Saturday 30 December 2023

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years! All the best to all going forward into 2024...George Dutka    

Friday 29 December 2023

CV Steam

A great view of CV 452 on the Green Mountain Division. Photo and modeling by Don Janes.
I always liked the view of this CV engine on the WRJ turntable on Don Janes layout. He took this photo back in 2011, but I don't recall seeing it running lately on his layout with all those new diesels that he is showing me on my visits to his layout. Is steam on the decline...George Dutka  

Another view of Don's engine taken back in 2011. 

Thursday 28 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - All Aboard for Goderich

RLK 1400 was sitting just west of the VIA station in Stratford, Ontario on September 26, 2003.

By Peter Mumby.   

At the time of this photo, September 26, 2003, RLK 1400 was operating in push/pull fashion with ex-Essex Terminal 0-6-0 number 9 on a "Heritage Steam Train" excursion.  The steam loco and passenger equipment belonged to SOLRS (Southern Ontario Locomotive Restoration Society) which at that time operated out of the Elgin County Railway Museum in St. Thomas.  On September 25 the equipment had gone to London via the CN Talbot Subdivision.  Earlier on the 26th the F unit had been added to the train at London, then it assisted in moving the consist to Stratford on the CN/GEXR Guelph Subdivision.  Minutes after this picture was exposed, the train headed up the GEXR Goderich Subdivision with the excursionists in tow.

FP9u 1400 was ex-Via 6303.  It had been built in London as CN 6523 in 3/57.  On loan to SOLRS for the above-mentioned series of excursions, it was operating as a Goderich Exeter Railway locomotive.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the WRD crew, Peter Mumby, Don Janes and George Dutka.   

Friday 22 December 2023

Old CN Trailer

Want to model something that currently is used for storage. This trailer has been here for years behind the CN London East yard office. I believe it might have been a refrigerator trailer as the end seems to be boarded up where a unit would have been...George Dutka  

Thursday 21 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - Fuel for Thought

CN 390 is getting a fuel top-up at the east end of the London yard on March 21, 2006.
By Peter Mumby.

Perhaps today's photo will provide the inspiration for one or two of you to set up a little refuelling vignette on your layout.  CN 5746 East (#390) has stopped on the south main of the Dundas Subdivision at CN Highbury in London to take on some much-needed fuel.  Presumably the crew called ahead to the London yard office to make arrangements, because the tank truck has made the trip from Dowler-Karn Fuels in St. Thomas.  Dowler-Karn is a major supplier of fuel in this part of Southwestern Ontario.  As an aside, the head office in St. Thomas is also the location of the Dowler-Karn Museum, home to a large collection of vintage fuel pumps, signs, oil cans, and vehicles.  Check it out if you are in the area!  

Tuesday 19 December 2023

CV Rapido Hoppers

I have one CNR that has a bit of weathering applied and two new CV models.
Rapido has just released a second group of hoppers. This time they have included the CV as part of the run. You might want to get yours quickly as they seem to be disappearing fast...George Dutka  

Just out of the package.

The brake wheel needs to be changed as these cars did not have stem winders.

Sunday 17 December 2023

New and Old - MOCX Hoppers

MOCX 499180 look a bit on the rough side these days. Nov. 13, 2023
Two views of MOCX covered hoppers found in a cut of cars at the CP yard London. One is an old and rusty side car while close by to it are two very new additions to the fleet. So which one are you inclined to model...George Dutka  

A very new addition to the MOCX fleet. CP yard Nov. 13, 2023

Saturday 16 December 2023

December 2023 - Update

An undated photo of CV RS-11 3611. I have seen photos of this engine with green handrails, but here we see them painted yellow. Note the cab window cover has been removed and DWP orange is seen around the edges. Other views show this painted over. The walkway striping is not yellow but reflective tape yellow. Some re-railers are yellow but these appear to be black...either painted or dirty. Also note the plow attached to the front has yellow striping. Things to consider if you have a Rapido RS-11.

A bit of stuff that I found interesting lately or in my files. I have been caring for my wife for the last few months that has kept me out of the basement modeling. I still have a lot of projects to get back to and a number I completed in the spring and early summer to keep checking back. Peter has a few scans left for his Thursday's post while Don has been threating to complete a railfan post from this fall excursion to Pennsylvania.  

