Sunday 30 January 2022

Old Vehicles

A truck is being repaired in 1948. Note the finish on this vehicle...something to consider when preparing a model for the layout.
It is nice to see a photo of a vehicle from a past era in colour. I like seeing how the finishes look which helps with my models. This one is being worked on and looks worse for wear compared to many I have seen, although the one in the view below sure takes the cake. I wonder is Sylvan will be producing a model of this one...George Dutka  

Now how about modeling this vehicle out in a field next to a barn.

Friday 28 January 2022

B&M Wells RIver - Postcard

 A postcard view of the station at Wells River, Vermont...George Dutka     

My father-in-law passed away on Wednesday so I am tied up for the next little bit. Posts will be spotty for a bit.

Monday 24 January 2022

Early Era Brookside Creamery Cars

A B&M milk car at the Bellows Falls, Vermont creamery in an early era. Note the worker using a pulley system to pull on a cable attached to the trailing truck for spotting the car. Glenn Annis collection.
I recently got a message from Glenn Annis regarding the early era Brookside and B&M milk cars. When I was researching the article for RMC I just could not find any history for these cars. Although I had asked a number of milk car fans for anything they might have I had not thought of Glenn who actually had what I was looking for. Here are his comments...George Dutka

 "Hi George, just wanted to say I enjoyed your article in the Jan 2022 RMC issue on the B&M milk cars and modeling them.

There is an issue that I thought I'd bring to your attention since it's been bugging me for a long while and it keeps creeping its way into print.
The B&M 12800-130049 reefers (B&M 1800-1849 and MTC 12000 milk cars) were part of a lot built by ACF in 1907 for the New Haven with 250 surplus cars "sold" to the B&M in 1911.

The biggest misconception is that the cars were 40' and that has been carried forward from the Train Miniature cars to this date. In actuality the cars were a bit shorter with a body length @ 37'-0" overall and 40' over the pulling faces. If you look at the photograph of the MTC car vs. the Train Miniature model you can see in the Brookside Fresh Cream lettering where the space between the black herald and the ends and door has a larger gap to accommodate the 40' TMI body length.
Also, there is speculation that the MTC car #1833 isn't a correct # but is actually a bleed through.
This link to the B&M Society gives an in depth history of the cars along with class diagrams, # 's, and dispositions.....

It's an interesting read! Glenn Annis, Brattleboro, Vermont"  

A NH refrigerator car which is the same as those used by the B&M in Brookside Milk service without the roof hatches but with passenger trucks. Glenn Annis collection.

H.A. Frye photo Roger Robar copy.


Sunday 23 January 2022

Gas Station - 1948

Note the only new and shiny thing in this photo is the license plate. Boy those pumps have seen better days. No paved driveways here, all dirt. 
Here is a color view of a Saskatchewan gas station from an early era. This gives one some modeling inspiration for the 1940's. Note nothing is new looking even the truck looks like it is ready for the grave. I have heard modelers say that sometime weathering is taken too far. This view really confirms maybe for the late 1940's in rural areas we don't take it far enough...George Dutka

Saturday 22 January 2022

Coloring the Walthers Water Tank

I began with the roof applying two tones of PanPastel gray.

I recently colored my Walthers water tank using PanPastels. The photos tell the story of what I did...George Dutka  

Raw Umber Shade PanPastel is applied over the two gray tones. This tone is a nice dirty looking weathering product.

A green tone is applied to the roof finial.

The first of my brown tones is applied.

A second color of brown is applied.

Some gray is applied to the concrete feet and rust will be touched on the bolts.

The finished model got some ground foam on the base along with short and long static grass.

Friday 21 January 2022

Walthers Water Tank

This Walthers water tank was spray bombed then colored using PanPastels. Some ground foam and static grass was added to the base.

