Saturday 31 December 2016

Looking Ahead to 2017

I built this little diorama using a garage I purchase already built back in November. With some weathering and a lot of details it is looking pretty good...more on this next month.
About a week ago my wife and I made plans to head to Florida next week. Deciding on which coast to visit was easy as I have not seen my cousin in about 5 years (they live just north of Daytona Beach) and the Coco Beach RPM meet is on during this time frame. I have not been to the Coco Beach event, so it will be nice to take some of it in...remember my wife is along. We will be staying on site at the Coco Beach Hilton making it easy to take in a few clinics during the evenings. The pool is suppose to be heated so look for me there during the afternoon with drink in hand.

I have been working on the background scenery in Bellows Falls. My version of the Co-Operative creamery is built along with two other structures...these I will cover once I get back from down south. I also finished revamping a few structures for sale at upcoming shows ( purchased built but have been redone and detailed) I really like how they turned out and I think I might just hang onto them for now. More on these later. Anyhow if you are Coco Beach and you see me, make sure to say hello...even if we have never met before...George Dutka

The third and last build of my Bar Mills shack-pack will be used in my Bellows Falls scene. More on this one shortly.

Friday 30 December 2016

CN 44 Tonner - Bachmann Model

A CN 44 tonner heads past my section house on the WRD. The engine is from the first offering by Bachmann. This engine seems to have been offered many times but with little change other than DCC is now included. Might be time for someone to come up with a high end model including sound.
I built this engine for Peter Mumby at least 20 years ago...or when the Bachmann Model first came out. Think that was sometime in the 1990's. I used one of the photos from the last post for reference when I built the model. From that photo it appeared to have been painted a tone of green. All other views I have seen have these engines in black. I decided on a green to match the fleet of Geep's...George Dutka

I don't recall all I did to this little switcher. I did add a fuel filler near the cab as seen in the photo, Kadee's, numberboards (I believe they are Miniatures by Eric) awings and wind deflectors. Markers  are included on one end also. The decals are over Scalecoat CN olive green paint. This paint is now offered by Minuteman Scale Models. The handrails and grill are brush-painted Floquil DRGW gold.

A hose bag is added to both ends. This engine also got dual headlights and a MU connector next to the headlight. A Juneco re-railer is also included. The engine came with windshield wipers.

A couple of figures sure add a lot to this little model. I believe both WRD employee's are supplied by Woodland Scenics.

Peter's 44 tonner was over for a visit in December and a photo session erupted.

Thursday 29 December 2016

CNR 44 Tonner's

This engine has a green tone to it and a yellow-gold coloured end grill not seen on other engines. Most photo I have seen the engines were black. No data on the back of this print. The fuel cap can be seen cut through the side of the triangular piece next to the cab. The headlight is a twin beam and also has MU plugs near headlight.

Two photo views of 44 tonner's in my collection and a couple from Peter's...always liked the looks of these little engines. When Bachmann first came out with the 44 tonner I detailed one as a CN unit which is now in the Peter Mumby collection...more on that model shortly...George Dutka

Interesting looking early era front end. Not sure how long this front style lasted on the foot boards.
This engine has awnings and side window deflectors. Marker lights and MU connectors near the headlight. Note the rerailer location. Peter Mumby collection

Peter Mumby collection.

Tuesday 27 December 2016

Across the River from Randolph, Maine

Gardiner, Maine MEC station, Sept. 2016
Don and I stopped in Randolph, Maine to check out the location of the old Maine two footer, Kennebec Central Ry. Right across the river is the MEC lower main station at Gardiner, Maine. I don't believe this part of the old MEC line is still used...neat to see...George Dutka

I took this photo from just above the location of the old Kennebec Central Ry. yard and roundhouse. At one time there was a covered bridge to my right that passenger used to cross the river between stations. Today a newer bridge is located further to my right. It was kind of a work out for passengers as they had to walk up a long set of stairs from the Randolph station on the riverbank, then across the river to the other side for the MEC.

Monday 26 December 2016

Creamery - A Couple More Views

Looking over from the Petersburgh station one can see the creamery is waiting for the next shipment. The front loading doors are for flag stop loading while the rear of the creamery along the spur is the spot for the Borden milk cars.
I had a couple extra views to share of my latest install...enjoy...George Dutka

Milk cans are being moved around. The Borden's creamery was originally set in Westminster Center as seen on the sign, but for now even though it is back in the same spot the location is Petersburgh.

