Monday 29 May 2017

Snapshot - May 2017

A look down the tracks once I left Greg's layout views a GEXR engine at the east siding switch.
After leaving Greg Shinniey's home I looked down the tracks located about a block away.This is the Goderich and Exeter Ry. (GEXR). To my surprise I could see a headlight at the east end siding switch. Since I have never photographed in Baden, Ont. before I headed down to see what there was to see. With record rain the last few days the area near the tracks was soaked or underwater which limited my options. The engine had cut off 4 cars and was at the west end switch by the time I arrived and shortly after coupled  onto their cars and departed. I did get a couple of views which was good enough. I was heading a different direction so did not give chase...George Dutka

The power for the day heads backs towards its cars on the main in Baden, Ont.
A crew member awaits the return of the engine. He has some company with a father and children standing by. Have no idea how they got down there as most of the ground was soaked.

Sunday 28 May 2017

Greg Shinnie - 1930's Wharf Scene

The two ships seen on Greg's diorama are Sylvan Scale Models offerings.
 One of the layouts on the NRF convention tour was in Baden, Ont. Greg Shinnie has modeled a very nicely detailed wharf scene set in the 1930's. The scene is 40" by 70" which is portable and on occasion goes outside for sunset photos. Greg's display room is full of detailed diorama's that could easily be contest winners. The lighting was not the best for my photos, but I did get a few nice views for you to see. Greg is also the new owner of Full Steam Ahead laser kits. Watch for a new release at some point. At the moment Greg has a big project which will be included in the upcoming Our Home and Miniture Land being built in Toronto under the guidance of founding partner Dave MacLean. This coast to coast HO scale upcoming attraction has already used up 4 million in funds with an additional 11 million needed to complete...George Dutka

The main building has been kitbashed from a number of the same Walthers kit.

An overall look at the scene. I took these photos hand held with available lighting which was on the low side, making depth of field a bit low. The lower lighting that Greg offered does give his interior  and dockside lighting a really nice effect. His other dioramas are all seen with lighting.

A lot of mini scenes within the diorama. By keeping ones modeling small a lot of super detailing is possible.
Greg's roadwork is very realistic looking with lots of detail.

Friday 26 May 2017

Owen Sound CN Station Area

The CN Owen Sound station is intact and appears to be in good condition. I noted the big factory that once stood behind the station is now gone.
On May 2, 2017 I was up in Owen Sound with my neighbor...he had to make a business call just one block from the Owen Sound station. I took a walk over to the station for a close look and of course a few photos. The rain was on and off and I got my views before a downpour began. I looked inside the station and it was empty...maybe an update is happening or the flooring is being redone. The station has a steam whistle on the roof that sounds on a regular basis...George Dutka
The steam whistle is located in front of the chimney.

The caboose looks to be in pretty good condition.

Thursday 25 May 2017

NMRA - Contests

A really nice diorama at this years NFR convention. A more detailed look is found below.
I guess I got the ball rolling on NMRA contest judging with at least two posts found on other blogs I follow. A follow-up is maybe in order. I think the NMRA judging concept is a good system. There are 5 judges that go over ones models looking at different areas such as scratchbuild, finish and lettering, construction, conformity and details. Each judge only score the areas they are required to look for using the guide. So the score is a total of the five.

As mentioned before this was my first NMRA convention and my feeling is still the judging may have been more critical and stingy with points than one would expect. The overall experience was very good. The judges thoughts are noted on the form and can be helpful taking ones modeling to the next level. I thought every model entered was over the top no matter the outcome…a great bunch of very good modelers from our area that support the NMRA. The judges are volunteers and one might think to volunteer as a judge...a good way to figure out their points system.

I probably will take some models along once again if I attend another NMRA convention...the more models on display the better the convention I would thing. A thought, RPM meets maybe an option for one to display models...remember we are all in it to learn...George Dutka

A close-up look at the model seen above. I have added pigeons to many of my roofs, but here we see the mess they make also modeled. I might give this a try. I find I always come away with some good ideas after viewing contest entries.

A look inside the BX tower St. Thomas.
This is the O scale model I entered at the convention and which won for structures. The judges made a few comment regarding what might be done to gain more points. Rafters could be added and nut and bolt castings to the base supports. Also eave troughs and downspouts are also mentioned. Since the doors are open maybe interior wall bracing could also be seen. All good options and I just may add some of these details I did not even think about these while building the model. Since it is now in the foreground on my module it might make sense.

For contests the  scratchbuild portion of the scoring, a total point value of 15 can be earned. If one uses commercial windows, doors and chimneys as I did the most one can score is 10 point. So one looses a third of the score for these few details not being scratchbuilt. If you scratchbuild a structure and don't add doors or you get a perfect score?

