Tuesday 30 April 2019

B&M Woodchip Cars - Compromises

The ribbed side woodchip car have extensions with three cutouts similar to those in the bottoms of the car. Note the extensions are actually smooth sheet metal panels with welded seams not ribbed as on the Bowser cars
I noted the other day that Bowser has a three bay ribbed sided hopper with woodchip extensions. The model looks good but as the other models released the extensions are not actually what are on the B&M cars. I kind of turned a blind eye to my models built by Chris Wright considering there are other issues with these cars. If I was going to decal a ribbed car I would build the proper extension. The B&M Bowser offset woodchip hoppers also have ribbed extensions which is not correct for the B&M but a detail I am going to live with at least for now....George Dutka

On this model the extensions have the same ribbing as the car sides.
The extensions are also smooth side metal with welded seams. They also have two cut outs.
The Bowser woodchip cars look pretty good and I am basically happy with them although they have ribbed extensions instead of the flat welded ones on the prototype. Its hard to have it all.

Monday 29 April 2019

National Scale Car at Schomberg Narrow Gauge Show

Ryan Mendell with what is required to cast boxcar ends and doors. Surprising there was no smell to the mixture and it set up really quickly.
I was surprised to see Ryan Mendell as I walked in the doorway at Saturday's Ontario Narrow Gauge Show held in Schomberg, Ontario. Ryan's new business, National Scale Car does not actually fit the bill of narrow gauging but casting does. Ryan had come to the show with one of the organizer's Doug Curry and decided to bring along what one needs to cast car ends and doors. Kind of neat idea, giving attendees a look at how castings are done and it also gave Ryan a chance to get caught up on casting orders. More on the show is found on my narrow gauge blog...George Dutka

Ryan explaining how it all works.
A closer look at the molds, weights and mold covers.
I purchased two of Ryan's CPR kits. One is for Peter Mumby which we will build on one of our Monday workdays. All one gets in the package is seen here. The five page instructions is not seen in the photo but are well detailed with very clear model and prototype photos. An Intermountain boxcar is also required. Hard to believe my major purchase at a narrow gauge show was standard gauge boxcar detailing kits.

Sunday 28 April 2019

Modeling a Covered Hopper

My five dollar find at the Kitchener train show all painted up in B&M blue. I don't think it will stay that way for long.
At the Kitchener Train Show I picked up this covered hopper painted B&M blue. I don't recall any cars like this on the B&M but maybe I can do something else with it. Sure enough when Peter and I left the show we come across a CN switcher in town coming off the spur that runs down to the old Budd plant...and what do we see...a prototype version of the covered hopper I purchased. I guess I have a view to work from...George Dutka

A prototype view of the model I had just purchased. March 17, 2019 at Kitchener, Peter Mumby photo

Saturday 27 April 2019

Snapshot - April 2019

OSR departing the CN yard St. Thomas, Ontario April 22, 2019
This months snapshot is from a trip to St. Thomas this week.  Peter and I visited Brian Smith to check the progress on his layout Monday. Brian asked for some motivational direction which I hope we delivered. Once we left Brian's we headed over to the CN yard to see what the OSR might be up to. We got lucky and found two F units switching the yard...and in partial sunlight. Peters photos are labled...George Dutka

Peter Mumby photo.
Peter and I found this pair of engines switching the St. Thomas yard on Dec 27, 2017. No. 1401 has since been repainted.
OSR crew rides along. I don't ever remember seeing a train crew ride on the nose of an F unit...that was kind of neat to watch, Peter Mumby photo.
OSR 1401 wearing a new coat of paint since I last viewed it. That's Brian talking to the train crew. Peter Mumby photo.
Heading up the yard, Peter Mumby photo.

