Sunday 28 February 2021

Weathered Wood

Weathering mix and creosote black are both the same colour. Weathering mix is Hunterlines original formula.

Here is what I do to emulate weathered wood. I begin with Hunterline stain Creosote followed by a coat of Floquil Grime. At one time Floquil made some nice stains and I used driftwood to weather wood. Floquil also had a stain walnut which I would apply after driftwood if a darker finish was required.

Today as a variation after the grime is applied some areas which would require dark weathering some Floquil black is lightly brushed over that area followed by a wash of thinner. If colouring is to be added the colour is added followed by a wash of thinner. I go back and forth between the tones and washes all while the walls are still wet. I sometimes need to add more grime through the process nearing the end...George Dutka

On my long barn a tone of Flquil red is seen in the structure. This is the side that would face the harshest of the weather.

This Branchline model I followed photos I had to get a prototype look.

Finished model

The weathered side of this Northeastern Models barn kit shows hints of red.

Although there is a lot of red on this wall it is applied the same way. This technique is one I used before I began using Bragdon powders and PanPastel. Although the results now are similar with PanPastels I really like this approach of washes much more.

Saturday 27 February 2021

CV 501 WRJ


CV 501 is seen at WRJ. This is another George Melvin collection view that I purchased with no data. What I found interesting is the fruit company sign in the background. I cropped and enlarged it below...George Dutka 

Friday 26 February 2021

H.W. Myers & Son

 A few views I took of the 2013 kit release, South River Modelworks display as it was seen at the Pittsfield, Ma Fine Scale  Expo...George  Dutka 

The overall view of the three structures found in the 2013 kit offering by South River Modelworks.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Throwback Thursday - From the Erie Shores

Lake Erie Steel SW900 #458 is sitting at the top end of the CN London yard on January 20, 2001.

By Peter Mumby.

This short post is designed to complement the offering of September 30, 2020 in which a "Stelco Relic" is described.  The #458 portrayed in today's photo is actually a sister unit to the Stelco locomotive, since Lake Erie Steel is the name of the division of Stelco which is situated at Nanticoke.  This SW900, originally constructed as CN 8547, was a GMD product of January, 1954.  It later appeared as CN 7212, then CANAC 7212.  In addition to the fresh paintwork, the potential modeller should check out a few interesting details, such as the handrails, the end number board, and the cab side window.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Snapshot - February 2021

My Conductor's time book is seen resting on his journal on train #434.

 For this month's snapshot the photo is ones I took inside the cab of train CN#434 a job I was working regularly with conductor Mark Ellis...George Dutka

In ones time-book you record your times, miles, engines used and work done in-route. The date is seen on the journal as Oct. 5, 2008. I took these photos at Paris Jct. after we finished our lift.

Monday 22 February 2021

South River Modelworks - Workbench

Bob's new kit for 2013 is seen on his workbench during a layout tour.

During the 2013 Expo in Pittsfield, Ma. a layout tour took place on the Sunday. One of the layouts open was Bob Van Gelder who's layout is built above his shop which houses South River Modelworks. The kit that Don and I purchased at the show we saw the master builds on his workbench...George Dutka

Looks like a lot of extra builds of Myers & Son on Bob's workbench.

Sunday 21 February 2021

CV Trackage - Northfield Falls, Vt.

This is how one scene looked on the WRD in 2011. Not much has changed here although I am working on refreshing some of the foliage.

A Broadway Limited switcher that I lettered for the B&M is seen passing the covered bridge at Northfield Falls. I modeled the covered bridge after this CV location. On the WRD one sees B&M and Rutland Ry. trains pass this location along with the CV fleet. For a period after the station was torn down the station sign was mounted on the bridge. I added an old truck in the bridge and a young lad with his dog herding the ducks down the road from the barn...George Dutka

Saturday 20 February 2021

GMD Recollections - BN "Whiteface" Comfort Cab

The GMD test track, also known as the CP Crumlin Spur, played host to BN SD60M 9206 on January 02/90.  This was one of the first three-window comfort cab units to wear the "whiteface" paint scheme.

By Peter Mumby.

The BN SD60M locomotives in the 9200-9249 number series were the first comfort cab diesels decorated in the "whiteface" scheme.  Here we see the 9206 strutting her stuff on the GMD test track in London, Ontario on January 02, 1990.  Presumably the unit operated according to specifications since it was on delivery at CN London East just three days later. 

