Saturday 30 September 2017

CN Jeeps

This just goes to show that all CN SUVs don't have to be Fords.

By Peter Mumby
Over the years, CN has operated a large number of "Geeps" - think GP 7s, 9s, 35s, 40s, 38-2s, and 40-2s.  But this CN Jeep was something new to me - apparently a new acquisition policy has been established within the last year or so.  Previously I had been accustomed to seeing CN SUVs primarily of the Ford variety.  Anyway, if you are attempting to keep your CN-themed layout up to date,  you might want to track down some modern Jeep models.  With all the commuting they'll be doing, you'll want your division superintendents and assistants travelling in comfort and style.

At the next train show, see if you can track down a model of one of these Jeep SUVs.  You'll want to ensure that your layout's assistant superintendent travels in comfort.

Friday 29 September 2017

Red's a Second Look

A CV freight is stopped for a moment for the crew to grab some goodies at Red's.
Here are a few more views of my little pit stop...back in the day this was my favorite part of the afternoon...enjoy...George Dutka

The foreground figures are Woodland Scenic offerings I had extra. On the sign there is a loudspeaker that I also photocopied and left on. Some weeds and long static grass fill in the scene.

My new 1965 Oxford pickup truck is seen parked at Red's. I got a deal on a four pack of Athearn woodchip cars recently so these are now in use during summer time operations.
Since the back wall was going to show a little at certain angles I had to add a bit of details. A caboose door with a bit of green is added. Leftover piece of the front awning is also placed overtop. Some signs, propane tanks and wire to a circle molding is made to look like a meter. On the roof a smoke stack is also added. The sign got some wire supports. If I knew the back would be seen I would have filled the joint...but I think it looks pretty good anyway.

Thursday 28 September 2017

Red's Eats

A CV through freight heads by Red's on the WRD. The era is set by the CV paint jobs and the 1965 pickup truck, an Oxford model. I wanted a few scenes that could be added to the layout for summer viewing when the 1960's-80's come into play. This is one for the foreground.
A great little place in Wisscasset, Maine which offers lobster rolls and found track side makes a great little structure to model. Back in the spring one of the booths at our local train show in Woodstock offered this little baggy of four structures for $8.00. One caught my eye as a possibility for my rendition of Red's. I do need a spot for my crews to stop and get some lunch or at least an ice cream cone. So for my later years operation this has become a new drop-in diorama.

Years ago and in season while working the afternoon Ford's Talbotville switches, the job I worked normally took a transfer out to connect with the NS at Southwold yard. Once the transfer is put away we would run up to the crossing for some eats at the Polar King...a similar establishment as Red's. I normally went for a soft ice cream cone, but at times a foot long was called for.

Once I cleaned off the shell I painted most of the model by brush using acrylic dollar store paints. Black for the roof and back. Red and white for the rest. The server got some Floquil flesh touch-up's while the counter trim edge is painted Floquil old silver. The sign came from a colour copy of a Railfan article photo. The awning worked well also just glued to the area along the upper front. Some signs from my collection rounded off the structure. A really easy build. One thing I found was when I place it on the diorama base and angled it the way I wanted it the rear showed a bit. So instead of leaving it just black some weathering was applied, a door with the opening over a rear window. I also added an awning, some junk and a power line to a round circle area built into the plastic back...a second look is coming tomorrow...George Dutka

This is how Red's looked during Sept. 2016. Each time I passed by there was a lineup...even in the morning 30 minutes before it was to open. It was impossible to get a clean shot of all the signs on the structure. It sure would have been nice to add these to my model.

My little baggy find that I could see Red's as a possibility.

Looking inside the structure.

The structure is finished but the base is in the early stage of scenery.

My model placed on the Railfan article that I used for the sign and awnings. I just photocopied them full size as seen in the photo. I also used the roadway sign.

The finished diorama.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Snapshot - September 2017

A view from the trolley.
This months Snapshot is actually snaps I took from the trolley car at ExpoRail while traveling through the areas one does not have access to by foot. Unfortunately there is some glass reflection in the photos...but neat to have...George Dutka

The CP car I was able to get both a lot cleaner looking than the other.

Sunday 24 September 2017

Last Minute Shot

A Canada 150 coach on VIA 76.
On Sept. 4th I was stopped at the crossing just east of Komoka, Ontario when EB VIA 76 was approaching the crossing. I just had time to step out of my car and get these views...another of the 150 coaches is in the consist...George Dutka

VIA 76 approaching the crossing I had just arrived at. This is on my route to and from the lake...just have to keep a camera available. The CP crossing is about a half mile behind me at this point.