Thursday 25 April 2019

B&M Woodchip Car Models

My updated and weathered woodchip cars.
This winter I picked up these two B&M woodchip cars from Chris Wright at a local train show. These are two early attempt by Chris at modeling woodchip cars. They do resemble what the B&M had but are two not three bay hopper cars. The lettering is not right but close enough for me as I don't have any of the ribbed side cars and they will make good stand-in's till I build a proper model. It actually gives me a chance to work on improving my weathering techniques. When the time comes they probably will be in my sale box...in a few years, not decades I hope...George Dutka

This is how Chris's models looked when I got home from the train show. He had done some weathering and added wood shavings to the interior.
After washing the cars down and adding a coat of dulcote a good amount of rust spots are added using acrylic rust colours. These two colours are actually dollar store bottle colour paints. I thought I would try something different than my usual tube paints.
Bragdon powder bright rust was applied then some tones of dark gray PanPastels.
To tone down the PanPastels I sprayed a very light coat of Floquil grimy black. The wheels are rusted up and the Kadee coupler trip pins are trimmed off.
On the prototype cars the extensions would be lettered differently but I think Chris did a good job with the decals he had available at the time.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Prototype Corner - New Auto Racks

Just west of the Cami wye we see TTGX 697632 carrying rack Soo 9123.  March 09, 2019
By Peter Mumby.

On March 9, 2019, we were doing some railfanning in Ingersoll, Ontario.  An Ontario Southland train was pulling a train of autoracks towards the Cami plant.  Included in the consist was a nice group of new CP cars.  I photographed four of them, specifically TTGX 697628, 697630, 697632, and 697633.  Take a look at three of these cars in their pre-graffiti state.

TTGX 697628 is topped by rack Soo 9119.
TTGX 697630 (rack Soo 9121) is being shoved into the yard at the Cami plant.

Monday 22 April 2019

Durand Michigan Railraod Museum

Grand Trunk Western Station in Durand, MI. Beautifully restored into a top notch railroad museum

Michigan Railroad Museum....by Don Janes

     While I was in Arizona this past winter I got talking to a fellow from our park who was from Durand, Mi.  He mentioned that the old GTW station had been renovated and turned into a museum and was well worth a visit.  Since we go right past Durand on the way home I decided it would be a good rime to drop into Durand and check it out.  I had seen many photos of the station back in its busier times but had never been there. What a pleasant surprise I had when I pulled into the parking lot.  There stood a beautifully renovated station surrounded by well kept grounds. The platform along the tracks had an iron fence but it was low and there were all kinds of place to get photographs.  I met a fellow railfan who told me there was an eastbound CN freight due in about five minutes so I held off checking out the museum until after it passed.  It turns out there are a couple of TV monitors showing a dispatchers panel view of the entire Flint Sub so you could always see were the trains were.  Once the first train passed I went inside to look around.  There is no charge but donations are welcome.  Unfortunately I didn't take any photos inside for some reason.  Checking the screen I could see there would be another eastbound coming along in about twenty minutes. 
The first eastbound was a solid train of auto racks.
    The museum is very well laid out with many glass cases with artifacts such as steam engine number plates, a bell and whistle. There are also all kinds of other items, all labelled giving their background.  They also have a beautiful collection of old photos of Durand and surrounding locations showing the station, 360 degree roundhouse and other railroad related structures as well as a great collection of GTW steam locomotive photos. The upstairs has museum offices and there is a large banquet room at the front (north end) of the station.  
This shot was taken from the second story banquet room. The double track is the east/west Flint sub to Port Huron and Chicago. The single track in the foreground and curved track to the left is the Holly Sub from Detroit. 

       There are several lines running by the station.  The east/west track is the CN Flint sub running between Port Huron and Chicago.  The north/south track that crosses at the diamond is the Holly Sub to Detroit. Off that there are connecting track in both directions to join the Flint Sub.  There is a yard on the north side of the Flint sub which I believe is now operated by a short line. From that yard lines run to Petoskey, MI and up to Saginaw, MI. The Ann Arbor RR once had a diamond on the East side of the station but it is now gone. In the distance there was a large concrete coal tower but I couldn't find a way to it.  Durand was a very busy railroad center back in the day.
This was the second eastbound, a mixed freight with four locomotives

This view is of the north end of the station. The twin turrets really give the station a nice look.

Here are several other views of the station looking east.  It is very easy to get pictures at different angles around the station.
This little section shed was sitting beside the road leading to the station.  It is very typical of many CN/GTW lineside shanties. Hopefully it will be restored in the near future.
     Besides the station museum there is a little park on the north side of the tracks where there is an old GTW 4-6-2 # 5632, a GTW express car and an old crossing tower.  There is a also an old GTW steel caboose. It is one of a bunch the GTW bought off the Santa Fe RR back in the 1960's or 1970's. 
   I am really glad I took the time to stop in Durand and check out the station museum and the steam engine and other items on display.  It was well worth the time spent and I would recommend it to anyone travelling in that area.

