Sunday 29 October 2017

Farmall Tractors

WW2 Facebook had a group of Farmall tractors being shown during the war years...George Dutka

Saturday 28 October 2017

Two more boxcar utility sheds

For this contemporary view of the WRD we see the utility shed in use across from the metal shed which replaces my B&M milk platform for the summer months.
I recently finished two more boxcar utility sheds that I will be taking to the shows I help Peter with. Actually the CN one already sold so maybe another is in order. The CN shed is a blue box Athearn shell while the CP is a Train Miniatures shell. It took me a short afternoon to finish this project...George Dutka.

My two Saturday afternoon projects.

Athearn blue box at its best.

A converted Train Miniatures boxcar shell.

This shed had a temporary home for a few days before the Woodstock train show.

Friday 27 October 2017

Before and After

Just two dollar buys after I put in two hours of work.
Here is a look at two structures I picked up this spring for a dollar each. I added a wooden sliding door to the one structure that is scratch-built and a chimney to the the small shed. All the rest is paint and chalk weathering. The details are glued to the walls...George Dutka

The before views of these two simple structures.

I added a chimney and painted the structure by brush with acrylic silver and gray followed by some chalk.

Some brown craft paint and a lot of PanPastels are used to colour this structure. I added some signs to add interest and hide the bad spots on the walls.

Thursday 26 October 2017

JSSX Railway - Blog

Two new cars have been added to the contemporary fleet on the WRD.
I was at the Woodstock train show on Sunday and spent some time talking with Jim Sloan. Jim had a table full of really nicely weathered cars for sale. I picked up two for my contemporary fleet. Jim mentioned that he had just started a blog a few weeks back. You might want to check it out from time to time and see what he is up to...he is a really fine is below and also in the sidebar...George Dutka

Two of Jim's offering at the Sunday train show.


Tuesday 24 October 2017

Southern Ry Schedule

A neat portrait that I thought was worth sharing even though it has nothing to do with New England or my modeling...George Dutka

Monday 23 October 2017

CN Boxcars

Oct. 20, 2010 Frank Rd bridge.
Here we have a few overhead views of CN boxcars from a railfan day back in 2010. I was up on the Frank Rd bridge near Komoka, Ont. looking down at a CN EB train. If you are modeling a modern time fleet these might help you with how they look...George

A good group of colour variations to a boxcar fleet.

Saturday 21 October 2017

CP Trucks

An overhead view of the parking lot at the CP yard London, Ont. from the Quebec St. overpass, Feb 4 1998. George Dutka photo
I have a few views I took years ago of CP trucks...thought you might like the views...George Dutka

April 4, 1989 Galt, Ont. George Dutka photo

Friday 20 October 2017

CP Cabooses on the WRD

A deadhead CP caboose is seen in a Bellows Falls bound train. Looks like one of the cabooses needs a bath.
About a week ago I was contacted by a gentleman who is working on a book about CP cabooses. He was looking for some prototype and modeling photos. I directed him to Don for the particular views he needed and began looking through my files for views of my fleet. I realized quickly it would be a lot easier to just take a new group of photos. Although I don't actually model the CP as my main railroad it seems I have collected a good fleet of cabooses. Here are a few of the views I took back  on Sunday...George Dutka

It appears the CP has taken over the yard at White River Jct.

My clean looking True Line Trains caboose.
The whole gang on display.

Thursday 19 October 2017

New England Road Trip

Layover power is seen in South Portland, Maine Oct. 13 2017
My wife and I spent six days in New England beginning after the long weekend Monday. The leaves had not turned much more than here at home but all was still nice to see. We spent most of the time taking in the tourist things and revisiting a few favorite spots. I did get a few moments in a few of my regular stops when in these areas...WRJ, Palmer and South Portland. The weather was unbelievable for this time of year with some days in the 80's. Shorts and tee-shirts was the norm...George Dutka

The NECR WRJ job has just finished it's shift as I arrive on Oct. 11, 2017

It has been a few years since I have been in WRJ. I was sad to see Polka Dot diner looking in so poor shape. It is currently closed and for sale.
A new build is seen next door to Polka Dot diner in White River Jct.
While in Portland I was able to get a good amount of views of the Maine two footer because our dog needed a walk and guess what...there is a walkway along the yard and ROW...more on my narrow gauge blog about that portion of our trip.
A new bright looking sign is seen in the NECR Palmer, Ma. yard.

The NECR power is laying over in Palmer Ma. on October 14, 2017. The G&W coloring is showing up at all locations.

Monday 16 October 2017

G Scale?

G Scale railroading? That might be a stretch.
At the Brampton show one of the tables had a range of structures that included one maybe G scale building, or least the vendor was pushing the boundary's a bit with it. I thought of it as a nice birdhouse for one's wife garden collection...but we already have plenty...George Dutka

Think the caption should be reversed.
That is an HO scale lighthouse next to the birdhouse.

Sunday 15 October 2017

Fill-in Vehicles

One of my later era trucks in use during this past summer.
During the summer one thing missing for my contemporary era is vehicles that should be seen along the WRD. I do have some rough looking pickup truck models that I though I could detail up a bit without getting too deep into the project...George Dutka

My two trucks along with a variety of cars I found in a box of RR equipment my friend Bob gave me. A multi-level car included in the box, an offering by Tyco from years ago had these cars included.

These trucks are kind of crude with oversize window opening but with a little weathering and paint they look good as stand in's for a few months of model railroading.
This truck is seen on my sand house module. I loaded up the box with a lot of junk. A plate is also added.

The blue truck was missing the front wheels. These I stole from one of  multi level cars. The blue I used was Floquil B&M blue...I sprayed this truck the same time as I did my B&M caboose back in the spring.

Saturday 14 October 2017

Laconia 1947 Service Station

A Texaco station located in Laconia, NH 1947
Another view from WW2 Radio Facebook. This interesting structure photo was taken during a biker rally through NH in 1947. In particular this location is in New England...Laconia, NH. The station has a large angled facade with a small rear end...could make a great model...George Dutka

Friday 13 October 2017

What's in the Box - No. 27

A nice model offered by Monster Model Works.
I recently received my Monster Model Works pump house kit. I actually also ordered the B&M tower which I will cover later. The model came through the mail with no problems and no damage. All looks straight forward, so the built hopefully will go well...George Dutka

The kit came in this plastic bag which was enclosed in a cardboard box.

All the parts are sealed in bags making it easy to locate.

The instruction sheets appear to be well planned.

Getting into the meat of the instructions.