Shake n Take Display - Coco Beach 2017

A really nice display of what has been offered at past RPM meets.
I am kind of slow getting all the posts together that I wanted to share with you this year. Here is another one from my trip south to the Coco Beach 2017 RPM meet. One of the displays from this years RPM meet in Coco Beach was the table displaying past shake-n-take projects. Unfortunately this year there was no rolling stock available...George Dutka

Saturday 23 September 2017

FEC N Trak - Coco Beach RPM 2017

A step back view of the around the wall display at Coco Beach.
The FEC N Trak display at Coco Beach this year...George Dutka

Lots of industrial warehouses that need to be switched.

Shop area.

Some neat lighting is included in some of the scenes.

Friday 22 September 2017

More Visits to the St. J - Ian Stronach

The St J turn on June 19, 1969.
Here are a few more views from a trip I made on February 15, 1969 to Morrisville and again on June 19, 1969. I caught the St. J. turn once again on that visit.  In the February shots I found both of the GP-9’s 200 and 201 and the RS-3 283...Ian Stronach

Feb 15, 1969.

Thursday 21 September 2017

Fall Update

Busy time at the WRJ diamond. I took a group of photos this summer of what I had out on the layout at that time.
My modeling season is just beginning. I did a small amount of modeling over the summer but nothing all that productive. Peter and I will see if we can finish up our N scale modules this fall and we have a few pieces of rolling stock that are partly completed that we plan to finish off. No trips planned to New England yet although there are lots of modeling events going on locally that I would love to attend.

I did get in a lot more rail-fanning than ever before over the summer. A lot of it was unplanned as I just seem to have been in the right place at the right time. Having my camera along while traveling is a plus. With lake time almost over I will be found in the basement a lot to change over the eras so it reflects the 1950's on the White River Division once again...George Dutka

I just finished the base this week. Red's is open for buisness on the WRD. It is another drop in that has been added for my later era operations. The crews need somewhere to eat...more on it shortly.

August 30. 2017 I was in Stratford with my wife to take in the shops and food locations on the main street. I was able to make a side trip past the station. A GEXR power move was happening as I arrived. I was there long enough to see them move through the siding to a point east of the station were they appeared to be waiting for something.

The power and crew are ready for something to happen but we did not stay to see what.
Couple more of my cabooses headed to winter storage shortly. The local has a lot to do if they want the yard cleared out in the next week or two.

Monday 18 September 2017

White River Division - A Look Back

My old 0-6-0 was still running at the time Summit was in use. These Maine Two foot buildings were stand-in's till I constructed Crosby Coal.
I was going through some of my old files of images from when I had a digital camera available to me. Most are from 2008 and early 2009. Most of my photography till Dec. 2009 was print and slides. I got my first real digital camera Canon A590 in 2008 followed by a Canon Rebel when I retired in Nov. 2009 and shortly after my print camera's (all three of them) were retired. These views are digital but taken with my A590, my daughters camera or with an old digital camera someone gave me that I think had memory for about a couple dozen views max. These scene's that I chose are not found on the current version of the WRD...George Dutka

My Rutland Ry. brass caboose is seen heading behind the barn and pumpkin patch. Actually one of these old views made it into RMC a couple of years ago in my pumpkin patch article while others can be found in 2008-2009 Walthers Catalog.
A CV train heads into WRJ off my duck-under module. Part of the water scene was a lakefront cabin scene that really never got photographed much.

An overall view of what West Barre once looked like. It got an upgrade followed by some newer drop in scenes before being removed so my WRJ yard could be seen and used. Behind the trees and station is a three track staging yard that today is in full view. This main line track was reused as a fourth track in the yard but cut out and moved back behind the yard office.

Once again looking down the track at West Barre. The engine was detailed by Don Janes. I purchased it off him years ago. The train order signal is scratch-built and the station is an old balsa wood covered with paper siding kit that I had as a child. Somehow it made it through two sets of kids and 60 years. I added new boards, windows and roofing. Since then it got a second upgrade and looks even better now.

Sunday 17 September 2017

Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery - Finished Scene

The finished creamery scene in Bellows Falls built as a building flat. I have a good fleet of milk cars that can be spotted out front. This cars are made from Walthers-Train Miniature reefers.
This is an update from my Feb. 5, 2017 post on my Bellows Falls Co-Operative Creamery. The scenery around the creamery has been finished since late winter but I am way behind with layout posts. Thought you might want to see how the whole scene looks at the moment. Not an exact copy of the facility, just my rendition...George Dutka

As one can see the siding and junk I normally add to my scenes is all in place. The Athearn trailer has a BF Co-Op creamery logo applied. Not sure of the colours used on the trailers but for now mine are going to be silver. This part of the structure I purchased already assembled. I did take it apart repainting it and changing out some doorways and windows.

Another view of the creamery with a good string of milk cars needing loading. This location loaded milk in cases of glass bottles. The siding is code 55.

This portion of the creamery is part kit-bashed, part scratch-built...all things I had on hand making this structure a really cheap build.

My brass milk car is on the Conn. River siding waiting to be moved to the creamery.