Friday 19 February 2021

FOS Kit-of-the-Month

A look at the other end of the structure. The kit came with tarpaper roofing but I changed it out on the main building with Northeastern corrugated sheeting.

 A few more views of my recent completed kit...George Dutka 

Most of the colouring and weathering was done using PanPastels and powders.

The rear wall is pretty plain.

Thursday 18 February 2021

Throwback Thursday - CN Test Train

CN 5358 is heading up the Test Train at Barrie, Ontario on August 30, 1990.

By Peter Mumby.

On August 30, 1990 CN 5358 South was operating on the Newmarket Subdivision.  When photographed, it was occupying the siding in front of the 1905-built Allandale station in Barrie, Ontario.  Its trip towards Toronto would resume as soon as Ontario Northland 1987 and its train, the Northlander, cleared the south siding switch. 

The short train consisted of two cars belonging to the CN Engineering/Ingenierie Department.  Both cars were relatively recent additions to the roster, having been reconfigured from older equipment in 1988.  Ballasted box car CN 15007 was ex-CN 60 foot box car CNA 794704, while CN 15008 was ex-VIA number 1082.  This latter car had been built in 1954 as CN 1082, "Cape Rosier."   

CN 15007 is a ballasted box car belonging to the CN Engineering Department.

Bringing up the rear on this short train is CN 15008.


Tuesday 16 February 2021

H.W. Myers & Sons - South River Modelworks

The mill is now set in place on Don Janes Green Mountain Division. I took this trackside photo using my cell phone on my last visit to Don's in late 2019. With covid we have not been able to visit each others layout in a year.
I took some photos over the years of Don Janes version of the H W Myers & Sons. The prototype stands in Bennington, Vt. and a kit by South River Modelworks was available about 10 years ago. Since I am currently building this model it is good to have a lot of reference photos. I will be posting views of SRM display from when the kit was released and some prototype photos shortly...George Dutka 

I took this photo back in 2015 on Don's peninsula when not a lot had been set in place yet.

A closer up view of one end during 2017.

A roadside view of the mill taken with my cell phone.

Monday 15 February 2021

Hindsight 20/20 - February 20th


As one can see from this posting Hindsight 20/20 is happening once again on Saturday. There is a nice lineup of clinics...George Dutka

Sunday 14 February 2021

CN #434 Power


CN #434 power 9579 and 9618 on March 23, 2009 on the shop track London, Ontario. Don't recall what job I was working that day but it was my last year working before retirement in November...George Dutka  

Saturday 13 February 2021

Another finished FOS kit

This FOS kit was not a hard build. I changed out the roofing with Northeastern metal roofing.

About a week or two ago I finished another FOS kit-of-the-month. Not sure yet about a location but it will eventually find a home on the layout...George Dutka 

I added a bit more details than are included with the kit. This is one of few kits I modeled the doors closed.

Friday 12 February 2021

Engine Graffiti


There are some artists working on the railroad too. Engine 2575 leading train 434 during March 2008.

Some interior engine graffiti. Thought this was worth a shot...George Dutka 

Thursday 11 February 2021

Throwback Thursday - B&M Heritage

CP 4652/4655 still wear their patched ex-Guilford paint on September 25, 2002.  They are occupying the shop track at Quebec St Yard in London, Ontario.

By Peter Mumby.

CN acquired well over 250 GP40-2 locomotives from GMD, and for more than twenty years these served as the line's premier freight haulers.  CP, on the other hand, purchased no new GP40-2 units, preferring to standardize on 6-axle power.  CP inherited some GP40s of SOO/MILW lineage, but, as of 2000, its  only GP40-2 units were the 4650-4657 group purchased in 1999 through Helm Financial.  These engines arrived on the property wearing heavily patched Guilford paint with HATX markings.  In various locations patches of blue showed through and hinted at the B&M origins of the locomotives.  Today's images illustrate half of the units in the group, and their background is as follows:

CP 4652 arrived as HATX 506 and was ex-GTI/BM 310
CP 4655 had been HATX 511 after GTI/BM 302
CP 4656 had been HATX 513 after GTI/BM 301

CP 4657 had been HATX 514 after GTI/BM 306. 

CP 4656/4657 are wearing a relatively fresh coat of the company colours on January 08/01.