I purchased a Walthers water tank that was built and weathered. The weathering was pretty good but I wanted to practice a bit more using PanPastels on this type of structure...check out what I did  tomorrow...George Dutka  

The water tank has a coat of Camo coat dark brown. One can also begin with Walmart flat black. More on how it was weathered tomorrow.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Throwback Thursday - Two For the Road

CN 2029, an MLW C-630M locomotive, is leading a westbound freight in front of the London CN/VIA depot on January 05, 1988.
By Peter Mumby. 

Canadian National's 2000-2043 series C-630M locomotives were assembled in Montreal during 1967/68.  Twenty years later, by the time of today's photo, their visits to Southwestern Ontario were becoming infrequent.  When we did notice them, they were normally in a trailing position behind one or more General Motors units.  So, to find class MF-30b number 2029 leading a freight at London with a stablemate second up was a bit of an occasion, from a railfan's perspective.  All forty of these locomotives were retired between 1992 and 1996, with some of them moving on to second owners.  In 1993, a group of eight went to work for Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway, where they retained their CN numbers and were individually named.  The 2029 became the "Sir Richard Maitland." 

Tuesday 18 January 2022

CV 8027

This undated photo views CV 8027 at the WRJ roundhouse. Note the number board on the hood.

Two views from my files of CV 8027, one at WRJ and one in Michigan on the GTW...George Dutka 

CV 8027 still lettered for the Central Vermont during Feb. 1969 on the GTW in Durand, Michigan. 

Monday 17 January 2022

Pandemic Modeling Projects - O Scale


AHM Rivarossi   FM C-Liner shortened by 2 inches, painted with acrylics using wedge sponges. He originally gave it a primer coat as a base to work on.

My friend Terry send along these photos of his O scale projects from the past year that he labeled "Pandemic modeling projects"....only good thing about Covid is we are spending a lot more time down in the basement. Great job Terry...George Dutka

Critter 1210 – sister unit to 1232.......  never know when you have to add a unit!  Same drive train as 1232. This was a D&H engine at one time.

Critter 1232 is from Williams by Bachman - Baldwin shark nose “B” unit.   Drive train from Atlas RS-1.

Sunday 16 January 2022

New Haven Vt. - Station Moved

I have past this station may times on my trips to Vermont. I am really glad to see it being saved.

Kevin Smith sent me a message this week that the New Haven ex-Rutland Ry. station was moved to a nearby location. This station is over 20 feet tall with ornate curved windows and was built in 1868. It is great to see the station being saved...George Dutka 

 In New Haven, Vt., a train station moves down the road | Vermont Public Radio

Saturday 15 January 2022

Winter Diorama

My FOS structure is placed in the center of the scene with my 44 tonner on the trackage.
Earlier this month I built a one foot square winter diorama. I saw a similar display built as a Christmas scene on a local home show with a glass top attached. More on what I did shortly...George Dutka 

To add a bit more to the scene Woodland Scenic snow is applied to the roof of the tower. I found it did not need to be attached as it seemed to stick well on its own for the photos. I actually had to use the vacuum to remove it.

Friday 14 January 2022

Snapshot - January 2022

This CP livestock car seen here in 1944 has a sign which helps with the return of the car. A nice feature to add on a model.
For this months Snapshot we are looking back to the 1940's in colour with views of  railroading in Saskatchewan. These colour slides are a glimpse of life on the Canadian prairies. So were did they come from. Thank to Bill Badger for passing a link to Everett Bakers photos. Bill was told about them by our friend Jim Dufour...George Dutka 

Saskatoon CN station area in 1946

Canuck, Saskatchewan grain elevator in 1942 with a trio of CPR Fowler boxcars.

The caption for this view is shoveling grasshopper sawdust from boxcar in 1947.

Shoveling sand into CNR cattle cars in St. Walburg, Saskatchewan in 1944. This could make a nice mini scene on a prairies layout.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Throwback Thursday - Ford Auto Parts

This was the head end of NS freight number 327 on May 07/04 as it swung on to the Talbot Subdivision at London, Ontario.
By Peter Mumby.