Saturday 20 May 2017

Westboro Station - 1916

Here we have a view I found labeled Westboro station in 1916. Note the stone foundation with a lower doorway and also a pile of coal or dirt high up against the wall...something I had not seen before in other photos. Was the station located across the tracks near the shop track at one time or is this another location...George Dutka

Friday 19 May 2017

Air Brush Pressure Setting

Bob Hannah sent me this link that I thought might be useful to those that need some extra help with airbrush pressure...George Dutka

Ian Stronach's Visit to Westboro

A B&M lineup at the Westboro NH shop track, June 19, 1969 Ian Stronach photo
Ian passed along these views of Westboro a few weeks back that I thought I would share with you. Note the condition of a fleet of weather beaten B&M engines. A really interesting group of views around the fuel track area that I modeled...wished I had these photos a few years back when detailing the scene. Thanks Ian....George Dutka

"I found some photos of three trips I made (Jan or Feb 1967, Feb. 15, 1969 and June 19, 1969) to White River Junction.  I have attached a few photos of the power that was at the Westboro engine facility.  In the late 1960’s the B&M had some of the rattiest looking power around.   The 1558 was especially bad and likely would be a challenge for most modellers to recreate. I don’t think this effect can be done just with weathering...Ian."

The sand house is clearly seen in this view.

The old paint is beginning to re-appear on B&M 1517, June 19, 1969

This would make a nice weathering project...not sure where I would begin to get the faded and worn look.

A lineup of B&M units in 1967.

Back in 1969 Ian Stronach's visited the Westboro NH shop track and got this great view.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Ontario & Quebec Ry - Copetown Meet

The O&Q is a nicely detailed layout that can travel.
At this years Copetown RPM and show the Ontario and Quebec Ry was set up for all to see. This sectional layout is normally set up every other year at the show. The largest sections are also the home layout of Tony Van Klink with an additional section supplied by Bill Dewar. I believe there is a third party involved with this layout also. Here are a few views...George Dutka

I covered this mill last winter in a post following the Copetown show were it was on display. This year it is included on the layout.

Many fine engines and rolling stock is found on the O&Q RY.
This little stock pen scene is something I might build as a diorama to display my growing collection of stock cars.

Sunday 14 May 2017

Another Photo

A barricade is found in the Bellows Falls station parking area.
I had one extra photo that was to be included in the last it is...George

Osborn Models - Road Barricades

There are 8 barricades in a package.
I picked up a package of Osborn Models Kits road barricades. These are a really nice addition to the layout and very easy to build. They are a small detail that one uses up quickly...I purchased a second package recently....George Dutka

Here we find one in the background.

Saturday 13 May 2017

Southampton, Ontario - Mural

This mural is painted on wooden panels but is blended into the brickwork. The people are added images.
A couple of weeks ago I was up in the Owen Sound area tagging along with my neighbor. He had a few calls to make up that way before we headed further north up into the Bruce Peninsula. We planned  to photograph some of the area lighthouses. As it turned out we ran into a lot of rain and cut our trip short. On the way home we stopped in Southampton to take a look at this realistic looking mural painted on an old mill building along highway 21...George Dutka

Too bad the day I visited it was raining and cars are parked out front...I am sure I will be back that way later this summer.

Friday 12 May 2017

Montrealer at St. Albans

Amtrak 261 an E8 on the head end of the Montrealer on Aug, 17, 1973 at St. Albans. Gord Taylor photo
This must have been one of Gord Taylor's first trips to Vermont as we have yet to find any views prior to this least so far while filing his slide collection. This slide views an Amtrak engine at St. Albans, Vermont most likely on the head end of the Montrealer...a pretty clean looking engine....George Dutka

Thursday 11 May 2017

Grand River Express 2017 - Contests

One of three entries in the freight scratch-built
I took four models along for the contest part of the convention. I arrived at the contest room with my models and an entry form. I found most of the models displayed included under construction photos, prototype photos, drawings and a booklet typed up about what they did....all these add to the point total one needs to win or at least receive a Merit Award.

The modeling was over the top. I realized quickly these models are built using the NMRA guide as to what should be included on the model. Its all about the points. My models were just grabbed off the layout, picking models that would travel and package well. The judging is tough and very judgemental giving one positive comments and ideas for a better model.

Using the points and NMRA standards system my rolling stock and diorama lacked what was needed. I don't build my models as contest entries, just what I feel I need to fit my layout needs. I was really surprised when my O scale structure won a merit award and first overall for structures. There was a lot of structures entered, and I thought each one entered was presented far better than mine...but it is all about the points system as to who wins and which deserve merit....I might take a closer look at the NMRA judging guidelines in the future but I doubt it will change how I approach my modeling...George Dutka

An overall look at the middle of three tables full of contest models.

This was the winning diorama.

This CNR caboose is scratchbuilt and won three awards.

Another award winning model and once again scratchbuilt.

There was a lot of very detailed and well built structures. This tower was one of my favourites. My scratchbuilt O scale freight house that won this category is seen in the background.

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PAPERWORK. - One thing I did not realize when I arrived with my contest entries was the paper work required. As one can see each of these models had a book of information included with each model..there had to be 30 pages of text, photos and drawings. My magazine articles are not as well detailed. Each of these models won merit awards. I truly believe the modelers spent more time preparing the paperwork than building the model.

Another of the structure entries.

BX tower from St. Thomas was one of my favorites, scratch-built including a full interior. As one can see the builder included plans, prototype photos and a write-up. But even with all this included the judges were hard on this model which did not receive enough points to get a merit award...merit award is a minimum of 87 point out of 125. My model won the category by just squeezing over the minimum with a score of 89 point. I did not have any photos, plans or a write-up which I think cost me a lot of points.