Tuesday 29 June 2021

CP Heritage

CP 235 on May 25, 2021 at Denfield Rd. wooden overhead bridge. Morning railfanning in a mix of sun and clouds turned up a pleasant surprise.
Peter Mumby and I met up for a morning of railfanning near our home. We start off just east of Komoka and move to were we feel an interesting shot might be found. On the scanner Peter noted the CP dispatcher was clearing a wb from London and with a heritage engine on the lead. We decided to try our luck at Denfield Side Road a railfan favorite (both the CN and CP can be viewed here). The lighting is not that great as it is getting overgrown but we thought we could get a pretty good overhead view of the train without a lot of shadows...well here is what we saw...George Dutka

Monday 28 June 2021

MEC Section House

My MEC section shed with a hand car inside. I don't recall if the Northeastern roofing was included or that was something I added. Paints are all Floquil. At that time I built this model I was using mainly chalk weathering.

Here is a look at my MEC section house I built maybe 10 years ago. It is Creative Laser Design kit...George Dutka   

Sunday 27 June 2021

June Update

On June 18, 2021 I traveled to Sarnia to meet up with Don Janes. We had a nice conversation on his front porch. I actually was there to purchase his Canon camera which is an upgrade to mine. He is going for a newer version. Departing Don's I stopped by the Sarnia station just in time to catch CN eb 274 passing the station.

Not a lot of modeling has been done this spring although I do have a lot of winter projects to still cover on this blog. I hope to get to some upgrades on the layout such as the Bellows Crossing diamond. I put an order into Tichy awhile back and now have the parts required to finish off the GT boom car that has been sitting on the corner of my desk for a year now.

I actually have been out more railfanning this year than any other. Here is a bit of this and that to keep you updated on things I found interesting...George Dutka 

Jim Sloan sent me this neat sign he sized for using on a layout. Might be something you will like to use also.

Kip Grant e-mailed awhile back regarding the post of the auto factory worker that was spray painting without a mask. Here is what he had to say.

"Funny you should wonder when respirators were required in spray booth scenarios.  I just watched a video of Allis Chalmers tractors being manufactured and they were spray painted by guys in respirators and this would have been the late 40’s, maybe 1950.  One guy on each side of an assembly line through a booth and nothing but orange paint being sprayed on just about everything.  The tires and wheels and I think the batteries, gages, and some other sensitive components were not installed yet but everything else had no choice…it was Persian Orange!" Kip

A second hand SP 654734 was seen on CN wb 501 at Komoka on June 22, 2021 after dinner.

Check out the July issue of RMC for this feature on North Conway. Also I noted there was a nice article on the CN Dundas sub in the July Railfan. RMC Facebook Dan Munson photo.

I finally sent an order into Tichy since we still are not having train shows. I needed some windows to finish my GT boom car.

A look at a construction photo. My last structure completed is this FOS kit of the month diner for my back alley scene no. 2.

Kathy Millatt is offering some shirts through her blog. I really got a chuckle out of this one...very creative.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Rutland Car Shops

The structure at left is the Rutland Ry. tool house operators shed located at North Dorset. The smaller motor car house on the right is a common Rutland Ry structure.

Here we see a couple of the Rutland Car Shops structures I have built. I think I have built 5 of their kits to date. They are mounted on Gatorfoam. I use them as drop-in scenes...George Dutka 

Friday 25 June 2021

Action at the Junction

Almost looks like Glory Day's held at the WRJ station each fall. Lots of engines in various schemes.

 A few views of what one can find at the Junction on the White River Division...George Dutka   

Thursday 24 June 2021

B&M 119

Georgia State Museum photos.

To follow the Wordless Wednesday we have a couple views of a B&M 44 tonner. Today one can see old B&M 119 at the Georgia State Museum located at 655 Louisville Rd., Savannah, GA 31401. Maybe when in the area it would be worth a stop...George Dutka 

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Ex - Santa Fe

This covered hopper was on a WB CN freight passing Aldershot yard at Burlington, Ont. on Sept. 6, 2019.

Some inspiration for modeling a current era covered hopper. I saw this ex-Santa Fe on my way to an old timers basketball tournament in Burlington. There is a nice high spot berm behind the IKEA store and in their parking lot that gives one a nice view of passing trains...George Dutka 

One can see the past lettering bleeding through the paint. There is a neat rust pattern starting on the old lettering.

It appears the new lettering is patched on but the old numbering is left on RCPE 316709.

Monday 21 June 2021

What's in the box No. 50

This kit includes a couple examples of structures found on George Sellios Franklin & South Manchester layout.

The 2020 Christmas kit from BarMills is usually a grouping of structures that makes a good size scene. This year I found they were kind of interesting. Called Cigar Corner I am looking forward to working on these this summer and fall. The building flat is completed and has been covered during the last few week...George Dutka 

All the structures are packaged separately and well labeled.

I ordered the optional Woodland Scenic details which were offered at a well reduced price.

Sunday 20 June 2021

The Mill Completed

All finished and ready for delivery to Brian Smith.

A group of photos that view Brian Smith's mill completed. It could have used a few more details and scenery but I wanted to leave Brian a bit to do by adding his own signature to the scene...George Dutka 

I thought the roof needed a lighter color so gray roll roofing is applied.

Brian models the current era so I modeled the siding as abandoned even though the mill is still being used. The tie plates are from Monster Model Works.

F&C barrel and Tichy broom is on the loading dock along with some newspaper. The signs are rusted up as they would have been on for years.