Friday 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas

My workbench is pretty clean at the moment. I got my F&C double door Reading boxcar ready for it is next on the list. I picked up a B&M 44 tonner this fall which will get a heavy weathering job shortly also, but in the mean time I will just sit back and enjoy the holidays with locally made gingerbread men and hot chocolate.
A Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year to all from the crew of the WRD and GMR...Don, Peter and George.

A Scene Flip at Petersburgh

My Bellows Falls Creamery is quickly put in place for this photo shoot.
I had just finished building a portion the the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery. It is a remake of a model I purchased this fall...more on this later. I realized this structure could fit in the Petersburgh scene. So I set up my camera on a tripod and took a shot of the wooden creamery, lifted it off and plunked down the BF Co-Op model and retook the photo. This all took about two minutes to change scenes and photograph...enjoy the two views...George Dutka

This is how it all looked two minutes before the above photo.

Thursday 22 December 2016

Creamery - Updated

My old Borden's creamery is back in service after a couple of years in storage. I built this model back in the 1980's following RMC plans by Dave Frary.
This fall I decided to update a creamery I took off the layout a couple of years ago. I had left the spot open for a new mill that is still to be built. With the local railroad club coming over in early December I decided to fill that space for now. Here is how it looks now....George Dutka

I decided to redo the roof as it was warped. The new roof is going to be tarpaper as seen by a sheet of Minute Man Models products.

The new roof is on and weathered. I also added some weathering to the Campbell shingles on the other side of the structure. A new walkway at the front door is also built and stained.

The area the creamery is placed is a flat location. I decided to add all the details to the sidewalls making it very easy to change the scene. Just need to lift it off and place the next structure down....will show you shortly a creamery scene flip here.

A busy place with lots of clutter all around.

Monday 19 December 2016

Bellows Falls Tunnel - WRD

The finished brick building flat is in place. There maybe more done to it once the parts are arranged.
Here are some finished views of building flat next to the tunnel. Since I finished it this fall I came across some interesting details that will be add to the final appearance...but for now this is it...George Dutka

The walls got a coat of car primer to start then a India ink wash followed by acrylic dollar store white and powders. Floquil depot green for the windows. I added some junk to the roof...once I find a skylight or hatch doorway this will also be added.

The sign is a freebee offering at a past Fine Scale Expo from Gatorfoam. I thought the structure needed something like this for more interest. I have recently found some vents that maybe installed in a window.

Sunday 18 December 2016

Snapshot - December 2016

Bellows Falls yard and ex-creamery Sept. 26 1996.
I was looking through my photos of the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery the other day as I am building a building flat that kind of reflects it to some extent. I had forgot about this photo that I took on one of my visits. I had sent it in to the RRHS Newsliner for use in the Winter 1997 issue. Thought you would all enjoy a look...George Dutka

Now or Then?
On occasion the vision and charm of the old Rutland Ry. appears fixed or unchanged following the passage of time in Vermont. Viewing my photo taken in 1996 during the Green Mountain era, there appears to be nothing to indicate that it was not taken in the 1950's. Included in this scene is a B&M milk car still lettered in its original style. This car actually was used by the Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery seen in the background during the late 1950's and 1960's for the shipping of crated milk.

Saturday 17 December 2016

B&M Cheshire Branch Stations

B&M State Line station located between the NH and Mass. state line on the Cheshire Branch. D. Robinson photo. No other data on the back. Route 12 is to the left of the photo.
 Just finished with a few more scan' we have two more B&M stations photos I purchased back in the fall up in Maine. If you have ever visited Jim Dufour's Cheshire Branch layout you have seen these stations in miniature...George Dutka

The B&M Troy, NH station. Photo is marked on the back from the Harry A Frye collection, no date is shown. This station still stands today and has been restored.

Friday 16 December 2016

Bellows Falls Tunnel - Update

A look towards the Bellows Falls tunnel on July 21 1989 Warren Dodgson photo. The downtown area can be clearly seen in the background.
Back in the summer I played around with Don's casting to add a more detailed scene around the tunnel portal. Don also sent me a photo which gives me a better look at what should be added. As much of the building will not be seen I used a mix of plaster casting, wood scribed siding and matte boards to come up with my own is what I came up with...George Dutka.

