Thursday 31 January 2019

Revisiting Jim Sloan’s JSSX Shortline Railroad.

The small inner-city diesel shop can handle most maintenance required by JSSX locomotives.
An Industrial Based Layout

by  Don Janes
     Quite some time ago George did a post on this blog about our friend Jim Sloan’s model railroad.  Jim lives here in Sarnia so I have the good fortune to be able to drop in to Jim’s place from time to time and see what progress he is making on his layout.  My last visit was in early January, just before heading to Arizona. 
      Jim models the modern era based on the industrialized parts of the larger intercity and includes some empty and run-down factories that were victims of the free trade era when much of the countries industrial base was moved to countries like Mexico and China.  This left behind a lot of empty rotting structures which Jim has done a great job of representing.  At the same time he has included many industries that are still very productive and require rail service to bring in and ship out goods and materials. 
     The JSSX short line does a bulk of the switching but the layout also features a Grand Trunk Western mainline. The JSSX interchanges with the GTW on a regular basis.  While the GTW tends to run mostly modern home road power the JSSX depends on older, used power that is no longer needed by their original owner.   There also several leased units that show up from time to time.
     I think what impresses me most about Jim’s layout is how he has really captured the feel of modern era, industrial based railroading.   His large factories, gritty, weathered equipment and general overall look of what we see in today's industrial areas bring this layout to life.  Jim is a master at weathering equipment and structures which is another factor that makes this layout so realistic.  Check out the photos and you will see what I mean.  I know Jim’s layout inspires me to improve my modeling and strive for more realistic looking equipment and structures. 

The JSSX decided to re-purpose an old covered hopper to serve as a sand tower at the locomotive shop
This long, curved concrete block factory features windows and doors created from photographs that were sized to fit the structure then cut out and glued to the walls.  Very realistic.
This photo is a great example of Jim’s attention to detail.  Check out the dilapidated chain link fence, well weathered freight cars and broken windows in the factory to name a few of the excellent details in this scene.
Here is another example of Jim’s weathering skill.
This well worn GP-38 is a great example of weathering. The photo doesn’t do this model justice.
The JSSX uses this old abandoned factory siding to store their M of W equipment.
One of the newer additions to Jim’s layout is this oil storage facility.  Again, note all the great looking weathering in the scene.
The Wright Bridge and Tank Co. is an example of a very active industry on Jim’s layout
This large abandoned factory has lots of broken windows, each one done separately. 

Tuesday 29 January 2019

CP International of Maine Boxcar

CP International of Maine boxcar in CP's London, Ontario yard, November 1984, Dave Chalmer photo. This car has seen better days but it is kind of a neat car to model in a weathered and patched state. I may give this a try with one of my models.
I recently had the chance to scan another group of slides passed along to me by Peter Mumby. They are taken or are from the collection of Dave Chalmers. They originally where passed along to Don McQueen who then passed them along to Peter now to me and then to another of Peter's railfan friends. I scanned about 30 of Peter's favourite's which includes this view. I took maybe another 100 to scan at some point. I will be in the future posting groupings of these photos...George Dutka

Monday 28 January 2019

GMD Recollections- Nice Paint Scheme!

EMD 7014/7013/7020 await the next westbound freight at the CP yard in London, Ontario.  The date is March 13, 1995.
By Peter Mumby.

EMD/GMD demonstrator units sported a wide variety of paint schemes over the years.  To my mind, this was one of the best.  During this time period, GMD deliveries were handled by either CN or CP in London.  These SD-70M units were caught at rest in CP's Quebec Street Yard.  During the final years of operation of the plant, all units were picked up by Goderich Exeter Railway and delivered to CN either at London or Toronto.

Saturday 26 January 2019

What's in the Box No. 34

A past purchase from FOS.
No post tomorrow as I am away extra early so here it is this evening. I purchased this FOS kit back in the early fall and got right to it once it arrived. It is for my waterfront scene which will feature some narrow gauge trackage...more on this structure on my Modeling Maine in Narrow Gauge blog. Link is on the sidebar...George Dutka

A look at what came in the FOS kit package.
A closeup of the details.
The kit comes with signs that can be used and also colour views of the how-to's.
I use an old B&W photo paper box to keep my parts from getting lost.