Wednesday 10 February 2021

A New Hotel In Waterbury

The finished hotel set in place against the backdrop

 A Building Flat From Nick and Nora Don Janes

          Back in November 2018 George and I attended the Model RR Expo in Albany, NY.  One of the things I always look forward to at these shows is the nice variety of vendors that set up shop for the show. This particular show didn't seem to have near the vendors or model displays that other EXPO's I have attended had. One of the kits I picked up was this neat looking hotel building flat from Nick and Nora designs.  I had bought it for use in my Waterbury Vt. scene.  Well, a little over two years later I finally  finished the kit..  Waterbury is the last big scene I have left to do on my layout and most of the structures along the backdrop are building flats.  I thought this hotel looked very suitable for Waterbury and since it wasn't that far from the front of the layout I decided I would add some interior details and lighting.
This is the kit from Nick and Nora Designs

      Construction of the kit went quite smoothly until I got to the roof.  This unique style roof was one of the things that I really liked about this kit.  It is basically fiber board formers over which you add cardstock roofing. When I went to do the roof nothing fit the structure.  I called Nick and Nora's and he explained there were two kits with the same style roof but with different dimensions and that I must have got the wrong roof.  He shipped me the correct roof parts and I was able to finish the building.  He also threw in a couple of Adirondack chair kits for my trouble which I thought was very nice of him.  They have excellent customer service.
     For the room interiors cardboard rooms that came with a Roomettes kit I had bought at Trainfest in Nov.2019 are folded to fit in several of the hotel rooms in this kit.  I also added lighting to these rooms.  For the curtains I ordered some City Classics window covering sets which are various curtain designs and colours printed on clear plastic sheets.  They are very good looking curtains and I feel they added a lot to the structure.
     The kit instructions called for building up the porch railings and posts from individual tiny pieces of stripwood but I elected to use Tichy railings and posts which was much easier to build and much better looking. The porch steps were built from Builders in Scale stair risers and stripwood steps. I added Tichy posts and railing material to make the step railings.  Pretty well everything else was built following the instructions.  
This photo shows a closeup of the porch and stairs.  There are two LED lights over the front door on the porch.

     One thing that I thought looked to plain was the top of the roof.  I felt it was just missing something so  I looked through my parts box and found some fancy etched brass roof trim I had bought for my Wells River station and thought it would add a nice finishing touch to the roof edge. It made a big difference and is something that would have been quite common for this style of structure.
    Before I closed in the finished rooms I added some figures in the lobby and some of the bedrooms.  Waterbury is a year round tourist spot so I figured the hotel should look busy.  Being right across from the train station people are always coming and going. 
    One other thing I added was some brick paper around the foundation to add some interest rather than a stark looking concrete foundation.  This is about as far as I can go with this building until I figure out the final location for the hotel.  Once that is done I can go back and add some more finishing details.  This is one more structure to help finish the Waterbury scene.  
Here you can see some of the people inside the hotel rooms and lobby. I think the curtains add a nice touch also.

Here is another view of the porch and the lobby interior. I added a flower box and will also build and add the Adirondack chairs to the porch.

This photo shows the metal trim I added around the top of the roof.  It finishes it off nicely. I see I need to straighten some of the roof trim

These two photos show some of the figures in the rooms.

Another view of the finished hotel

Tuesday 9 February 2021

February This and That

My mill building missing parts have arrived and work is underway on the kit.

Shortly there will be one million blog view...if that is you, lets hear from you and what you like the most about the blog. I had a few random photos that I thought I would share with you...George Dutka 

The mill will be having some of the weathered wood showing through the paint. Here we see Hunterline stain applied.

A CP WB waiting a crew at the west end of the yard in London, Ont. Feb 3 2021.

CV 4553 is seen in 1958. Note the small fuel tank compared to the Athearn model. Also what is interesting is the location of the re-railers. They are next to the fuel tank. Most CV geep's have the re-railers on the walkway outside the engineman's window.

The current Railfan (Feb 2021) is all Canadian content. This view is from the RMC site.

My FOS Atlas Gorge arrived about a week ago. I noted on-line someone has already completed building his kit which I find surprising...a really quick worker.
The yard crew assembled train 434 at London East. The crew will be changed out shortly. The new crew will switch the power around for a better leading engine. Feb. 3, 2021

Brian Smith sent me this photo after my Pillsbury post of one of the cars in St. Thomas.

Steve Boyko recently posted some extra views of Pillsbury cars on his blog site. The link is on the sidebar or seen in this photo.