently at my local hobby shop and noticed this package of CP train order signals. They probably have been on the pegboard for a long time but never notice them before. These might work well in a CP scene that may become a drop-in for the layout...George Dutka     

Thursday 19 January 2023

Throwback Thursday - CN 48'6" Gondolas

CN48681 Sarnia, Ontario January 1989.
Today I have gone through my scans of CN gondolas that were well used in work train service hauling about anything that is used along the right of way. I have built a couple of models of these cars in the past and have some scratch built versions in the works...George Dutka   

CN90572 at Hamilton, Ontario. April 1989. Many of these cars were painted CN orange while in OCS service.
CN 49884 on April 25, 1989, Brampton, Ontario. This car has the larger size lettering still being used but most have a CN noodle already applied. The end doors are removed with a wood block being used to hold things in.

Monday 16 January 2023

January Update 2023

I found this on a blog I follow that views this neat little structure well worth modeling from an earlier era. I kind of like the name of the place too.
A few photos including a couple of mine. The others are ones I liked and inspired me...so I copied them from other blogs I follow or from my friends...be inspired!

On another note B&M fan Roger Robar passed away this month on the 7th. Don and I planned on stopping to see him after a CVRHS convention to see his layout and tour the B&M station in town he helped restore. That was 10 years ago and I did not get a chance to get back up that way since then...George Dutka  

Kevin Smith sent out some photos a few Fridays back which included this neat looking B&M work car that is well worth modeling.

B&M at the White River Junction diamond. A classic view in nice lighting. Marty posted this view on his Central Vermont blog that I just had to save. I though it was worth sharing once again even though many of you follow Marty's blog also.

My Bachmann S-4 CV 8027 heads past the water tank on the WRD. I took this photo a week or so ago after adding some new weathering effects to the engine. I built this one back in 2012. 

I cropped this NH boxcar that I believe F&C has a kit for...I might even have the kit still to build, I will have to check....so much to do.

My section house in Westboro was built from measurements I took many years ago of the prototype. I built this back in 2014.

Sunday 15 January 2023

NH 40' Boxcar - Car of Progress

This scan of a slide did not have any details on it but appears to be in use as advertising for a centennial celebration. It also notes that it is the New Haven's car of progress.
Here is a view from the Jack Swanberg collection of a clean looking NH boxcar. It may have been recently delivered after rebuilding...George Dutka  

Saturday 14 January 2023

CN Hopper - Rapido Model

The completed model set for service.

I recently finished weathering one of the newer offering by Rapido. The CN hopper received some chalk marks using Micro Scale Decals 87-1522. There is some neat old time graffiti on the sheet. Wheels are painted acrylic cinnamon brown followed by some Bragdon Powder.  The couplers are painted a mix of MIG rust and brown oxide primer. MIG silver on hose bag tips. This car is one of the more lightly weathered cars on the WRD...George Dutka  

Most of the weathering on this car was done using three PanPastel tones, Blender, Raw Umber Shade and Paynes Gray Extra Dark. I kept the weathering lighter than normal as I don't want all my hoppers to be totally worn out looking.

The model gets some extra Paynes extra dark on the ribs.

I went light on the weathering inside the hopper although most of the prototype cars were well worn.

Most of the car was given a light coat of PanPastel raw umber shade. Down the center of the panels I ran a light coat of PanPastel blender to fade the coloring a bit.

Friday 13 January 2023

St. J 70 Tonners

My two Bachmann 70 tonners that I have detailed to reflect the St. J. They have DCC included but no sound. The base paint is factory applied.
A view from the WRD before the  duck under was removed making the layout point to point. This was always a great place to take photos. Kind of wish I saved it as a stand alone diorama for taking photos...George Dutka  

Thursday 12 January 2023

Adding FOS Fire Alarms

On my Monster Modelworks building flat I added a FOS water driven alarm bell and hydrant attached to the wall.
Once completed I realized I had a set of FOS building attachments for fire security. An alarm bell and water outlet are added near the loading ramp...George Dutka   

All the detail one can add to a structure pays off once set in a scene.  

Monday 9 January 2023

Hyde Park, Ontario - 1992

CN 5031 leading the way on January 19, 1992. The Exeter Sub switch is hidden behind the lead engine. The corner of the temporary switch tender- operators shanty is seen in the bottom right corner.

Another of my winter slides that I have scanned. This time a look at Hyde Park, station area years after the structure was removed. I am on the Hyde Park overhead bridge looking down. A nice place to view the passing trains...George Dutka    

Sunday 8 January 2023

Busy Day at White River Junction

I took this photo back in 2013 of the CV shop area at the coal tower. I actually had my small camera set on the rails while shooting along the tracks through the coal tower loading area. I thought it turned out well and want to share it with you. I think I have posted similar photos in the past as I took about a dozen different views that day switching equipment around a bit...enjoy...George Dutka

Saturday 7 January 2023

CV Milk Car Green

CV milk car is first up on the B&M train at Lowell, Ma 1950 

I had some questions directed at me a while ago about the correct green for CV milk cars in the 1950's. Most of the photos I have seen the lighting is what appears to affect how the color looks. In many the color appears to be closer to Pullman green but with a brighter green tone to it. This photo that appeared on RMC's Facebook page some time ago views a B&M train with a CV milk car first up. The milk car appears much brighter green than other views although once I reduce size down to one that fits my blog allocation of size it really does not show well...George Dutka       

Friday 6 January 2023

Ship Island - Goderich, Ontario

In this winter view one can see how many ships were in the harbor at one time. The track in the foreground is the CPR interchange and mill tracks. The CN trackage is not seen but just to the right.

Bruce Douglas passed along these neat views of an island that once could be found in the middle of Goderich, Ontario harbor. I have no knowledge of an island ever being there but it is neat to see and study. I feel there is a lot of inspiration from this island that could make its way onto a layout or diorama...George Dutka  

Another view once the ice is gone with views the CNR trackage on the right. Today the CN trackage is used to service the salt mine which was built at the far end of the trackage.

This overhead view can really inspire someone to model such a scene.