Walthers Feed Store - Weathered

The completed Walthers feed store all weathered up.
Back last summer I purchased a group of built structures, most of which are Walther kits. This one was built well but needed a touch of character. I think it turned out well although I found it just did not fit well into my New England feel of the WRD. I since sold it and am thinking about looking for something else...George Dutka

This is how the model looked when I got home other than it has received a spray bomb coat of flat finish. I will be soon applying a coating of india ink -alcohol mix.
Some of the signage has been applied.
Signs on the other end. The front posts were not attached well so they are off for the moment till I weather up the area in behind.
The finished model has a well weathered roof which is the focal point of the building. I added acrylic rusting on the seams followed by Bragdon powder rust steaks and finished off with PanPastels.
The sides also got some rust and PanPastels.
The front platform is loaded with details and signs. I think this structures weathering turned out really well.

Friday 25 January 2019

Paris Train Show 2019

Peter Mumby manning the tables of Peter's Trains. Peter is retiring the business at the end of the year...note the 50% off signs on the decals.
Peter and I attended the Paris train show last weekend. The host is the WOD division of the NMRA which included a few layouts, area historical societies and the WOD craftsman corner were members work on projects. This was Peter's last time attending the show as a vendor. He is retiring Peter's trains after 40 something years at the end of the year. So this is like a last hurrah attending the shows as a business although he and I will have lots of our own stuff to flog at times. We also are going to attend some shows at the WOD craftsman tables this year and next so stop by and say hello and see what we are working on...George Dutka
I picked up this engine, a dummy unit from New England modeler Chris Wright. Although it does not really fit my modeling NYSW engines showed up on the CN in London. This model is really nicely painted and detailed. I always liked the paint scheme and for $25 it will be a photo prop on the WRD and displayed in my engine cabinet.
A look at the head end.
One could purchase a Jason Shron of Rapido Trains diorama for a great price.

There was an estate sale offering old time boxcars for $2 each. I picked up 6 and Peter got 3 or 4. The ones I looked at and purchased had steel wheels, something I am short of. Most of the cars will be repurposed as line side shed that I will detail and sell off at area train shows. One car in the box was actually a True Line Trains Fowler TH&B car which was a nice find.

Thursday 24 January 2019

My Springfield 2019 trip canceled.

At the Paris train show last weekend I picked up a completed F&C NH hopper kit for $5.00. Just a few details to be added and some weathering and it will be good to go on the WRD. These car style although a really early era prototype appears to have made it into the 1950's.
I had mentioned it before that I was planning to attend the Springfield show again this year but my travel day looks like heavy rain some snow and freezing pellets. I am not much these days traveling on other than dry road so I canceled my room and will maybe get a break from chores here as everyone thinks I am away for a few days...arr got a call from retirement mom is having issues and she has to go in today for trip was doomed...George Dutka

These two photos are from the F&C web site that view the current kit version.

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Snapshot - January 2019

August 1971, Tom Nelligan photo
B&M Silver Hill station stop in Weston, Ma. is still an active station when Tom Nelligan took this photos during August 1971. I can't imagine standing on this weed and dirt platform in front of this falling down station waiting for a train. This was a time before the publicly funded revival began in the late 1970's. Today this location, a stop between Boston and S. Acton has a small platform shelter of the sort that the MBTA has installed at a number of lesser-used commuter stations...thanks Tom...George Dutka

Monday 21 January 2019

Railfanning Saratoga Springs

The Adirondack is seen stopped at the station on Nov. 4, 2018.
During the layout tour at last falls Albany Expo Don and I stopped at Saratoga Springs to photograph the southbound Adirondack before checking out a layout in town. We arrived about 10 minutes before train time so we had a few minutes to check the station and area out for a photo location. We actually would be shooting at an angle towards the sun for a head on shot Don and I chose different locations. I was able to get a number of views as I hung around the station building for my views...George Dutka

Don and I had a bit of time to check out the station before the Amtrak train arrived.
The station is a fairly new structure which is well suited to this location.
The Adirondack arrives. I am actually standing behind the station which has a large parking lot that is very open for photographs.
Pulling down to the station.
The layover was at least five minutes giving one lots of time to check out the equipment. That is Don way down near the engine.
Looking out through the large station windows.
The train has departed the station.

Saturday 19 January 2019

1950's Ontario License Plates - HO Scale

Peter Mumby recently found a sheet of HO 1950's automotive license plates that he had squirreled away for years. I made a few copies for us to use. I thought I should scan the plates to keep on file. If you model Ontario vehicles maybe you are interested in a copy also...George Dutka