Here are several shots of the 5632. Aside form some surface rust and fading she is in pretty good shape considering being exposed to the elements year round.
There is a GTW express car and crossing tower in the park also.

This GTW (ex Santa Fe) caboose is located in another small park across from the depot

Sunday 21 April 2019

The CV Rocket

CV 4923 is on the lead of the Northbound Rocket at Palmer, Ma. Tom Nelligan photo.
The CV Rocket, train 245 was a small train this day. Since this is the Saturday edition of March 1, 1980 the power needs to get home so two cars are better than none. This would make a great train to model on a smaller layout such as mine...George Dutka

Saturday 20 April 2019

Modeling a CV 36' Boxcar

F&C CV 36' boxcar kit in use on the WRD.
I thought I would share with you some views and updates made to my F&C  Central Vermont 36' boxcar kit. As one can see from the photo below I have a second boxcar for the fleet at some point. This car has been in storage for decades and might be closer to the top of my build list now. As most of my fleet the Kadee couplers have the trip pin clipped, and a nice light coat of PanPastel powders applied. I felt it needed a light coat of Floquil boxcar red applied as an over-spray to blend the finishes...George Dutka

The completed kit along with another that needs to begin. The F&C kit comes with decals.
The PanPastels are applied and the model still needs a light over-spray of Foquil boxcar red.
The finished model.
Looks like my newest addition is heading to WRJ in a CV work train.

Friday 19 April 2019

The Ambassador's Meet at White River Jct.

The two Ambassadors meet in WRJ during July 1966 about 1630. Ken Patton photo.

These two photos really display what took place in White River Jct. Vt. in 1966 when the B&M and CV Ambassador's would meet in town. Ken Patton allowed me to use these two images and notes it has been over 40 years since he last photographed or visited the CV. Ken's comments tell the story...George Dutka

The train pair between Boston and Montreal, (via CP), had been cancelled the previous year. As a result, there were only two, rather than four trains in the station at one time. By July,1966 the northbound and southbound Ambassadors arrived about the same time on their runs between New York and Montreal. Both trains were down to three cars. The plan was for the first two cars on each train to continue to destination, while the third car on each would return to its origination. This shot was made midway in the "shuffle". The CV Geep has been wyed and replaced the n/b B&M power. (The CN return coach is visible to the left). Another set of B&M power has hold of the CV s/b, through cars and joined them up with the NH return coach, now separated from the n/b through cars.

The photo below views the scene once the southbound Ambassador had departed with B&M power. As the smoke clears, CV's Alco switcher continues the process of adding the CN "return" car to the rear of the northbound Ambassador. The inbound B&M power, just visible on the left will be hosteled over to Westboro for servicing. If there are no problems, the units will most likely be used to head the night time sleeper train, the Washingtonian, down to Springfield.

Looking north at the WRJ station. Ken Patton photo.

Thursday 18 April 2019

New Haven Hopper Models

A new addition to the WRD fleet...more New Haven.
Here we have a few views of some additions to the WRD fleet. The cars were built by Bob Bowes but are a bit worse for wear. Couplers and stirrups are found missing on each of these cars. Once glued back together some additional weathering and off to work they go. In total I think I purchased about 25 pieces of Bob's rolling stock, many of them for New England railroads. They are very nice and I will cover more as time goes on...George Dutka

My two NH hoppers in service.
I thought I was finished with this model as I have added the missing coupler and two stirrups. If you look at the right side of the car another stirrup is missing...so back to the work bench...Gary there is one of my misses. I added some rust to this car using acrylic Americana raw umber rust followed by Anita's rust red. Bragdon rust powders is added with a bit of PanPastel dark gray. I airbrushed a light coat of Floquil grimy black to tie it all together.
Another Tichy hopper well built by Bob Bowes. Once again I do my own upgrades to follow the rest of the WRD fleet. This car got two new stirrups, Kadee couple pins clipped, one new coupler, PanPastel dark gray brushed on lightly followed by an airbrush application of Floquil grimy black...light overcoat. The interior has a bit of PanPastel coarse coal applied to the empty bottom.