Don Janes took this photo a few years back which shows some of the other structures near the tunnel. I decided to add a taller brick structure as seen in the background of this photo to my scene.
The partly finished building is set next to the tunnel. Not a exact replica but something that reflects the feeling that downtown is nearby. The other building to the right is one built by Don Janes and given to me for inclusion in my scene. The rebuild of the roadway down along the tracks will be the next part of the scene I will explore.
A mix of South River Models casting, cast stone and scribed wood. Styrene roofing and matte board supports are also used. Much of what you see here will not show once set in the scene so not a lot of detail needs to be added.

I dug through my box of Bellows Falls prints and came up with another view of the tunnel scene. Here is a wide angle view taken by Warren Dodgson on May 17, 1992. It was taken from the same general area Don took his.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Thanksgiving 1979 in Nova Scotia

Thanksgiving day October 8, 1979, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
I have this photo in my collection that has a bit of a story told on the back. Unfortunately it does not note the photographer or author's name....George Dutka

"Engine and car have just creeped from the wye at Mahone Bay to spot the tank car at the Highliner Plant. This requires that the engine and car reverse direction and turn 180 degrees in steep descent. This crossing is north of Lunenburg, NS at the bottom of the curve. The engine is CNR #1774 now classified MR-14c. It's formerly an RS-18 built by MLW with 1800 horsepower and B-B trucks and a CN road classification of MR-18 #3875. This engine received A1A-A1A trucks from scrapped CN #1721 MR-10c (MLW RSC-13). CN #1774 has been de-rated to 1400 horsepower."

Monday 12 December 2016

Kansas City Southern Don Janes

This gondola was very unique with its hopper style bottom

A Unique Kit From Funero & Camerlengo

    While attending the Collinsville RPM meet a couple of years ago George and I took advantage of the "two for one" deal Funero had on their resin kits.  After checking out all of their offerings I decided to go with this Kansas City Southern "Gon-Hopper".  According to the history Funero supplied with the kit, KCS built a group of 25 of these unique hybrid cars for coal service in southeast Kansas and southwestern Missouri and the Fort Smith Arkansas area.. They blended an all welded 45 ft gondola body with a cast steel frame that included four pairs of hoppers.  Although they didn't have a slope sheet for self clearing the hopper doors made for very little shoveling when emptying the car.  
    The kit consisted of a nicely done one peice cast resin body, various resin parts and Tichy plastic parts for the airbrake system.  I supplied the Kadee # 178 scale couplers, a set of Andrews trucks with KaDee metal wheelsets, A-Line metal steps and some chain for the brakes rods.  I also fabricated brass brake levers and hangers to replace the very fragile resin ones included with the kit. 
    The kit went together quite well but adding the hopper door locks and brake rigging was a little tedious now that my eyes are getting a lot weaker than they used to be.  Once it was finished I gave it a coat of black paint using a 50/50 mixture of Floquil Grimy and Engine black.  I applied a coat of Testors semi gloss to the sides for decalling then a coat of clear flat to bend it all together.  Weathering was done with artist oils and Pan Pastel weathering powders.  Funero supplied a very nice set of decals with the kit.  
    Once the kit was finished it was extremely light as there was nowhere to add weight so I decided to make a removable load with some weight added to the bottom of it. To do this I cut a peice of .040" styrene the size of the floor then epoxied 20 pennies to one side to bring the car up to the required weight.  Using pennies is a very cheap way to add weight and keep the cost down. After the epoxy set up I applied various layers of sand to build up the contour of the load then finished it with a layer of fine cinders.  This was all held in place with a solution of white glue and water.  Once dry it just dropped right into the car.  The car now had enough weight to track well when being pulled and pushed around curves and through turnouts.
     Although it is very doubtful that this car ever made it to New England I am glad I have it on my roster.
A view of the B end of the car and the various weathering effects added to the car
A close-up of the unique brake rod setup used to clear the hopper bottom style of the floor
Here is a shot of the car with the cinder load added
These two photos show the removable load/weight.. A simple, cost effective way to add weight to a gondolas or hopper

Sunday 11 December 2016

South RIver Modelworks - Layout

I really liked how this portion of the layout is raised.
Back in April 2016 Peter and I took in a couple of the layouts open for the Fine Scale Expo in Danvers, Mass. The morning was snowy with the roads covered in the white stuff altering our plans to head north into NH. We took in two layouts in Mass. that were in the direction of our route home. I had covered South River Model's back when Don and I visited a few years are a few newer views a great layout that is well underway...George Dutka

The man himself, Bob Van Gelder, in among his structures.

I liked how this roadway, rock and greenery all blended together.

Great details and structure weathering. I really love his collection of kits...wish I had more than just one to build.
This is one of the areas that has a more finished look.