Monday, 19 November 2018

Snapshot - November 2018

Bruce Nelson photo August 23, 1973
Meredith, NH
BM 1742 GP-9 on C-13 seen here going into siding to pick up empty flat from lumber company. I believe this is as far north as they went this day. Lincoln Mill was shut down and business on branch was down to one or two cars per day. Doug Adams (throwing switch) was conductor and Carlton Boyce engineer, regulars for years on the Lincoln job. Don't know who the trainman is. I have now notice that train/crew symbol, C-13 is same as caboose number. Humm... Those reconditioned 2000 series B&M 40' boxes were used for bagged grain from Merrimack Farmers Mill in Bow...Bruce Nelson comments...George Dutka

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Detailing Vehicles

Some really nice details added inside this D&H road truck.
After this years Expo Don and I visited Kip Grant and his well detailed layout. Keeping his layout small gives him the advantage to detail everything including the cars and trucks. Check out what Kip has done to these four vehicles...George Dutka

A Mini Metal truck with loads of details.

Even this small mini scene at the local garage if full of details.
This garbage truck is a mix of a truck and a found box. Grabs are added to the back bumper, broom and shovel. Kip added a metal rear wheel well similar to one he had seen.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

WOD Meet Nov. 2018 - Sylvan Scale Models

Clare explains how he assembles his models and the products used. Many are seen on the table. A very informative evening.
On Saturday evening the WOD - NFR - NMRA held a meet in London focused on vehicles and in particular Clare Gilbert and Sylvan Scale Models. Clare presented a nice clinic on his business and how to assemble one of his vehicles. He also covered tools, glues and paints that work well with his models. Everyone had a Sylvan kit that they worked on. Clare worked the room for guidance if required.

There was a good number of displays on had for one to view. Peter and I brought along Sylvan kits we had build or acquired over the years for our displays.

Clare also touched on his freight car models. It looks like he will be re-releasing his CNR caboose kits once again. As these kits include brass etched steps he plans to have extras made which will be available once again separate from the kit. This is great news for CV modelers as we use these steps on CV cabooses also...George Dutka

Some of Clare's examples of projects in the works or already finished that he passed along for viewing.
A group of about 20 take in Clare's clinic followed by a hands on session.
Everyone is hard at work.
I worked on a 1937 flat bed truck. I did not get too far along with this model but all the flashing was cleaned up with a couple parts glued together. Peter and I will continue with this project on our workday Monday's.
My tray of parts still needing cleaning.
The display table. which included my N scale cars, baggage car and trailers all Sylvan products.
Peters collection of Sylvan models.

Trainfest 2018 - A Second Look

NFR member Peter working at our tables on making trees. He also did a clinic on his technique and one of four clinics done by NFR members. One problem was Peter ran out of wire before his second clinic presentation requiring a run over to the lumber yard.
There was a lot to see at this years Trainfest and I thought I would share a few more views of what I saw last weekend...George Dutka

N scale in a suitcase.
N scale in a cake that layout can be taken for a ride almost anywhere on your lap.

Model Railroader featured layout. They bring one each year to the show.
Another angle of the MR layout.
A look at my work station. I brought along my drop-in's from MRP issue this year and also my article in the NMRA magazine featuring before and after models. More on my projects that I worked on shortly.
A lot of the Trainfest show is geared towards family's and in particular children. This one area has two make and take kits that they could purchase for a fraction of the retail price and assemble at the show with guidance. Many kids return each year for another structure for their layout.
One of the many scenes found on modular layouts.
Another world of railroading. There was an endless supply of trains and trackage. They also had a setup that kids could play with.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Milepost Hobbies - Amsterdam, NY

All I can say is neat...what else would one expect on display at a hobby shop.
On our way to this years Fine Scale Expo Don and I stopped by this neat little hobby shop. We were surprised to see a portion of a engine cab parked outside. It was picked up somewhere to be saved at some point. The hobby shop is a mix of new and used equipment, engines and structures. Don found a few things and I wish I had not passed up on a book on New England...maybe on my next visit...George Dutka

Milepost Hobbies is located in Amsterdam, NY and has been around for 6 years now. They have a web site if one is interested.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Throwback Thursday - A Locomotive Consist Only a Railfan Could Love.