Regarding yesterdays blog post about B&M - CP RDC operations, it would be great if one of you happened to have taken a shot of the actual last through train to Boston in January 1965 of the Alouette or know of someone that did. We would love to see the view.  

Recently Don and I were talking about both having an article in the current December issue of RMC. That also happened in the January RMC issue a couple of years ago...the milk issue. About a decade ago we also came up with a WRJ topic that ran side by side as two articles in RMC. Just as I was finishing this post the CARM Canadian arrived and the current issue has articles by both Don and I...who knows maybe we will do a book together someday...George Dutka

No data on this view of CP 8400. The smoke is pretty impressive. Not sure but I think it maybe a Gord Taylor photo I scanned from the Peter Mumby's collection.

I showed you an October view of this scene awhile back with no train. It was the perfect time with cows in the background field and geese eating the leftover corn that had just been harvested. I returned a few days later. This scene was not to be as on Oct. 24, 2023 an eastbound freight passes by with no cows and geese anywhere to be seen.

On the header page of RMC web site both Don and I was featured at the same time...thought that was interesting to see as we have done a number of articles either together or for the same RMC issue.
Otter Valley Railroad included this little sticker in my last order that arrived in the mail. They always seem to have some goodies in the packaging.

Friday 15 December 2023

B&M - CP RDC Day Train

Two become one at Wells River, Vt. during May 1960. The Montreal and Berlin, NH trains are combined here each day heading south. The northbound train is split apart here here also. Jim Shaughnessy photo.
Ken Patton's photos this week at St J mentioned the day train as being the Red Wing. This was the information supplied as the captions included on the photos. Geoff Southwood noted that this might not be the case as that train travelled at night. I am not all that familiar with this operations so I did a bit of a dive into some of my books, magazine articles and historical society. The two prior Red Wing posts have been altered. I also asked Geoff what he knows about this train as by 1964 most photos just mention the train as being the "day train". Here is what Geoff passed along...thank again Geoff.

"The Canadian Pacific timetable for October 25, 1964 to April 24, 1965 shows the train as “The Alouette” southbound as #32 and northbound as #31.

Boston & Maine curtailed its long distance service in the first few days of January 1965.  Canadian Pacific could not get permission for abandonment of the service on its line and so the train continued to operate between Montreal and Wells River for some time.

The Canadian Pacific timetable for April 25, 1965 to October 30, 1965 continues to show the train as “The Alouette” southbound as #32 and northbound as #31 but terminating in Wells River.

The closest timetable that I have for the B&M is Time Table No.8 effective October 25, 1964 and it shows the #32/31 service but makes no mention of it being the named train The Alouette.

If you have a copy of the “B&M Bulletin” Volume XXIV, Number 4, on Page 39 the magazine published a slide that I took of B&M RDC-2 6210 and CPR RDC-2 9108 departing Montreal West Station in early January 1965.  I never dated the slide so I do not know whether this was the last appearance of a B&M RDC in Montreal.  Someone somewhere must have taken a picture of the actual last run.

Kevin Holland’s book “Passenger Trains of Northern New England in the Streamline Era” on page 148 says, “Canadian Pacific pooled RDC-1 and RDC-2 units with the B&M to handle the roads’ jointly operated daylight Boston-Montreal through schedule from October 1956 until its January 1965 discontinuance.”  This is somewhat corroborated in my B&M July 8, 1956 timetable which shows both The Alouette day train and the Red Wing overnight train with standard locomotive hauled consists.

As an aside, back in the days when the NHL original six teams rode the rails, and when the Bruins visited the Canadiens for the traditional Saturday night Forum game and then moved to The Garden for a Sunday night game, it must have seemed odd that the Canadiens and Bruins boarded the Red Wing for their journey.  I do recall an article that mentioned that the teams had to be separated in different cars of the train!"

One should note that the nocturnal Red Wing was discontinued on October 24, 1959. The station stops made at St J for the Alouette during 1962 were southbound #32 at 1304 and #31 northbound at 1656. The splitting of the RDC's at Wells River, Vt. began in 1958. One or more RDC's went to Montreal while the other to Berlin, NH...George Dutka

This photo was a Christmas card Geoff used years ago. This shot was taken of CPR RDC-2 #9108 on Train 32 at Highwater, Quebec on March 25, 1965. It was bound for Wells River. It was snowing that day and he had rode it from Montreal to meet a friend on Easter Break. Geoff Southwood photo.