The road is made from dirt that was once in my wife's uncle basement crawl space.

Some posters are beginning to peel at the weight scale.

Saturday 19 June 2021

American Model Builders - Grain Company Elevator

The mill is seen complete with all the signage and tarpaper roll roofing applied. Now for the scenery.

Brian Smith asked me if I could finish this American Model Builders mill for him. Mainly some signage, weathering, scenery and roofing. This model is a really nice sized kit. It takes very little layout room and will not dominate a scene. I think it could blend in well on most layouts.

I have been asked a number of times lately if I would do a kit for them...sorry the answer is no. I am flattered but I have a lot to do on the layout and with summer near there is not a lot of time available for me in the basement...George Dutka   

American Model Builders web site view of the mill.

The spout is painted silver and deck below driftwood. I began the weathering with Bragdon Powder in the red tones.The mill after the ramp and doors are painted driftwood. Brian had already painted everything a boxcar red and mounted it on thin veneer.

Bragdon Antique Iron and Used Brick went on first then some highlights with red chalk.

I reduced the size of the Myers mill sign I used on my South River Models kit. Some additional signage is applied. I still need to work on the tarpaper roofing and a bit of scenery.

Friday 18 June 2021

CV Boxcar

CV 4396 on May 28, 2015 Palmer, Ma.

One had a peek at this car on Wednesday. It is surprising to see an old wooden boxcar still being currently used. At Palmer, Ma. one can find a CV outside braced boxcar used as the NECR mechanical office. I had seen it many times but thought it might be best to take some photos of it while still around...George Dutka  

The sign notes NECR Mechanical Palmer on May 28, 2015. One can see the Progress Rail smaller sign.

 On Oct 14, 2017 the NECR logo is still there and the smaller Progress Rail sign.The nice looking Mechanical Palmer sign is gone.

Oct 14, 2017

Thursday 17 June 2021

GMD Recollections - Test Track for Two

Crew number one was putting SSW GP60 number 9662 through its paces on the GMD test track on September 30, 1989.

By Peter Mumby.

There were times when two crews were active on or near the test track simultaneously.  Such was definitely the case on September 30, 1989.  SSW GP60 9662 was occupying the test track when I arrived on the scene.  Shortly thereafter this unit transferred to the east leg of the wye for some static testing, making room for CN SD60F 5545 to pose for its portrait on the test track with the SSW locomotive in the background. 

Once the SSW unit had been maneuvered onto the east leg of the wye, crew number two brought CN SD60F out for a spin on the test track.


Tuesday 15 June 2021

D&H Submerged Track Update - Lake George

Kip Grant pass along this additional information about the D&H marine track...George Dutka

"Ian Stronach (cc’d) called my attention to the blog photos of the Lake George Marine Track. The marine track was sought by boat owners and installed by the D&H in 1910.  When built, it was winter and the marine track was laid out on the ice.  As it melted, the track settled into the water on a bed that was previously installed.  Boats were delivered for various purposes, including regattas, boats for dealers, and of course, boats for vacationers who could afford such a luxury.

One end of the steel cable was attached to the pilot of the locomotive and the other end, the rail car’s coupler.  The cable went around a snubber post on shore, to create a straight pull with the rail car going into the lake.  This was necessary because the locomotive was on a curved part of the marine track and if there hadn’t been a post, the cable would have caused “string lining”.  The side and more commonly, end doors, were opened on land and the car lowered into the water.  When the water reached the desired depth the boat would be released from its cradle and floated out, started up and away they’d go.

There is some disagreement about how much of the more than 800 ft. long marine track remains.  Railroad documents say that in 1950 674.5 ft. was removed and 135.5 ft. abandoned in place under water.

Here’s part of a graphic I’ve used in some of my talks on the branch, showing long-gone railroad features at Lake George (except for the steamboat pier and depot which are still present).  I removed the callout for the Marine Track so that it shows better.  It’s sticking out into the lake at the bottom of the drawing.  I would simply advise your reader when visiting Lake George, to look for the historical marker along Beach Road, just a few hundred feet east of the steamboat company pier.  The marker is at the location where the marine track spur curved out toward the lake.

I was involved in a project to create about two dozen interpretive signs for the Warren County Bikeway, which in large part if the old Lake George Branch.  One of the signs (which includes the photo of the box car in the lake) is located across the road from the historical marker near Fort George Road"....Kip Grant


Monday 14 June 2021

Valley Railroad - 2019

A nicely restored caboose at the Valley Railroad in Connecticut, June 1, 2019
A couple of views from a trip to New England back in 2019 with Don Janes. We met up with Ian Stornach for a side-trip during a RPM meet...George Dutka   

Sunday 13 June 2021

ITLA - Albany Manufacturing

A look at my workbench with the basic construction completed.

I was working on ITLA kit Albany Manufacturing last month and thought I would show you how it went together. I will do another post with how the colors are finished. I used all acrylic paints for the base coating...George Dutka 

The structure can be built as a flat also. This end piece is included for use as a side. It is not a true flat but one that would have some depth.

The walls went together easy and neatly.

The walls have concrete, brick, stone and blocks not to mention areas were the concrete has failed and the steel reinforcements can be seen. All the coloring is done using acrylic paints. The concrete is a mix of rain grey and white randomly mixed.

Woodsy Smoke and Rain Grey are mixed together for the stone and block base coat.

The brick has a base coating of rust red by Anitas.

I thought the way the pallets were cut made assembly easy.