CN 2016 and a couple of sister units are at rest on the shop track at Rectory Street in London, Ontario, on April 20, 1987.  The land occupied by these units is now a parking lot for a large indoor soccer facility.
By Peter Mumby.

This consist could cause shop personnel to shudder.  A locomotive crew coming on duty might indeed be crestfallen at the sight of this lash-up.  But point these units out to a railfan, and shutters would start a-clicking.  For a variety of reasons, diesel products of ALCo/MLW have been railfan favourites for years.

CN 2016, model C-630M, was one of a group of 44 similar units constructed by Montreal Locomotive Works in 1967/68.  The last 42 of these locomotives belonged to CN class MF-30b.  By the date of this photograph, single examples of this model were still common in a locomotive consist, but finding three of them together made for a very satisfying outing.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Trainfest 2018

A look around the layout operations portion of the show.
Well I just got home from Trainfest in Milwaukee last night. A great five days packed full of layout operations, visiting Kalmbach Publishing, Walthers warehouse and of course Trainfest. I was part of a group of 13 NFR members of the NMRA that manned the Craftsman Corner booth. This was the groups10th time attending the show and my first...more on the show shortly...George Dutka

Turning around and taking a second shot shows one the size of the building and the amount of layouts and shoppers.
Our group trip to the Walthers warehouse found almost everyone coming away with something. They have a lot of heavy discounted items and on top of that you draw for further discounts. They also offer one a card which gets hole punched and worth $50 when full.
Eric Roth working on his engine house roofing. A lot of shingles were added through the show.
The gang.
Surprising there was a bit of New England for sale in the Midwest.
N Scale layout in a guitar case.
Tichy offering.
A rail spike bottle opener offered at the Model Railroader booth.
On this N scale sectional layout was a tornado scene which featured the middle section which was spinning around, and were else a trailer park. Some of the trailer were modeled as flattened. A neat little scene for the young ones to check out.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

St J Yard 1965

Here is a great view taken by Geoff Southwood of the yard in St. Johnsbury on Aug. 11 1965. Looks like a busy place back then...thanks for sharing Geoff...George Dutka

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Watchman's Shed - Second Look

The axe is a Tichy detail that got some powered colouring. The box lid is also Tichy.
Here are a few more views of the shed all finished up...George Dutka

I dug into my sign photocopies for some additional detailing. I like adding a bit of newsprint also to my scenes.
The weeds are a Woodland Scenic product.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Watchman's Shed

The finished watchman's shed with a bit of detail applied around the base. A bit of ground foam and weeds and a sandy path finish it off.
At the Woodstock train show Jim Sloan gave me this tiny watchman's shed. Not much to it other than a lot of ground foam was glued to the side of the building. I tried to get it off but as it turned out it was on really well and I did not want to put the effort into that. The photo captions tell the story of what I did...Jim do you want it back now...George Dutka

How the shed looked when I got it home.
A spray bomb of olive green camouflage paint from Home Hardware is used.
The roof got a coat of PanPastel extra dark grey and medium grey.
Rust is Bragdon powders.
The trim is red chalk.
Some dust bowl brown and ash Bragdon powders are added as streaking to the walls. Dulcoted plastic will be added as window glass shortly.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Fine Scale Expo 2018 - Contest Models

I thought this was an interesting build. I know one can get gator meat and jerky down in Florida, this is a inspirational look at what one can emulate.
As mentioned earlier the contest entries was minimal this time around but the models on display were as good as always. I thought I would share a few of my favourites...enjoy...George Dutka

Right out of the swamps in the foreground.
An overall view of what the diorama looks like.
Another nice looking structure.
Another look at the diorama seen in my last post.
Weathering is not easy in N scale. In the rolling stock category this nicely weathered N scale boxcar was a treat to see.
A nice job done on the roof.