BN(SF) 9574 South is just crossing Bathurst St in London, Ontario on the CN Talbot Subdivision.  The cars of the train are stretched out along Walkers Siding, which leads off the Dundas Subdivision at London Junction.  Together with PRR 3412, the 9574 is powering Norfolk Southern train number 327 and its consist of auto parts cars towards the St Thomas Ford plant.  Standard power for this train and its eastbound counterpart, number 328, was a pair of black six axle GE units, but it was the occasional splash of foreign colour that kept me on the lookout for the NS trains.

Monday 10 January 2022

ITLA - A Closer Look

The two walls that are all brick.
 A bit of a close up which views  some of the details and area of interest on this ITLA kit...George Dutka   

Loading dock area. The fire alarm bell is a FOS metal casting. The fire hose connection is included in the kit. The sign I reduced down in size from a past ITLA build.

An F&C trash can is added to the doorway along with some newspapers.

There are a good amount of vent material included with the kit.

Sunday 9 January 2022


I think this kit has the most detailed wall section to date of the ITLA line of kits.
I followed along with the "New Tracks" build of an ITLA kit. I did mine a bit different than the clinic leader but I got some nice tips along the way...George Dutka    

Some extra details are added such as F&C trash can, newspapers, a FOS antenna and BEST pigeons.

The chimney cap is chipped away a bit and the flute inserts are pushed up. Some additional clutter is added to the roof around the roof hatch. One vent is also used.

Saturday 8 January 2022

General Motors Diesel Ltd. - 1956

General Motors Diesel Ltd opened in the summer of 1950, and employed many Londoners until it was shut down in 2012.

In this snapshot in time, the London Free Press caption reads: "This production line of partially completed locomotives at the GM Diesel plant, Oxford Street east, may once again hum with life after lying stilled for five months. Clean up crews moved into the plant after workers voted to ratify the strike ending agreement."

February 18, 1956, Western University Archives, London Free Press Negative Collection, Courtesy of Mike Rice  

That would have been a wonderful time to tour the plant...George Dutka

Friday 7 January 2022

A New Years Update

VIA 72 approaching the junction at Komoka Ont. with the Strathroy Sub. on Feb. 1, 2021. VIA 72 is currently on the Chatham Sub.

It has been sometime since my last update and mix of topics. I got sidetracked last winter working on structures and did not get at the two features on my layout I want to change. I am also working on adding lighting in some areas which is only partly done. 

I think this winter will be more about working on the layout and completing a few engine and rolling stock projects that I have been thinking of for a bit. 

I have also been railfanning a lot in 2021. With Covid I have stayed close to home the last two years and photography is a nice distraction. I have included some new and old railfan style photos that I took, some from New England during a trip with my friend Andy....better times ahead in 2022...George Dutka

I have three engines that require some detailing. The GTW 1200 switcher is a Rapido model. In the box Jim Sloan gave me a DC GP18 that might become a CV green engine or a GTW black version. It probably will not get DCC so it will be a stand in on the back alley scene that will be just DC. 

Peter gave me these two nice pieces of rolling stock for my birthday back in December. The bulkhead is an Intermountain model and the Milwaukee car is a YesterYear model. I will have to see what I can do weathering wise with these...thanks Peter.

An overhead view of the models.

If you like milk operations check out the January 2022 issue of RMC you might recognize a few authors.

I took this photo just as dawn could be seen over the horizon on Oct. 1, 1994 the morning of the CVRHS Brattleboro convention. That is CN 5345 on the lead of NB CV 323 awaiting a crew.

CV SB Vermonter is arriving at Waterbury, Vt. station on a chilli January 21, 2015. I was tagging along with my friend Andy as we are headed to the Springfield train show.

Springfield train show a few years back at the milk train display. I get the feeling it might be awhile before I am back at the show once again, thanks Covid.

On our way home from the 2015 Springfield train show Andy and I stopped just south of Brattleboro to catch the SB Vermonter on January 25, 2015.

A National Scale Car kit and Tichy kit will become a GTW gondola this winter.

This tag has been floating around a number of railfan groups this Christmas season.