Thursday 14 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - 399 Encore

Wisconsin Central 3026, the trailing unit on CN 399, is set to lead the power back to its train at London, Ontario on January 04, 2007.
By Peter Mumby.  

Last week's TT post featured a photo of CN freight 399 which was taken on January 04, 2007.  Today's photo, in which CN 5521 West is operating on 399's schedule, was exposed the following day.  A clear signal has just been received at London Junction and the power is set to return to its train on the south track.  This time the trailing unit is GP 40u WC 3026, an EMD product of 10/66 which had originally been assembled as MILW 192.  Most recently it had worked for Algoma Central Railway as AC 190.  It had become WC property after control of the ACR was assumed by Wisconsin Central.  The special paintwork on this locomotive featured a state map with the superimposed logo "Wisconsin - 150 Years & Rolling."

Tuesday 12 December 2023

The Day Train - Another Look

Boston bound, Ken took a few steps back from the station platform to catch an overall view of the single unit day train. Note the CP train in the yard with a caboose that was once offered in HO scale brass. I am lucky to have a model of both the B&M RDC and the CP caboose. Maybe I can setup such a scene someday.

Another view of yesterdays post by Ken Patton's trip to St J during Dec 1964...George Dutka  

Monday 11 December 2023

Boston Bound Day Train at St J

The CPR-B&M day train running between Montreal and Boston was by this time during the winter of 1964 a single B&M RDC2, unit 6210. Ken Patton photo.
I have been working with Ken Patton on some views for the CVRHS Ambassador and he kindly allowed me to use a few of his other views once again here on the blog...enjoy...George Dutka  

Sunday 10 December 2023


I am using this engine house at the end of my Westboro shop track. I did not have room for what stood there but this branch line engine house works well.
A look at the front door of my B&M style engine house. This one was built by Don Janes following the North Conway prototype. He did a good job and when he did not have a use for it a few years back I quickly scooped it up...George Dutka    

Saturday 9 December 2023

B&M Caboose

Don Janes was thinning out some brass this fall and I picked up this nice looking B&M caboose to add to the WRD fleet. Don purchased it unpainted and has done a nice job on it...George Dutka   
In service but I still want to add a conductor to the rear platform.
B&M 104295 is seen on July 27, 1955.

Friday 8 December 2023

Milwaukee Road 40' Rib-side Boxcar - Intermountain Railway Company

My Black Friday purchase has arrived. Not sure if spent grain made it to Vermont, but one load did show up on the WRD back in the 1960's.
New out and a car I picked up from Intermountain Railway Company is its 40-foot Postwar rib side boxcars for Milwaukee Road. The following was posted on the RMC site.  

"All-new for this run is a “spent grain” version of these cars.  Distinct from other boxcars for its six round roof hatches, and orange doors stenciled with the outline of the Miller Brewing Company logo denoting their dedicated service, ‘spent grain” cars hauled away their loads to be processed for animal feed and other uses. Spent grain cars began life as conventional ribside boxcars that were rebuilt in the 1960s for this special duty.

IMRC’s Milwaukee rib side boxcars replicate the “short-length” rib profile “Postwar” version of these cars built in 1945 where the ribs terminate further away from the side door than the “full-length” rib profile present on the “Prewar” versions of these cars seen elsewhere. Both styles are correct. "

Thursday 7 December 2023

Throwback Thursday - New Traffic for 399

Locomotives IC 6017 and WC 6906 are returning to train 399 at CN London East on January 03/07.

 By Peter Mumby.  

Until December 30, 2006, auto parts traffic destined for the St Thomas Ford plant was handled on NS train number 327.  As of the first of January, 2007, this contract belonged to CN.  The auto parts boxcars would arrive in London on CN 399 where they would be set off in the yard.  Later in the day this cut of cars would be forwarded to Talbotville yard by a local train.  On January 03, 2007 WC 6906 West was operating as 399.  The Ford traffic has been cut off and the conductor stands aboard trailing unit IC 6017 as the power returns to its train.

Tuesday 5 December 2023

Fallen Flags

Brian Smith sent me this photo taken on his way to Florida for the winter. He was at Conway yard near Pittsburg...George Dutka  

Monday 4 December 2023

Roof Supports

I  had some hefty support material that came with the kit. The roof should not see any sags in the near future. I used tape and glue to secure the joints together.
When I built this B&M - MEC inspired depot offered by Atlantic Scale Models I felt the roof needed some good supports. Supports are suggested by the instructions. Once supported I painted the occasional shingles to give a better slate roof appearance...George Dutka    

The roof is completed and will be shortly attached to the station seen in the background. 

Sunday 3 December 2023

Richford, Vermont - Interchange track

One can see there is 850 feet of room for leaving cars in the interchange track siding just off the CP mainline at the east end of town. This was also beside Jay Rd which is route 105 that one could watch the action. The diagram is from the 1989 CV car control booklet.
Ian Stronach contacted me regarding the CV - CP interchange location. I was not sure about that although I had seen a diagram on Marty's blog that viewed the CV going into the CP Richford yard. I went through my timecard special instructions and car control diagrams and came to the conclusion that CV just backed the cars down to the CP switch along one leg of the wye or into the siding there depending on if the CP had filled it...George Dutka  

Saturday 2 December 2023

N Scale Module

The cork roadbed is down and some of the structures that were used are set in place. There was still a lot to finish back in 2016.
I dabbling a bit in N scale which is Gary Pembleton's fault as I was constructing a few structures for him back around 2016. Peter Mumby and I began working on two modules that would fit together when displayed and we could display our equipment and structure projects. We used Styrofoam for the base. These are two early photos from our project...George Dutka  

Moving the structures around to see what would work best. Masonite was glued to the Styrofoam as the face board.

Friday 1 December 2023

Snapshot - December 2023

Have you ever modeled a boxcar that has had its paint faded to the point were there is more primer than paint. Nov 30, 2023
Yesterday I had a delivery to make for my son which brought me past the CP yard in London on a sunny day. Here is what I saw...George Dutka  

I took this photo not because the car was interesting, but the light was right to view the trucks. Notice how the trucks side frame and wheels are more of a rust color than grease and grime. Nov 30 2023
Close up look at the truck.

This is a common sighting on some of these units. Want to model a burn area. I remember reading about how this is done in a past RMC issue. Maybe a year ago. Nov 30 2023

Close up look at the burn.

Lots of weathering happening on this engine down low. Something to consider on your models.

Thursday 30 November 2023

Throwback Thursday - Operation Lifesaver

NS 9251 is showing off its Operation Lifesaver paint scheme in the CN St Thomas North yard on March 31, 2002.

By Peter Mumby. 

Until Norfolk Southern withdrew from Southern Ontario at the end of 2006, the CN St Thomas North yard was a great spot to take detailed photos of NS power.  The locomotives would arrive with train 327 around mid-morning, then lay over until 328 departed the next day.  The Operation Lifesaver scheme on 9251 presented an interesting variation on the typical NS black garb.  I don't know how many units were decorated in this way, but I have photos taken on these 327/328 trains of locomotives 9250, 51, 52, 54, and 55.

Monday 27 November 2023

Trucks and Signs

Midland Superior Transport 1952. No location given.

These two views were passed along to me by Bruce Douglas. He is big into building trucks and trailers these days in S scale. In the one view the large sign is kind of neat and something one may consider a model of...George Dutka  

Midland Superior KW half cab Sault Ste Marie, Ontario 1956

Sunday 26 November 2023

Detailing DWP 3609

The extras included are window awnings and a different stack.
Rapido's RS-11's are really nice right out of the box but there are a few changes I wanted to make to better follow the DWP prototype. For one the re-railers should be moved forward from the center position they are located. I also added a roof radio antenna and on the rear truck speed cables. The DWP engines were delivered with awnings which are included in the packaging but need to be installed. In later life they were removed. More on this engine shortly...George Dutka       

Just out of the box the DWP will get a bit of an upgrade.

The footboard grab bar across the front of the engine is painted green. It should be gold as on the handrails. Rapido has used Kadee no. 5 couplers and I will be using the true scale no.158's.